Reader-submitted: Lakewood Schools’ Awkward Summer Schedule

opinionEach summer season I am once again quite confused as to why Lakewood boys schools have their own distinct schedule, and do not follow the schedule of everyone around us.

Having 3 boys ages 12, 10 and 7, I find this schedule really does complicate my summers year after year. All official camps go with a 2 month summer schedule, so my older son leaves cheder early to go, and misses out on the last few weeks of his learning in school.

My 2 other boys go to Lakewood camps, and each year we have nearly 10 full days of no school no camp, which is a long time of no structure 4 boys.

The girls are midway through camp, so I don’t feel like doing any major family trips without them.

The fact that the boys and girls schedules are so uncoordinated throughout the summer is really frustrating as a parent as well. And so summer after summer, I’m left feeling bewildered as to why we are the only town with this unique system.

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  1. this is exactly the type of problem that we need to fix if we want to bring bussing back . a unified schedule will save the town millions on bussing cost. if we want to save the bussing we need to fix this

  2. I do not have any boys in school but honestly, I can’t imagine why this is done. I see my neighbors boys all running around like bored souls. And these r the mothers who don’t have to work. What about the mothers that can’t take off? What is the point of doing this whole yeshiva camp business if it means having boys doing absolutely nothing for almost 2 weeks. I think it takes away all the good in it. Either do yeshiva camp untill second half begins, or skip the whole thing entirely!!

  3. Bewildered, get real.
    Express graditude for your full days, and full family. I know first hand these days can be eliminated quickly without warning. Shame on you, thinking this a bewildering issue for you. If that’s a problem for your level of challenges then work through it. Ask people that don’t drive or own a car, or ones that can hardly pay the rent, and have kids at the center or Schi, or a kid at chop for five years. Try these challenges on for size and then you might see the opportunity your missing out on. In the mean time enjoy your full house and what’s seems to be a frustrating schedule. It might be bitter, but certainly not bad.

  4. Her complaint is legit. The boys have off a random week in middle of the summer and have camp right up until school. Going on a family vacation during the three weeks is not appropriate for Lakewood families. If they would start camp right away and then end 4 weeks later the girls and boys would all be off at the same time at the end of Bein Hazmanim which would work out a lot better for most families in this town. Her complaint in no way belittles other’s suffering. I don’t think she’s saying that her life is harder than someone who’s child is unwell c’v. She’s asking why camp directors don’t make the schedule one that works out well for our Kehilla. I would love to hear from camp directors.

  5. Lakewooder, people can still complain about things and have healthy conversation that can facilitate change and still maintain a proper perspective about things. And the schedule is very awkward . It’s very difficult to have sons off this entire week and miss work ( even though I live spending time with them). I don’t understand why the schools couldn’t have coordinated withe camps better.

  6. Actually the ppl who ran the lakewood cheder daycamp are doing day camp this week (this was advertised). Ruach HaTorah began camp this week. I think there are options out there if you look for them. I’m not saying they are cheap, my boys are home this week. But ppl who need the camp should be able to find fill in options.

  7. i seriously want to move to bkln just so that my sons will have regular 10 months schooling like the rest of the world….everyone needs 2 months summer vacation. period.

  8. Lakewooder, some mothers have full time jobs in work environments that don’t allow children to be brought into the office. Vacation days are used up because of Yom tov as well, so before you judge the author or commentators as kvetchy and ungrateful, just know that there is a world outside of Lakewood that some of us need to conform to.

  9. מי כעמך ישראל!!
    People why all the hate?! Did someone forget that there’s a war going on in Israel? Did someone forget that it’s the three weeks a time to utilize in enhancing our unity if us jewish nation?!
    People were living in very pressing times! Why make a big deal or even comment on something that is only negative, or on a subject that will only bring on wrath on hatred? If there’s A probablem usally there is a solution to the probablem. Here the solution would be to speak to the esteemed principals of the school or the like. Klal Yisroel let’s wake up!!! Let’s smell the burning of the beis hamikdash!!!!!

  10. I seriously do not understand why the chashivus hatorah is getting lost here. I have 3 boys, and I have these same issues, but I’m glad to deal with all these issues because every additional day my boys are learning in yeshivah is infinitely valuable. Why would I want to make the year a 10 month year & have less learning and more summertime meshugaas?

  11. the reason the other day camps are starting later this year, is due to bain hazmanim starting later. They need counselors and they all have yeshiva up to rosh chodesh. Also first half of sleepaway camps are’nt over until the end of this week.

  12. I love the fact that there is still some truth left to our badge of honor: Lakewood Ihr Hatorah. Let’s wear these differences with pride.

  13. Some of us work to pay tuition and are not on the learning schedule. We’d love to stay home with our sons however we actually have to go to work and this presents a big problem. This is along with the fact that the boys camps start at 945-10 and how are we supposed to work in this town? Not everyone is on a yeshiva schedule to take the boys at 10 am. It would be great if the camps could accommodate working parents and start early like every other place.

  14. Being a tenant in a basement apartment, i also have a problem with the boys being home. And that is that we have no peace and quiet in our apartment. The rowdy boys upstairs keep waking my baby and myself up and so we are all overtired and off schedule. Is it fair that we should suffer from it? I definitely did not know about this when i signed my lease… Landlords, be a Mensch and ask your tenants which part of the house is the least disturbing place for your kids to play and make noise. You can not imagine how much they’ll appreciate you asking! Thank you.

  15. Why was the question addressed to the chadorim? Should the chadorim be subject to the camps schedule? The reason for camps is because there is no school, not the other way around.
    The question should be, why aren’t camps doing what they set out to do and can the free market take care of the problem?
    It could be that because we sign up for camp in the winter, we are not fully cognizant of the issues. If we wouldn’t have to sign up until closer to the date, we would demand the camps give us what we need.

  16. i have boys in mesivta and the complain the whole day about there schedule for example how come in a normal newyork yeshiva they end at at 7:00 and in lakewood we end at 9:00 and its not that they learn more in lakewood but if you ask them they just have extra big breaks which theres no need for instead the come come home all tired and wormed down and have a harder time learning the next day but in newyork they are more rested and if your gonna tell me its bed we want to keep them off the streets how come in newyprk its not a problem.

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