Reader-Submitted: Cleaning Help Strikes Again

Hi TLS, Due to the fact that the Lakewood community has been expanding in large numbers there has to some kind of system to protect our family and their belongings. Lots of families in Lakewood have cleaning help and we don’t always have ways to track them down if something mysteriously disappears.

Cell phone numbers can easily be changed and if we don’t have an address, name and picture of the cleaning help, they will just continue to steal by the next employer.

Just recently there were a few families in Lakewood that things mysteriously disappeared. As they confronted the cleaning help and asked innocently, the cleaning help just never showed afterwards because she claimed she was sick. One or two days later her cell phone was disconnected and she found a job in a similar neighborhood.

A few weeks went by and she struck again by the new neighbor with a similar story.

As of now we know that she has another job somewhere else.

There may be hundreds of stories similar to this one. Please be very weary of new cleaning help, especially if they claim they are new to Lakewood or worked at a shop, club, store etc… I think the people in Lakewood have enough grasp on the situation that we can let any cleaning help know that they will not get a job unless we have some information and a PICTURE in case they decide to run off with some expensive objects. The Police need a picture to file a report, and without a picture they are up against a brick wall.

A great Idea would be to hide all small expensive items in an ‘out of the box’ location and not in your drawers. They are always checking there.

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  1. There are two options here. First, clean your own home. If this is not possible, hire a licensed and insured cleaning agency such as Merry Maids or a company like that. You may pay more but if something goes missing, you can file a claim with them . Otherwise you are just letting a stranger into your home with no recourse. You may as well just leave all your valuables on your front lawn.

  2. If you hired a new cleaning woman as of this week, (went by the name Tina, but she could have changed it) please note that while her cleaning skills are superior, she will definitely steal valuables, as I know that she did already in more than 3 homes in the last three months.

  3. this idea of taking a photo before the cleaning help starts and advising them if anything goes missing their photo will be posted all over lakewood should to some degree sacre off any potential swiping of your valuables then again if they make off with alot of valuables they can take the next plane home but under normal circumstances they will stick around lkwd and this can serve as a deterrent

  4. Dont hire cleaning help, do as our ancestors did. If you will hire someone for some extreme reason like illness or working (which many here in Lakewood dont do) then dont hire an illegal with false identity papers. Maybe this is a sign from above for people to work with their hands.

  5. you are correct! the only other option would be to keep an eye on your cleaning lady as she is working in order to ensure that she does not have sticky fingers. realistically though, who wants to have to follow the cleaning lady around the house? better yet, get the family to pitch in, every little bit counts.

  6. Here is a good idea. Just like we have the tomchia tzadaka give letters and do some background checks, we should have the same with cleaning ladies. Each lady that wants to clean needs to have an ‘issure’ with all her information (that was verified) if she wants to work in a home in our town. Very quickly they will learn that they will not get jobs if they don’t submit to the background check that will verify their information.

  7. Maybe hire only legal US citizens. That would be a good start. It would also help your fellow US citizens.

    Taking their picture won’t help. They are not scared of their picture in the papers, they know you will never find them. They will just move from town to town, and the Obama Administration is intent on protecting them. And they know it. And if you disagree with the Obama Administration, you are just a racist. Welcome to the new reality in America.

  8. i respect those that can afford to hire a cleaning crew or cant make the time to clean their own homes. times are different and schedules are filled with things to do and places to go. fully understandable.

    i simply can not respect nor understand those that hire ILLEGALS or SUSPECTED ILLEGALS or someone without being able to trace the person. do you understand that not only are you allowing your home to be raided while they clean, you are also exposing any valuables to your cleaning lady to then be relayed to her criminal husbands & sons? they might not touch your valuables while they are there (thus you never suspecting them later) but when you tell your cleaning lady that your going on a vacation or will be out of town on the day she is schedules to clean = she will relay that to her husband/son and they will rob your house blind knowing exactly what to take and from where because your cleaning lady already explained everything to them.


  9. Thanks to the poster, but there is a much larger problem that MUST be addressed. Those who let these “strangers” into their house, and then ask those strangers to watch their sleeping babies while they “just run to the store for a minute”

    it is only a matter of time until tragedy hits

  10. You get what you pay for! It doesn’t matter if she is legal or illegal, if your cleaning lady is a legal resident, she will not steal? Are you sure? stop abusing them, and treat them like a human not like a slave and this won’t be happening. Clean your own house or teach your kids to be organized and teach them to help you and problem resolved.

  11. What ever happened to cleaning your own home?!?!
    When people’s lives are busy with the many responsibilities that life calls for, the most responsible thing to do is delegate your housework to someone else!!

  12. to number 9 if you would train your children to help out in the house then you would not have to do all the work yourself. i have a big family too and they all help out with keeping our house clean. i tell my children this is our house and if we like it to look nice then i need everyone’s help.



  14. In all the years we never had a cleaning lady.The cleaning lady themselves may not steal anything but they usually report your valuable possessions, how and when to get in to their family and friends. It is no big deal to occasionally clean yourself.

  15. I tried a service when we were all working a lot. It was more of a problem then cleaning our home ourselves. Various items were broken and hidden under things so we didn’t see. They also never mopped under throw rugs. They did give us one free cleaning service for the items they broke; however, that didn’t replace what we lost. We didn’t want to get anyone in trouble and just let it go. Never again. I do feel for the people that really need the help. I guess you need to make sure that the service is insured.

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