VIDEO & PHOTOS: [UPDATED] Pro-Israel Rally Held in Lakewood’s Town Square

PHOTOS: Organizers say about 250 men women and children gathered in Lakewood’s Town Square this afternoon to rally 2show support for Israel during this Operation Protective Edge.

The program, which ran for approximately an hour, included the recital of Tehillim, and remarks from Committeeman Steven Langert – whose son is currently serving in the IDF, as well as by former IDF soldiers Yaakov Berdugo, Dr. Braverman and others. The event concluded with the singing of ‘Acheinu’.

Also at the event – which offered free drinks, cotton candy and more, letters addressed to the IDF Soldiers were gathered and being brought to Israel where they will be distributed to the soldiers in Gaza.



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  1. Was a beautiful kiddush Hashem for the ppl that showed up.It is a shame that more of Lakewood residents didn’t make the effort. It has nothing to do with being a Zionist just standing for your fellow yidden who are standing on the front line for YOU!!

  2. had i know about event would have gone. just hearing about it now really doesn’t help. next time advertise a few days before to draw a bigger crowd.

  3. WOW Amazing how a pop up event created late Thursday Night with some signs going up late sunday to have this many people!!

    Kudos GUYS!!!

  4. BIG thanks to Shmueli Schwenger originally from England for organizing this amazing event!!
    I would say there was closer to 350 and great inspiring speakers!!

  5. Ditto Schwinger, Heinemann, Reich great job!!! What a flashmob genius and succesful idea!!! You guys rock and your minyan rocks!!

  6. How are we supposed to know about this? It was not advertised or posted anyplace in the community! Next time get the message out before such a event! Put a message in The Scoop before event and maybe ppl will come. Just last week there were six thousand ppl in town sqaure

  7. For a lakewood website it’s amazing that the posts in israel or so sporadic and sometimes non existing . You have a rally in your home town and you don’t know about it until someone sends you pictures?

  8. Are they serious? This looks more like a Purim carnival. Little blue and white cupcakes, cotton candy. I know many of the fine people seen here mean well, but I fear we are not realizing the severity of the seriousness needed when addressing this crisis. A Rabbi Kahane tone is strongly in order. not a festive day out in the center of town; in my opinion. Our enemy are brutal monsters. This is no game we are faced with.

  9. Here we go start with the criticism I like your way you wrote it (cleverly done)
    Just be honest did u even attemp to go ,would you go to a so called real rally for our IDF (chas vesholom no blue and white cup cakes etc)
    Dont even bother responding

  10. Had no idea about this event until just now at 10:30 because I saw it posted on your website. (I don’t know if I would have gone, I have a problem with the displaying of the Zionist blue and white flag and any other pro Zionist support) I am all for Israel defending itself because it is something they have to do, but I against anything and everything Zionism stands for and what they do to the Chareidim. If I were in charge I wouldn’t send any humanitarian aid to the women and children of Gaza and I wouldn’t let any of them into Israeli hospitals. The children and women are all indoctrinated with hatred for Yidden and they are just as evil as the rest of the terrorists.

  11. I love how people judge by pictures. Maybe you should have gone and seen that it was more than just cupcakes, (that’s specifically why there wasn’t sushi or anything like that!) The speakers weren’t stand up comedy like in a Purim fest, rather they were passionate, and inspiring. This could have taken place on Tisha Baav. So before criticizing, think about the good stuff, in this case it wasn’t the food!

  12. I spoke to a good friend of one of the organizers. There really wasnt a venue for them to advertise to reach the masses. Altho all of us agree Israel has every right to protect its citizens, But still, y’know.
    That created a huge advertising challenge. So it had to be a pop-up event. Sorry. Catch u next time.

  13. Our town was filled with people getting together to daven for Eretz Yisroel yesterday. May we see Yeshuos quickly for all of klal yisroel – Some take out their tehillims, some bake cupcakes – Hashem loves us all and wants our brotherly love – Am Yisroel Chai –

  14. Over the years I have noticed a significant difference how people deal with these gravely serious situations. At R’ Cohen’s shul they make a day of limud hatorah and tefilah; in the town square they make a march and give out cotton candy. Some years ago there was a Young Israel-organized march in Manhattan that was originally scheduled for the morning, but changed to the afternoon so it would not conflict with the Giants game. A few months ago there was a Yom Tefilah in Manhattan about yeshiva bochurim in the army, regardless of that day’s sporting event. The list goes on.

    Perhaps in another town this would have been proper. In a town the Gedolim refer to as the Ihr Hatorah of America, this was a sad display of how to deal with such a gravely serious problem.

  15. Patrice – your comment is well noted – and a respectful way to call attention and remind us of who we really are – This is a town that has torah being learned 24 hrs/day, many are so moser nefesh for torah learning, rising at dawn to learn, and burning the candle at both ends, wives sacrificing so their husbands could learn- truly the Ihr Hatorah-and not to denigrate anybody chas v’shalom- but we should all revel and wear our Ihr Hatorah banner proudly.

  16. #26
    Please relize that although there is a standard way Klal Yisroel responds to such Tzoros each segment has his and her way of being able to express their way on their level.

    Remember what the Baal Hagadah states Kineged Arbah Banim Dibrah Torah. There is a way to appreciate Torah on every level.

    Untill we understand that we cannot be able to appreciate what makes up our beutiful nation Hashems Chidren.

  17. It is true that a nation has to defend itself
    But it is also true that people must defend against other people taking over there land u believe that God gave u this land but that’s your belief not everyone else’s.
    What u do in Lakewood shows me how u act in other places in the world

  18. I davened Yom Kippir kotton yesterday with around one thousand others in yeshiva’s Bais Ahron. I have heard that there many other Yom Kippur Kotton minyanim around town that were very well attended. That was my way of being Nosai b’ol Im chaveroh. H’ should answer our teffilos

  19. Instead of saying “I would have gone if only I would have known about it” lets listen to Mayor Langarts speak over and over again and truly work on improving “Ahavas Yisroel’.
    You’re probl. saying “i love my friends….yes but what about the boy down the block who doesn’t wear a yarmuka or isn’t dressed in a white shirt and black pants. What about your friends daughter who wears a short skirt and ‘needs to work on tzenus’ . Do you look down on these children of Klal Yisroel or are you going to embrace them as Om Yisroel!
    The Bas Hamikdosh was destroyed because of Senas Chenom- Lets all join together and truly love each and every Jew (and/ or non jew) from every walks of life – how ever they look or act .. And help them , don’t look down on them – and with true Ahava we should merit that this Tesha B’av will be a Yom Tov with the coming of Mashioch Tzid-kanu Bimhara Veyamynu – Amen!!!

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