Raintree Resident Makes Siyum On Shas

PHOTOS & VIDEO of the Siyum Hashas made last night by R’ Reuven Braun, which took place at the Raintree shul, attended by the BMG Roshei Hayeshiva R’ Malkiel Shlita, R’ Dovid Shlita and R’ Yeruchem Shlita. R’ Reuven completed Shas 8 times through Harav Dolgan’s Chevras Hashas program over a 7 year time span. (Photos and video courtesy of Yisroel Leiner).


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  1. Mazal Tov!!
    (I have a question how is it that in kol shimshon I see ppl who supposedly went thru shash many times using an artscrol gemora? This is something that i cant understand im not mocking i just dont get it)

  2. Have you finished shas even with a Artsctrol Gemora?
    I dont think so
    FYI the person featured here doesnt use an artscrol, dont why it would make a difference

  3. i am WORKING hard on trying to finish shas without an artschrol. B”h I am able to read a blat gemora with rashi unassisted. “Lo olecha hameloco ligmor vein ato ben choirin lehipater mimena”—-(lehipoter- with artscroll!!

  4. Mazal Tov. It is a great accomplishment. I don’t care if he uses Artscroll or anything else. If a (working) fellow can undertake to finish Shas and succeeds — Kol Hakavod. We should all learn from him!

  5. What an amazing thing!!!
    It such a beautiful thing, may you be zocheh to finish shas countless times and have alot of toradike nachas from all you kinderlach!!

  6. Even if you are talking about another person? Are you one to judge? perhaps “Lo olecha” should apply to one who learns with the aid of an Artsctol Gemora- as perhaps one day he will be as great as you and learn unaided-
    At the end of the day he made the siyum and you didnt

  7. I don’t know about you, but I have had the opportunity to speak with Rabbi Dolgin several times, and while he may use an Artscroll Gemara to help him stay focused, he can repeat the shakla vetarya of just about any gemara in Shas verbatim – by heart. A person has to know his kochos and use them – taking advantage of anything that will help him shteig.

  8. While I haven’t finished Shas..it has helped me go through a number of Masechtos. I used to shy away from Artscroll just as everyone else learning in Yeshiva. then I began thinking..who is telling me not to use an artscroll..is it my yetzer harah or yetzer tov?

    Is it the yetzer tov, telling you to be umail and hurava..or the yetzer tov, telling you to “hurava and umail” and therefore since I don’t have the “head for it right now, or the patience etc..I will end up learning less?

    Another rationale I have, is… to me Artscroll is akin to a knowledgable chavrusa. If i had a chavrusa who would take the lead while we are learning and we would go through Shas like that, no one would have any problems with that. Most people use Artscroll’s translation when they don’t get the pshat..it allows them to move on and cover more ground and have more satisfaction and understanding from their learning. When one is toliing in yeshiva, clearly the toil in itself is important for the development (as well as later on in life too) of their understanding of Torah.

    How different is Artscroll , then Rashi when he explains words B’LAZ?

  9. Can someone tell me what R’ Dolgan’s Chevras Hashas is all about? I never heard of it and after seeing this,I’d love to know more about it. Where is it? A Daf Yomi shiur?? What exactly is it all about?

    Thanks in advance. MAZEL TOV TO R’ BRAUN!!

  10. If you need artscrol use it ! Agav a powefull quote from rav shach “we must bring yidden closer to Torah not Torah closer to yidden”!

  11. If someone is ready to change his life and undertake this amazing program, should speak to r sender personally. He sits in the back of kol shimshon and is ready to explain how it works. I am doing it for 2 years now and finished (with artscroll) about 8 mesachtos. Before I did this I finished 2, tanis and megillah. For all the bashers about artscroll and r sender; I challenge you to try it for just 40 days, and blog then (u might not have the time) u will see how powerful a chazorah program this is. Hatzlocha to all Dolginites.

  12. you are so not bringing yidden closer to torah u are bashing someone on every single article on TLS and i dont know why the even still post ur comments.

  13. R’ Dolgin’s Program:

    R’ Sender what???? R’ Sender Cohen,Kaplan….?? Seriously,I’d like to get more info on this seder halimud and would like to know who to speak to.


  14. 19 did rav shach offend you? Get of the scoop your outta touch with Lakewood. Your the only one who is always bashing!! Are you nuts? How is my comments “bashing” ??

  15. mazel tov. you are and should be an inspiration to all. of course coming from afather who finishedat least four times as a result of r’ ari giving a a daf yomi share in toronto helps serve as a good role model. mazel tov to shaindy and who e couraged reuvein along the way.

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