Rabbanim: Baby Wipes May Not Be Muttar To Use On Shabbos

A new kol koreh from gedolei rabbanim in Eretz Yisroel warns that baby wipes are halachically problematic to use on Shabbos.

Take note, wipes in America may be made differently (i.e. more damp), and thus may not pose an Issur.

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  1. baby wipes are not a new invention . they’ve been assur to use on shabbas for many years now. it’s unfortunate how much chillul shabbas it’s caused..

  2. some felt that if u squeeze them out before shabbos , that would help however rav belsky zatzl held that makes it worse because then you need the lachos from bifnim and not just al gabov as rav moshe teshuvo
    rav pam in yeshiva used the term ” DROROH DEISURA” meaning to close to isur to be matir

  3. It has been bothering me for a while why before you eat something you check the hechsher, (and would not eat it the company just tells you its kosher) but baby wipes you just take the company’s word for it.
    I think every company that writes “Mutar L’shabbos” should have to put on a hechsher.

    Ps. I believe if a company writes Kosher on something that’s not they can be sued.

  4. This halachic shaila is not new as this has been debated for many years by different poskim. Most probably someone wanted to create a hock so he went to poskim and put out a letter about it. There are many poskim that are matir and there are many poskim that assir. Ask your LOR
    My Rav said the same thing as what Ruby brought from R’Belsky Zatzal-if you use one that was squeezed from before shabbos then you’re showing you want the moisture that’s left in there.

    • There are opposing views. Some say it causes sewer backups and some say it’s safe for sewage systems. Ask your local plumber. Eilu v’eilu,,,,

  5. I’m sure these are all chashuv poskim but I never heard of any of them before
    Rav Moshe is clearly matir you can look it up and according to his reasoning it would have nothing to do with the brand as long as it’s disposable
    So to whoever is trying to make hak I think burning sheitels is more exciting

  6. Being a playgroup morah (of a big group) I have parents send in wipes every month, I see all different types and textures of companies wipes . I can say for a fact that sensitive wipes are a big issue if you want to use them, they are superly wet and when wiping with them even lightly water comes out. So I definitely understand what the rabbanim are talking about

  7. All due respect, I will follow Rav Asher Weiss, Rav Moshe Feinstein and Rav Ovadia Yosef. I will not worry about some rabbonim I never heard of.

    • please turn the page, the Orchos Shabbos is THE sefer on hilchos Shabbos today, and Rav Moshe Shaul Klein is one of the major poskim in Eretz Yisroel in this generation

  8. It’s well known that this has always been the minhag in EY and is not the general minhag in America. Although everyone should follow their Rav

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