Reader-submitted: Seriously, NJ Media Outlets. Your silence is deafening, And dangerous too

The old adage goes, “It’s not about what you say, It’s about what you don’t say.”

I cannot think of a more appropriate way to sum up the deafening silence by NJ media outlets regarding 2 recent stories.

The first story is about the OPRA request which ultimately exposed some very concerning Jackson Township Emails.

The second story ignored, is about a Jackson Township Zoning Board member abruptly resigning after despicable anti-Semitic comments posted online, were revealed to be written by this Zoning Board member.

One needs to ask themselves, why are these stories being systematically ignored? What is going on over here?

This silence is the worst form of journalistic dishonesty, for normally when a dishonest story is printed one can disprove what was written. But when a newspaper selectively chooses what to print and what not to print – in order to make a specific minority look bad; that in itself is the worst and most cunning form of Journalistic malpractice, and manipulation of public opinion.

The media is full of lies and distortions about Lakewood and the Jewish community. Not only in what is reported, but as they have now brazenly shown us, even in what is not reported.


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  1. The answer is simple: It is those very media editors which have orchestrated this climate of hate. The videos from the Jackson twp council meetings, which show many residents voicing their open hatred and opposition to anything Jewish in their town – all share one common factor. They all state how they read the various articles and letters in the APP constantly bashing and attacking the Jewish population in Lakewood. And since the otherwise unfamiliar populace absorbs what they read – even when totally biased, hateful, and distorted – they come to form grossly distorted opinions themselves – and the results are there for the entire world to see.

    So again, the these “media” “journalists” and their editorial staff are not merely aiding and abetting, they are the perpetrators themselves – who clap hooray when their machinations cause this divide. Therefore, to actually report the real news when it doesn’t fit into their overall scheme is quite obviously counter-productive and will intentionally be ignored.

    It’s like like wishing the fake-news New York Times who inbreeds a culture of Trump hatred (by their own secretly recorded admissions. See the American Pravda series at –> write something nice about Donald Trump. Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. All of this hatred from the “leaders” of Jackson is only causing their property values to go down, so that they can now sell to the Jews for less.

  3. Really, all this hate is doing absolutely no good. I think everyone recognizes that. What’s the purpose in continuing? Let’s not stoop to their low level.

  4. I have to correct the statement. JTOWN Magazine/ShoreNewsNetwork was who released the documents (more coming today or tomorrow), but we cannot do the Schuster story because of a personal issue. Mr. Schuster had once challenged me to come to his car wash in Toms River to fight him, so personally, I figured it would eventually come out in the wash and no reason to personally provoke somebody like him.

    • I am glad to hear that Phil Stilton’s reason for not covering the story is deeply rooted in integrity. Phil is a true professional, and has masterfully covered many stories about the Lakewood community that other’s have decided to selectively omit. I only began reading his stories recently, but thus far they have been phenomenal. Kudos to a reporter who still has some self-respect in this industry.

    • Phil isn’t pro/anti Lakewood or pro/anti Jackson all he wants is the truth, he received a lot of flack from all sides depending on the story he released. In reporting its ok to be partisan as long as the reporting is objective and not commentary, that’s what Phil is trying to do.

      • Thank you. It’s a very tough job that leads to having few friends,but if I wanted friends I’d take up drinking at the pub.

        One day i am accused of being a “Jew lover” and sellout to Lakewood. The next I am an antisemite. It’s a role I am comfortable with as long as I am keeing people honest.

        I grew up I. Toms River and have lived along side Orthodox Jews my entire life. Never had an problem. While I, like many don’t want jacksons become a city like Lakewood I know we can do it together and all the fighting accomplishes nothing.

        If you look you will find a majority of residents are like me. We don’t care what anyone else does as long as they do it without bothering me or affecting my life. We believe in America. There will be growing pains but the town needs to address them professionally and appropriately.

        Many in jackson are fearful of the orthodox because they fear Lakewood. Not necessarily the people or the religion. I believe most Orthodox Jews are decent human beings. Just as I believe most jackson residents are decent human beings. The good need to shut out the bad on both sides and everyone must respect each other or we WILL turn into Lakewood.

        • Phil, as you know, most (if not all) orthodox residents in Jackson moved there because they don’t want to live in a dense overpopulated town (Lakewood). The Jackson council in general is not against having the new residents, yet Robert Nixon and Barry Calogero go out of their ways to go after the orthodox community. I don’t speak for the community, yet the ant orthodox stops that they pushed for will backfire and only hurt the Twp. as a whole financially via lawsuits and the ones who will pay for it are us Jackson residents.

  5. Asbury Park Press has been slandering the Orthodox of Lakewood for 30+ years.
    The Orthodox are perceived by these bullies as weak who will never fight back, thus perfect victims.
    The fact that the Orthodox look different and are insular make them an easy and inviting target.
    As always, those in the media who pose and posture as social justice warriors and paragons of virtue are hiding the hypocracy and hate that fuel their heinous, soulless actions.

  6. APP actually did report on it. You just have to have to search hard. It is buried in the Lakewood/ Jackson section under Ocean county. Unlike another minor Lakewood story which is prominently displayed on their front page today. According to the APP it’s a minor misunderstanding regarding some “crude” comments made on face book by this paragon of civic virtue.
    And don’t bother trying to communicate your disgust with the editor of the Asbury Park Press. He will just tell you “let us agree to disagree.”

    • Editors work stories to make sure people read their papers and hate sells. How many frum people are actually subscribed to the APP? We aren’t their customer base, most of us just scan the headlines and look out for anti Lakewood stories to get riled up. Be proactive not reactive, be ahead of the stories, be b’achdus and unite to beat the haters in a civil manner and let’s be looked at as an example of what am yisroel really is.

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