Proposed BOE Budget Passes With $4.4 Million Increase

JUST IN: The proposed Board of Education 2013 budget passed moments ago with the $4,400,000 increase. The following items saw increases this year, according to BOE member Chesky Seitler:

Transportation – 1,500,000 (2,500 additional children)

Health benefits – 1,200,000 (16% increase in premiums)

Salaries increases – 900,000 (union contracts)

Tuition costs – 3,100,000 (raise in tuition, additional children entering the system)

Other increases – 300,000

Total increases – 7,000,000

Decrease – 500,000 (moving out of district offices)

Net increase – 6,500,000

Decrease in debt service taxes – 2,100,000

Total net increase in taxes – 4,400,000

All members voted yes on the budget, besides for Mr. Zlatkin who was not present, and Mr. Friedman and Mr Greenspan, who abstained. [TLS]

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  1. What s shame! We were scammed the last few years. Yes, no tax increase the last 2 years or so… but now we are paying for that. Thanks but no thanks. I think most taxpayers would have rather payed a smaller amount the last 2 years than a ridiculous high amount this year. I think its time for the board of education to have some educated members.

  2. We need some long term vision in this district.

    We need to make the investments in our schools, our youth and our future so that every child and young adult who wants an education or vocational and professional training can access it.

    We need to find ways to make all our children count so that the School Funding Reform Act works for our people.

    Then if we are worthy, millions of dollars, nay, tens of millions in equalization aid will flow in from Trenton, more than enough money for transportation or anything else.

  3. Aaron Lang’s ideas are excellent ,but unfortunately we will have to get many stiff necked people together to listen. There are many legislators right now that are working to find a different way to fund our schools. Property tax is a regressive tax that punishes homeowners for the value of their home. The cost of reassessments, the loss of homes from Sandy, and fluctuations in real estate prices makes an alternate way to fund education in a more equitable way more important than ever.

    For years there has been no effort to create a voucher system that would help struggling families that cannot afford tuition. It is an uphill battle but there are others working to bring changes that will help everyone. These are all goals that I will be working towards.

  4. Ok. We have a whole year to make sure those responsible cannot let this happen again. This will cost each home owner an additional $180. In taxes a year.

  5. The residents of Lakewood are living in a bubble.
    If you have an idea of how to curtail insurance, union and other yearly increases you should run for a senate seat in Washington DC.

    Have a nice trip

  6. If 2,500 new kids entered the school system in 2012, what will the number be in 2013 and beyond.

    Its real easy to say that the person in charge is doing a bad job, but its another when you cant deliver either. I don’t propose to have the solution, but the guys in charge definitely don’t!

  7. why is anyone surpised? keep BUILDING lakewood the added tax revenue DOES NOT keep up with the added cost of services needed to support all the population growth . there is no magic bullet to fix the financial expenses of the growth without a plan to support it

  8. As a parent I was at the meeting last night and what a wonderful thing it was to see the board honor students and teachers. After that part of the meeting the true board showed their colors by voting a budget that will raise our taxes at the same time voting down a cost saving item.A couple of new buses for the public schools which meant cutting some money from private bus companies. This is shame as if the buses were for other use those members who voted it down I’m sure would have voted Yes. So ask why this money saving idea was voted down and then remember in NOVEMBER

  9. An average townhouse will be an increase of 20 dollars a month. A large home will go up about 50 dollars. But this is only the school budget. The same games have been played by the township committee the last few years by the previous Mayors to stave off an increase. Money was borrowed and /or transferred from one department to another. Now, just like the game hot potato, someone will have to make up for all the fiscal irresponsibiliries of the past by raising municipal taxes.

  10. The Lakewood School District is confident in their quest to restore the pride, justice and self respect that had been lost for so many years.

    It is too bad that we, as all residents of Lakewood Township, do not come together to support the great improvements in the District. This Administration turned the many limitations into opportunity for improvement, and it is working!

    This Administration is working it’s way through the maze of audits that were based on the misguided work of past Administrations, where the School District was starved for funding, and they are making the tough choices to improve the system.

    Why not make a difference? Why not look for ways to help? Why not be a hero, instead of a spoiler? Is it possible for this, or any institution to hold the line on expenses forever? Residents cannot do it with their family or business! Why would anyone believe that the School District can do it.

    Look at the increases in expense. With 2,500 new students to be bused, hundreds of new children with special needs, other escalating costs, and a reduction in state funding, what can one expect.

    Do we really believe that the property taxes paid by the families of school age children cover the cost incurred by the district? Of course not. All residents of Lakewood are taxed for these services.

    If there is a belief that taxes are too high, then it is time to help determine where, when, and how to draw the line. However, keep in mind that the line must be drawn in accordance with the law, and the improvements demanded by the audits must be made in order for the district to continue. Otherwise, the state will seize control of the district, and the state is not a good guardian of the public trust.

  11. here we go agin ,not posting comments that you may not agree with ,great service to only share one poin of view with those who read comments here. I guess some things never change no freedom of expression here just like the liberal news media ,silent on any liberal mis steps that are all to common

  12. Max, vouchers are just lip service, fodder for the masses. They are just for low income families and are always limited in scope. There is not a single state that provides a program broad enough for community the size of Lakewood. Moreover, the NJ legislature will be among the last in the Union to enact them. Public schools are entrenched in American history and culture and will not be replaced.

    If you have been reading some of the articles on TLS, you will find that the BOE already has the legal authority provide free English to our kids. But as long as the politicians make the empty promise of vouchers, they get the vote and avoid exploring real and permanent solutions.

  13. This is the same thing that you are doing to the Fire Budget, keep cutting the surplus, and down the line it will come crashing down. The Fire District stayed stable for years, then you started cutting out everything. this year the taxes were raised to make up the previous cuts.

  14. So your telling me there are 2500 children starting school this year. I think your numbers are off. If that were true 2500 children would be graduating from high school in 12 years. I never seen a graduating class that big.

  15. there are approx. 500 children entering public school and 2000 children entering private schools.

    Keep in mind, we are all here for the children-

  16. To the readers of the scoop: Everyone comments on this and that but the truth of the matter is busing and special ed is costing the district almost 40 M of the budget. Teachers raises, insurance increase’s have brought us to where we are now.
    The bottom line is the state changes changes there policy calculating funds to each school district Lakewood is getting short changed.
    If you want to complain your comments should be directed at the state level not the board level.
    When you have 2500 children entering schools every year something has to give…..

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