Reader: Ice Coffee Pitchers at Starbucks Were Placed in Same Dishwasher as Bacon Plates

sbReader-submitted: [See Editor’s note below] So there I was, at my neighborhood Howell Starbucks, thinking all was good. I get my usual Pareve ice coffee, add my vanilla soy milk and away we go right?


As I sit by the counter, I began to watch in horror , as the ice coffee pitchers, (plastic) were being placed in THE SAME DISHWASHER AS THE BACON AND CHEESE SANDWICH Plates, together! YIKES!

While you might be able to find some Heter, somewhere out there in cyberland, I was horrified and to think this Starbucks is packed with Frum people all day. We would never do this at home. Maybe I’m at fault because people see me here and think Starbucks is ok for Frum people. I only buy the iced coffee , but I see people buying all types of goodies all day??

I believe this is a major issue and being swept under the rug by the naive masses who think it’s only coffee and are really, really ignorant of Halacha. Let the buyer beware.

PS, The good news is, that the Starbucks locations that don’t serve hot food, don’t have this problem and are ok according to most Poskim.


Editor’s note: The Star-K released the following information about Starbucks, along with a comprehensive chart:

We recommend one avoid buying drinks that are made with equipment that may have been washed with treif at full service Starbucks stores that serve treif meat items. (Starbucks kiosks do not serve meat.) We, therefore, recommend the following:starbucks star k

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  1. Why buy coffee in Starbucks or any other non kosher place? Drink it at home it’s cheaper or take it with you in a thermos. The only time you can’t take it with you is on a plane and that’s too bad because I wouldn’t use the hot water on a plane either for kahrus sake.

  2. This never happens in French Pressed Coffee Shop or in Bagel Nosh! With so many wonderful options available why would anyone feel the need to run and join the goyim in their coffee houses where at best you need to compromise the product just to be able to sit in Starbucks like everyone else? there are so many great local options where the food and atmosphere is kosher and you can enjoy all the delicious products offered in each store guilt free (except for your nutritionist!)

  3. I am always amazed that Starbucks is considered such a normal option for frum people when there are so many kashrus problem with it. B”H for R’ Betesh and his fabulous coffe shop! Great ambiance, fab coffe. You can sit there and enjoy! Sorry, can’t remember name of place…can s/o help

  4. Betesh – French Press, it is an amazing place. Starbucks is an issue that many are not aware of and I therefore began staying away. (Easier to get nothing than to actually LEARN what you can and can’t have :))

    Making a coffee at home is very nice, but there is a halacha discussion that has to be had here so don’t knock people who go to starbucks.

    Just wondering: Does French Press allow/ appreciate sitting and working for hours there, just like people do at Starbucks, Just wondering because then I am definitely switching over!!

  5. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t be so surprised. This has been public knowledge for years. Both from the CRC and Star K. And you’re not better off only buying an iced coffee. That would be a problem too with the dishwashing issue.

  6. Wow, so cool, noone arguing with this article.
    French Press is good but starbuks is way cheaper.

    Also idea for the writer;
    The hot expresso machines are not washed together, they can’t.
    You can get hot expresso over ice and you are still good.

    Does anyone think a Takana would help. literally hundreds of frum people go in there each day.

  7. To the writer – Iced coffee is actually in the worst category of drinks, as opposed to espresso or americano which are the least problematic. In fact even regular brewed coffee is less of a problem than iced.

    Before you pasken the (wrong) halacha on your own maybe you should do a little research – R’ Fishbane from the CRC has done an enormous amount of research on this, and he published an extensive article outlining all the issues involved and categorizing every drink based on the potential kashrus concerns.

    Bottom line there’s definitely a lot of problems involved and a ‘baal nefesh’ should be machmir, but there are legitimate heteirim as well which shouldn’t be knocked. And americano is particular would appear to be completely ok l’chatchila, as long as it’s made in a disposable shot cup – (of course everyone should as their own Rav)

  8. Starbucks is takeh a big problem. R Fishbein at CRC did research on this & Rebbitzen Victoria Dwek had a huge article on This in a recent Ami, along with a followup letter. French Press has amazing, premium coffee and 4 corners House Blend coffee is also amazing. Hatzlochah !!

  9. Starbucks is so overrated in the first place. I think it’s a status symbol for some people. I’ve seen plenty of so-called “frum” people buying coffee at venues within other stores & wondered why someone would spend so much on a stupid cup of coffee. Anyway, if you plan on eating or drinking outside your home, it is your duty as a practicing jew to do your h.w. & not take anything for granted.
    Just because you see a fellow yid patronizing a certain place, does not mean that he/she is correct in doing so. Several times I’ve had “frum” people ask me if such & such is kosher as they were about to purchase it. The answer was usually a no. One frum guy wondered out loud as he was about to purchase frozen fish from a freezer which carried both kosher(with hechtsher) & non-kosher, what difference does it make if there is no hechsher on a frozen bag of fish if the fish itself is considered kosher? I was dumbfounded. I simply stated that one does not know if the knives or equipment used to prepare the fish are used on non-kosher fish as well. I’m pretty sure I gave the right answer. My philosophy has always been – when in doubt, don’t buy it. your best bet is to stick with establishments & products that are unquestionably certified.There are plenty of places right here in Lakewood where one need not worry about kashrut. Not only will one avoid the being in such a situation, but will also give a fellow yid parnassa.

  10. Just in case you consume chalav stam and you go in there and request a caramel macchiato, just be aware that the final caramel topping they use comes out of a bag that is not kosher. The other syrups used to make this may be kosher but the caramel that goes on top is not.

  11. Forget the kashrus issue. You have Goyim eating there dressed in the mowt pritzusdig way especialy the summer months and frum Men sitting next to them at the same table making small talk. That is why ppl go there ..nebach.

  12. For those that happen to work out of the Lakewood area – Starbucks was a welcome place to buy a drink. Always sounded better than Wendy’s or Burger King to me.

  13. To fedup:Certainly when one finds themself in a location where there aren’t any kosher stores a starbucks or other quality chain is a welcome place. Of course the product must be verified by the consumer. However this article refered to the starbucks in Howell specifically and as we know Lakewood has an abundance of kosher eateries to get anything one desires with the finest hechsher and atmosphere. So many are wondering why one would enter into questionable scenarios.

  14. i am always weary when these non-jewish places have hechshayrim on like some items, and who knows who is mixing what? like this slur pie is kosher this one is not….this rites is kosher this one not…..and we trust the 18 year old college girl to know not to mix anything together… family doesn’t eat from places that aren’t totally kosher. i once asked my friend if they would tell you that these flavors are good but the 2 on the left have poison…..but don’t worry they don’t mix them. would you eat it?

  15. Eaters at “Let’s Yo” also should be super careful as the kosher and treif toppings are intermixed, next to each other so it makes it confusing to know which ones are kosher, and which ones are not. The kosher sign on the door is misleading as its very easy to confuse the kashrus status of each topping and they can easily be mishandled or mixed together.

  16. Dunkin’ Donuts shops that sell meat breakfast items are also problematic as are 7-11, WaWa, etc. Bottom line: If you’re out and need a caffeine fix, buy a soda.
    The Chicago Vaad, CRC (Rabbi Fishbane), has a smart phone app that’s extremely helpful for these and other kashrus issues. The app is free and is available for both iPhones and Android systems.

  17. Give it up. Lets me honest Starbucks is for all the bored people that need to seat around and watch and listen to people around them. Be honest with yourself stop living a lie. I/we go there for the Entertainment and people and hock. They happen to sell coffee too. But I don’t want to hear that your addicted to Starbucks grow up already be honest with yourself. All the bored married/single woman are there looking to mingle and all the guys staring makes us feel even better face Reality. Be honest with yourself and remember You’re not addicted to Starbucks you simple want to be there for all various reasons

  18. If u ask me Starbucks coffee tastes like mud,yuck!! French Pressed coffee is delicious, its kosher (food AND atmosphere) and they cater to every palette.

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