Reader-submitted: The dancing at weddings has changed dramatically

opinion“Asid H”KBH laasos machol lezadikim”, the statement of Chazal made better known by its us as a text for a popular song.

Reflecting on the words, it is obvious that out of all the things zadikim will enjoy in olam habah, there is something unique about a machol, the “dance”. The obvious question is why davka a dance?

At a wedding I recently attended, I had an einfal. The gemara in brachois says that those that join in simchas chasan vekala are zoiche to many brachos. Thus, I very much wanted to be mishtatef with the dancing. Unfortunately, the mode of dancing has changed drastically, and it seemed more like the dancing that moshe rabbeinu saw around the eigel when he came down with the luchos.

So hashem says, that for you zadikim who couldn’t dance “der naye modernish tantzen” in oilam hazeh, will get to dance in oilam Habah

Kaitzad Merakdin

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  1. Yeshivish ssys:I was at a wedding recently where the dancing was very yeshivish and nice. The chasson and kslah personally spoke to the band as to which songs can be played. With a little effort the type of dancing can be changed.

  2. the music & dancing we play & sing today is pure goyish rocken music with a goyish taam with just the words changed to jewish words. It is ruining the chinuch of our children when we listen to it in our torah homes & is doing unlimited damage R”L

    how Much lower will klal yisroel sink C”V? Why can’t i have a kosher cheeseburger with pareve cheese? cause its going in the chukas hagoyim (ways of the goyim)

    This is what we have been doing with music & dancing for the past 5-10 years R”L, going in the ways of the goyim.

    removing yourself from this terrible stuff so it doesn’t effect your holy neshama.

  3. So you’re saying you’re a tzaddik who will get to dance in Olam Habbah? Maybe you should chap arein some dancing here in case you’re not zocheh…

  4. I don’t consider myself the frum yeshivish guy, but at my wedding not to long ago I told the band to only play the classics and no non Jewish stuff. Everyone told me after that the music at my wedding was amazing and everyone really got into it. I didn’t have a major band or anything special the only thing I can contribute it to is what music was playing.

  5. Yes rabbi Speigle, I assume you are referring to the chasuna in Bais Yakov last week. That was such beautiful simcha. That’s how every chasuna should be like.
    I was very impressed with the musician how he shtelled tzu to the chosson and kalla. The music was so beautiful. I’m still feeling the simcha.

  6. my problem is the dancing more than the music. Stamp ur foot forward – then stamp down behind u. It doesn’t matter if there are people behind u – stamp down as hard as u can. I won’t tell you how many times I have been stamped on. Dance like a mentsch & don’t stamp. You’ll have more s’char that wat.

  7. U either dance or you don’t. Don’t make a big deal about it. Don’t judge others for their taste in music. Perhaps they’re not on as lofty a level as you are. You don’t have to agree and you don’t need to dance. Just STOP the judgement. ENOUGH.

  8. Wow. That’s a giant step. The dancing at a wedding you attended wasn’t as yeshivish as you would have liked, so you equate it to the dancing by the Eigel ?!! I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to disagree.

  9. I remember these complaints from 30 years ago. The world is constantly going to hell in a handbasket, and always because of the music.

    If it’s not an aveira, leave it alone. And don’t make up aveiros to describe your personal discomfort.

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