Reader-submitted: How can we move when there is no affordable place to go to?

opinionTo whom it may concern, We are growing out of our basement apartment and have no place to put our baby as soon as we move her out of our room. We scour the masa umatan every week to find a house we can possibly move in to but the rent prices have soared so high we simply can’t afford the prices advertised!

Yes we work though we make barely enough to cover the basics.

I don’t know how others manage to move above ground with so many families on programs but for us its at a point where the kids are going nuts from the lack of space and our nerves are on edge.

Yet we cannot find a single house in a neighborhood we will feel comfortable in for a price anywhere under $2000 a month. How can we move when there is no affordable place to go to?

With all the houses being built daily, how is it that the prices remain so high? We arent looking to live in Prime areas. We are willing to move out to areas like Jackson but so far everything we have heard about will put us deep into debt.

I’m turning to you readers to crowdsource. Do you know of a house that can work for us?

My requirements are:
Above ground level
Safe area
Good condition
No health risks or mold
3+ bedroom
2+ bathroom
Walkable to shul
$1500 range or less

Please contact me through [email protected] if you are either willing to rent for that price or know of a rental for that price. Im happy to use this email to help others also in similar need if anything is sent to me that doesnt work for us.

Thank you
Lakewood Underground Resident

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  1. why is the rent so high? because the prices paid on the new construction is astronomical. In order for the landlord to cover a huge mortgage, he needs to charge huge rent. i think many of us look around and wonder – how are people affording these prices?

  2. im from bp w 8 kids
    the lakewood basements are fine ( above ground is a luxury )
    2nd bathroom is very convient ! but not necessary?
    go to 1600 you get a basemnet bigger than a bp apt.

  3. One issue is developers and flippers (they call themselves investors) scouting out every half decent deal out there and then trying to make a quick buck off of the poor buyer who has no other choice if they want to live around here. They should not be doing that. It is a great sin to and their charity money is ill gotten money.
    Another issue is real estate agent trying to push up prices.
    it’s about supply and demand. The demand is so great and that is what is really pushing up prices, but these 2 groups just exasperate the problem by taking advantage of a situation when they know good and well that people struggle to put bread on their table. They may only be responsible for 30 percent of the price hikes, but it is not right

  4. I live near Coventry. It is a beutiful neighborhood & you can get the house u want at the price you mentioned. Westgate is another option. BUt, truthfully, its time for the Move To Plumstead plan to start taking effect. Many, many of our yungerleit have the same dilemma with no hope in sight. Good Luck !!

  5. @by of course
    Lakewood prices for building pales in comparison to out of town places. Astronomical building costs is not the issue!!!!

  6. Move to Cleveland. Who says you have the right to say you NEED to live in Lakewood? If Hashem decided that your parnasah should earn less than what’s affordable in Lakewood, then there’s plenty of fine communities elsewhere that aren’t ridiculously priced. You can buy a block of houses for the price of one in Lakewood.

  7. Look at houses in Aberdeen, NJ – realistically priced single family homes, eruv, mikveh, good kosher shopping, Young Israel of Aberdeen, frum Rabbi living in neighborhood, kollel nearby, daily minyanim. Contact Rabbi (moderated). Cell number is (moderated).

  8. Firstly I feel your pain basement is not a way of living.what about Westgate coventry Wyndham Lakeview all very nice places I have friends in Wyndham they love it there and what about out of town you won’t go to gihenem for not living in Lakewood . MUCH HATZLACHA

  9. Many yingerleit with families are struggling now. Hashem should help. So many people who work and actually have real jobs still can’t cut it. Why is this it that rabbonim and askanim don’t address this problem more seriously. The feeling of being in your mid 30’s and knowing you don’t have a shot at living independently is terribly depressing. I applaud all the yingerleit who sit and learn and have a way to support themselves. But what about all those families who’s income doesn’t come from in laws and have no other sources of income other than their jobs. What’s their solution?? It’s a real shame the situation we are in. I’m davening for all in klal yisroel to see yeshuos.

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