Reader-submitted: Get out and knock instead of waking up the neighborhood

opinionWhy in the world would you sit outside honking your horn 4-5 times early morning, waking up and annoying neighbors? And it’s not just a couple short beeps – it’s those long 5-second “I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR YOU” type of honks.

I understand it’s chilly outside and the boy should have been ready at the door when you arrived, but why does the whole neighborhood have to be woken up because you were too lazy to go knock at the door instead, after the first or second short beeps?

Please have consideration for others.

Thank you.

A sleepless Lakewood mother.

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  1. Perhaps it’s a school bus who can’t leave the bus unattended to go knock on someone’s door. Maybe he has no patience because he’s holding up traffic.

  2. I have a neighbor that has a bus driver that honks at 6:45, 7:30 and at 8:00 at the same house for different kids since the beginning of the year it’s driving me nuts!!! (Besides the bus company is BOE!!!!!) please it’s about time someone speaks up if the kids not outside “LEAVE” to bad it says on the bus Card you have to wait 10 minutes before the bus comes!!!

  3. I totally agree that honking early in the morning or late at night is so selfish and inconsiderate. Even honking unnecessarily in middle of the day isn’t too great! But most of the blame lies on your neighbor, the passenger, who should be ready for his or her ride and not on the driver who can’t get out for every passenger

  4. The point of the OP is well taken. While some commenters mean well, they are really missing the point, which is that there are folks who pull up to a house and honk the horn at inappropriate hours. Not bus drivers, not people with kids in the car. Just people who would rather inconvenience and disturb others rather than making the effort themselves. Its called “consideration” and there are plenty of people who really need to learn about this middah. It manifests in the person who just double parks or blocks a driveway “just for a second” or stops 15 feet past the stop sign or cuts you off by making their left hand turn well after the light has turned red. There are examples from daily life outside our cars. Why is it so hard for people to accept the object lesson of the OP and just say: You’re right?

  5. There are many mornings I’m woken up from honking. (around 7,715) of course it’s not the end of the world as i need to get up soon after that anyway. But being I’m a busy mother and have three little kids, it would be nice to wake up from my alarm clock and not from an irritated honking outside. a little quick honk is enough to remind the mother to send her kid out. or how about a phone call? they can even call before they come!
    a little consideration goes a long way.

  6. @Achshell Maybe the neighbor just had a baby and the baby sleeps best in the morning. For whatever reason, you want to excuse the person honking, basic kindness for your fellow person means that you should empathize with them about their situation, and that the person honking should think about what affect they are having on other peoples lives. When I was in Coventry, there used to be a van that came to pick up a bunch of people at 6 AM. They would sit on their horn and it would wake all of my kids up. Common decency is not such a bad thing.

  7. In Montreal there is no horn honking. Its illegal. Even taxi drivers come knocking on your door if you are not waiting. If a child is not waiting outside for the bus, the bus waits a few seconds and leaves. It is a lot colder in Montreal, in extreme cold weather child waits by the door. It is a pleasure. Mother of 7 children always on time. Former New Yorker enjoying the no honking law.

  8. Boruch Hashem this is your only complaint – someone honking during the night (like 7:30 AM).
    Traffic, Taxes, Chinuch, Sholom Bayis, Parnash Health are B’H not on your complaint list.
    I would be very grateful for what is good and not complain too much about other minor inconveniences.
    Life is just too short for that.

  9. Back when we were kids, (in lakewood) if we were not at the stop on time, the bus left. Plain and simple. No beeping, no house calls, just walk to the bus stop and wait. And we got up on time to catch the bus.
    Oh never mind, that was a time when this town had normal bussing and almost no development traffic. Never mind.

  10. Hey mommy F., that is a great idea. The Democrats in Trenton would love to create another cash cow. A tax without having to call it a tax. Just more money for the Democrats to put into their pet projects.

  11. #15
    please teach us when it’s ok to have no idea how much it affects the may a minor annoyance or it might be someone who doesn’t get to sleep till 4am and being woken up at 7:30 ruins their whole day not mentioning that if it wakes babies it could make them cranky the whole day .

  12. I drive my kids to the bus stop each morning on my way to work, which is a good 10 minute walk. I live in a deep cul-de-sac. There is no honking or waiting. I leave at a a scheduled time and they are there. Whoever is not has the option of walking. Kids learn very early to make it their responsibility to be there and otherwise there is natural consequence, which is not so convenient for them. I see neighbors honking and getting worked up, as soon as we wait we take the responsibility out of the child’s hand and put it in the adult’s domain ise, which not a good pracitce.

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