Purim At Minyan Shelanu

PHOTOS & VIDEO of last night’s Purim event at Minyan Shelanu, attended by Mayor Steven Langert.


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  1. I dont know why the minyan should be glorified and so high profile.

    These poor kids definitely need help and love and Rabbi Abadi does a fabulous job.
    But then again, so does Alchoholics Anonymous, and they dont have their patients in a stretch limo sirens blaring driving up and down the main streets showing your children what drunks look like.

  2. With all due respect, you are wrong on this. There was NO alchohol provided at the minyan party. There is only so much that one can do to help out the alchohol situation. chill.

  3. Look through the pictures on this site and theres a nice picture of a fellow drinking a bottle of wine. Unless its black cherry.

    Either way, You probably cant read #4’s comment.
    The problem is they shouldn’t be advertising themselves like this is how you want to be when you grow up.

  4. u seem to b the kind of guy that sooner then later will have to come on to rabbi abadi’s help….vehameivin yovin…

  5. To #4 these kids arent pateints…these are the kids of our community…your kids and your nephews and cousins. And if you have a problem with these pictures then maybe they should pull down the pics of BMG guys getting drunk…..you know if it werent for “concerened parents” like yourself then Chaim Abadi could prob stay home because there wouldnt be such a problem. Have some respect for this choshuve moisad and stop treating these guys like there from a diffrent religion!

  6. I was at Minyan Shelanu AND also in yeshiva, etc.
    Unfortunately, I have to tell u that the ‘yeshiva’ boys were a LOT more drunk.
    – NO alcohol was served.
    – NO person had to be transported by Hatzoloh r”l
    – NO fights
    If you dont believe me….go by there yourself & check out the place next Purim.

  7. I took my children to see the festivities. I was truly impressed with the behavior of all the boys and girls. These young people are truly the finest, from the finest families in Lakewood. They are going to surprise us all with what they will accomplish in life. And they will do it with the guidance of Rabbi Abadi.

  8. The video of the minyan was uplifting, one unified circle. Keep up the good work Rabbi Abadi, we are proud to be living in the same town as you!

  9. It is amazing to see how much mesiras nefesh is provided for these special kids at the Minyan. Rabbi Abadi is not just a great leader but he works with each and every person that is part of the minyan and for that matter even if they aren’t part of the minyan he is there for them just the same.

  10. You may have had a bit too much to drink. However, there were NO girls there. There WAS a certain “yeshiva mohn” wearing a shaitel. I agree with you on the rest.

  11. In response to #4
    You said “these kids” as if they were some foreign aliens from another planet.

    THESE kids are OURS. Hopefully b’ezras hashem you should have only nachas from YOUR children and anyone you may know.

    However – THESE kids are from OUR town, THESE kids are OUR friends, THESE kids are OUR families, THESE ‘kids’ are OUR CHILDREN, THESE kids are OUR fellow yiddin.

  12. to “concerned Parent” and #6, It’s not these poor kids that are the problem, it’s YOUR POOR KIDS THAT WILL BE THE PROBLEM! I’m not at the Minyan often, but I got to know these kids a little more this year, and they are AMAZING!! It seems that your “chinuch” is to have your kids grow like robots and if they don’t do what they are supposed to, throw them out, right? That’s the type of families that some of these kids come from……parents, who don’t know how to deal with the fact that these kids are different than others in Lakewood. I will take one of these kids as one of my children any day!!

    Some of the biggest Tzadikim in this town are part of/support the Minyan, the real people, the ones who want to help, not the ones with hidden agendas.

    And regarding your pointless limo comment, What exactly is wrong with it? I’ve seen a ton of people driving with Megaphones and speakers in their cars over the years, why is Minyan Shelanu not allowed?

    You guys are the ones that are lost…I hope you find your way back, because if all Jews end up turning like you, count me out.

  13. Isn’t it funny that there were 35 drunk people calls from Hatzolah, yet not one was from the Minyan Shelanu party, yet still there are people here posting about how they shouldn’t be “glorified”??????

    Minyan Shelanu, you are the best, keep doing what you are doing Rabbi Abadi

  14. All the glorification of Minyan Shelanu together with the endless criticism of Yeshiva Bochrim is definitely a contributing factor to why kids go off.At least on this site a Yeshiva Bocher learning with tremendous Hasmada and Mesiras Nefesh isn’t valued or raved about nearly as much, as the Minyan Shelanu crowd.

  15. Chaim Abadi “larger than life” I don’t blame parents who don’t want to face reality. As a parent I don’t either want to. However just so u know the daily kiddush hashm which emanates that mosad is amazing. I am not glorifying kids who go off the derech at all and they aren’t glorified. I have come to know these kids well and they are not proud they are in pain and they wish they could change their lives-and they will. Bhadrochas R Chaim most of these kids see regular improvements moving slowly from the game room to the Bais Medrash.

    So to u I say don’t look at the pictures on this site and don’t allow the limo out of the parking lot if u so desire but send a check then take responsobility for your lakewood betheren. Pay for a therapist or a rehab stint or a chavrusah or a supper. Do something don’t just preach!!

    R’ Chaim we love u and hopefully lakewood will wake up and realize that helping ure mossad is a smart investment.

  16. YOU WROTE: I dont know why the minyan should be glorified and so high profile.

    My response to you: Because they’re the only ones who care!
    (I’m talking about the one’s who run it.)

  17. Rabbi Abadi is (tries to be) the under-cover rabbi. if not 4 him — I probly would not be writing on this site or anything else that has 2 do wit jewish stuff.

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