Reader Submitted: Important Notice About Wearing TOMS On Tisha B’av

I notice  many children and women wearing TOMS shoes and am aware that people plan on wearing them for Tisha B’av since they appear to be non-leather. The TOMS website clearly states (Quote #1) that the soles of their shoes are made of leather (Pigskin to be precise).

Unless you purchase VEGAN TOMS, (Quote #2) your shoes DO have a leather sole.

I have copied the following quotes directly from TOMS.COM

quote #1
What type of leather does TOMS use?
We use pig suede for all leather insole styles of TOMS.
quote #2
Shop Vegan
These shoes contain no animal by-products.
At TOMS, we use earth and animal-friendly
materials wherever possible

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  1. I am a simple man from the midwest and have little knowledge of halacha. The reason why leather was banned was because it is considered comfrotable and we are not supposed to be comfortable on these fast days correct?

    So instead back then, people wore the only other alternative, which was wooden shoes. These days, people wear sneakers, crocs and other alternatives which are MUCH more comfortable than leather. This seems like a sneaky loophole, which is defeating the whole purpose of avoiding comfort like leather on a fast day. Can someone please explain this to me in basic torah terms? thank you.

  2. it was stated by a big godel a few years ago (I dont remember who. It may have been Rav Elyashov ZTk”L) that crocs that are worn a whole (since they are comfortable) year should not be worn on Tisha B”av or yom kippur. what this has to do with the headline, nothing but its a continuation of number 1.

  3. There is a machlokes haposkim if just leather shoes are assur, or all comfortable shoes. Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach held that only leather shoes are assur and everthing else is muttar.

  4. Then who is going to decide what is comfortable and what is not? Do they sell shoes specifically labled “uncomfortable”. Even slippers are often comfortable.

  5. I wonder if people that buy TOMS (I never heard of them before) shoes, bargain with they’re schools for cheaper tuition?
    Just wondering.

  6. just to let all of you know… Toms might be the latest fad… but they are cheaper than most of the shoes you buy yourself or your kids for that matter. I just bought a pair for $43 and the more “expensive” ones were only $56. So do your research before you scream about bargaining for other things!

  7. To answer your question. Our chachomim have determined that wearing leather provides a certain element of Simcha and comfort.
    although canvas maybe comfortable, it wasn’t included in this gezirah. Similiarly, meat, , although I love pizza, only meat was determind to provide The neshama. With simcha!

  8. correct me if i wrong, but i was under the impression that one may not get any pleasure from a pig. so how can one wear such shoes?
    please correct me (albeit nicely) if i am wrong…..

  9. Ill correct you nicely. It is only forbidden to gain pleasure from milk and meat.
    The minhag is not to do business with triefe animals however once it is leather that’s a shinui and allowed

  10. its a machlokes rashi says its any shoe normally worn other rishonim disagree .. r shlomo zalman aurbach a major halachik authority held that it only aplies to lethear as the shulchan aruch holds rav elyashiv held like rashi …. by the laws of yom kippor the shulchan aruch and mishnah berurah clearly state that the halacha is only leather how ever one who wants to be bachmir ( a baal nefesh) should hold like rashi and most preferably go barefoot

  11. If shoes must be uncomfortable, may I suggest buying shoes that are 1/2 to 1 size too small? You could wear them only when required.

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