Raintree residents demand police intervention as pit bull terrifies neighborhood

opinionReader-submitted: Nine days ago, Friday December 2, one of the three pit bulls that are kept by the party renting the house (moderated) in the Raintree North neighborhood, managed to get out of the enclosure and was seen on Newport Drive. It was observed to eventually go back to its pen and burrow its way back in.

Calls by frightened residents were dismissed by the police department as not being of an emergency nature. T

he enclosure remains defective and residents are concerned that the animals could get out at any time. Even when penned, passersby are usually greeted by these pit bulls growling fiercely. Anxious contacts to the owner of the house have not been productive, and it appears he has no intention of doing anything about it.

We do not know if there is any kind of ordinance about keeping pit bulls, or what is necessary to pass such legislation, or whether the present circumstances are in violation of any laws, but residents are frightened for themselves and their children. Pit bulls can be very aggressive animals that have mauled and killed many people r’l.

You are welcome to verify this information with residents in the area who are well aware of what has been going on, but are at a loss as to how to resolve the matter.

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  1. My younger brother got bitten in n.y by a neighbors dog which we were always scared of and the owner always said “He’s friendly don’t worry he won’t bit” and no he didn’t bother,chase or tease it it came running out Of The driveway and but him sending him to the hospital Friday afternoon and had to walk back fri.night.
    they are dangerous

  2. Did you speak to the owner of the dogs?
    Just to keep everyone calm… dogs do NOT generally attack anyone, unless particularly trained to do so…
    That being said, I do hope that this can all be resolved speedily without anyone bring hurt or too upset

  3. This has been an ongoing issue for the last few weeks. Residents can not walk in the area for fear for their safety. These dogs are dangerous and can not remain in the neighborhood unless something is done to ensure that they can not get out of their enclosure.

  4. I live around the corner from these pit bulls and they are seriously frightening! Every time we walk by, they come up to the gate barking loudly. I started to avoid walking by there which is nuts to be scared to walk in my own neighborhood!!

  5. call it the LPD as a quality life issue and ask to speak with officer/investigator in charge of quality of life issue.

    find out on line who actually owns the home and have people call the landlord (if he is renting it out) requesting he do something as this should be a violation of the tenants lease. IF not warn him and after a while follow through by posting his name, address and phone number in every coffee room. No one wants his name posted in a negative comments in such a public matter. Trust me it works…

  6. maybe the inspection department can get involved. maybe there is an ordinance on file regarding having pit bulls or any animal secured at all times..

  7. I live down the street and I pass this corner frequently. I am terrified as are all my neighbors. On many occasions we have seen the dogs get out of the pen. We have even seen them jump the low fence on one side of their yard. Even the higher areas of fence are completely broken and “fixed” with scraps of rotting wood and wire. The situation is terrible and not only must the owner be held responsible but if anything terrible should Chas vashalom happen we will hold the lakewood police responsible as well for not taking action on this dangerous community matter which has been brought to their attention. And yes Pitt bulls are extremely dangerous! In parts of Canada they have been outlawed-and for good reason!

  8. I live a few houses down from the pitbull family. My boys have been chased by these pit bulls, and hey r terrified of these dogs! They have a few friends that live past the neighbors with the pit bulls and they can never go play there since when u pass by the dogs pounce on the BROKEN FENCE, which they have escaped,from,countless of times! I myself have been greeted to these pitbulls a few times! We all need these dogs out or at least a very strong safe new gate! We hope some change happens real soon!

  9. If the owner refuses to respond. A quick call to the owner’s home insurance will help things along. They legally can, and will, take remedial action. A photo of the enclosure and a video of the dogs roaming, should be sent to both the owner and insurance company. There are plenty of other code violations at this property which can be filed as well, if the owner refuses to comply.

  10. Similar problem by Spruce st/Lakewood Commons with the dog getting loose from the rental at the corner of Oak and Vine. Police have come down but for the most part the response has generally been ‘please call animal control’. Township committemen were apathetic, owner lives half a mile away in a development and couldn’t care less, and police don’t want to have anything to do with it (why would they if they can get away with ignoring it). Noone to talk to.

  11. I love dogs, including pits; however having three is a pack and is not a good thing. We also had a family that their dogs got loose, so I stopped walking that way. Called the police, and they said that they had food water, etc, even thought they were left outside in the snow storms, they couldn’t do anything about them. I have a huge dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly. I don’t blame my neighbors that are frightened by him; I would be too. Please be careful. Having more than two is a disaster waiting to happen.

  12. bye some ExLax and throw it over the fence so the dogs can get to it and eat it. You will see how fast the owner will heed to keeping these dogs locked up SAFELY.

    I’ve seen this work with an owner who couldn’t care less about his dogs locked securely.

  13. Dogs are no more / less aggressive than their owner.
    If the problem continues, the neighbors could pool their resources & buy an electric fence for the dogs. The cost is about a $1000.

  14. I’m with @scy. Throw some stuff over the fence. Also agree with @playhardball. I happen to love Pit bulls, they’re, generally, the nicest friendliest dogs. But if the owner trained them to be nasty fighters, they become nasty fighters. Sad.

  15. Pitbulls bite without warning, That is why they are so dangerous. Once they are barking you are safer.

    But shoot them just to be on the safe side

    Remember the haftora הורגי אדם עגלות ישקון

  16. Pathetically, the owner felt some heat from the scoop and met with some neighbors, he guaranteed to have a new fence not patches within two weeks. Well we will see in two weeks and see if the scoop let’s us post pictures.

  17. Part of the story that’s not being brought to light is that the owner of the dogs knows what kind of people his neighbors are. He knows they are peaceful not aggressive people and he has no problem taking advantage of them. I have heard of people resolving such an issue by mixing rat poison with ground meat and throwing it where dogs will eat it but this guy is not worried about any such thing. I do know people who have a pitbull and say that it is A very easy-going peaceful dog but having a pack of them is usually only something that bully would want to have, which is what this guy sounds like. It’s easy for me to say that the neighbors should take pride in the kind of decent peace loving people that they are. I wish them well.

  18. The township probably likes the Oak & Vine house with the dangerous dog,as at least it gives those sitting in constant traffic by that intersection something interesting to watch!

  19. last summer in the east end of Montreal, where I live, a pit bull type dog took off from his backyard, as thr fence was rotten and falling apart, and fatally mailed a woman. she died. now we have a new law that prohibits new pitbull types to be bought, and the existing pitbull types need to be muzzled, and the owner have to get a special permit, as well as a criminal background check, to protect the community. I don’t understand how this is not taken seriously by the police. if these dogs are howling and barking, they are aggressive, if they get loose, they will kill. a dog will not growl if he’s not aggressive. this goes to any type of dog. u can have an aggressive poodle. pls do something before it’s too late..

  20. I live in the neighborhood where these dogs are. It’s unbelievable. I suspect that the police keep an eye on these people. Why would someone need 3 pit bulls even if they loved dogs? These people may be up to no good and are using the dogs to intimidate people who may want to take advantage of them (in criminal activity) as a deterrent. It costs a lot to maintain the wellbeing of 3 large dogs, and these people are inhabiting a run-down rental.

  21. For all the comments regarding poisoning the dogs could put you in jail, and should. I’m really surprised you would post such remarks. It’s called “animal abuse.” Look it up. It’s against the law.

  22. Perhaps the neighbors who are communicating with the owner could suggest that the new fence he has agreed to be put up should be vinyl, i.e. opaque, so we do not see the dogs and the dogs do not get agitated by seeing the public walking past.

  23. I think you are all overdoing it , I had the same thing in my neighborhood and it really abused us, so we all chipped in and got a good fence , if it is taking away from your quality of life then you do something even if it cost a couple of dollars! I think its a few bratty neighbors that like to complain!!!!!

  24. First of all u aren’t aloud to just put a fence on someone else’s property. Second my sister was attacked by a pit pull that was sweet and she was taking care of. They r dangerous once they attack they lock their jaws and don’t let go. My sister was lucky he let go she needed thousands of stitches they worked on her for 6 hours. Thank god she’s alive call police call animal control u need to feel safe. Call everyday maybe they have a fighting ring going on

  25. I would like to give the oilem an eitza. If you take the wine used by the ten makos on pesach and and sprinkle it on their property, problem solved. Baduk U’menusa

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