Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Visits Lakewood

PHOTOS [OUTSIDE] [INSIDE] Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was in Lakewood this afternoon for a $1,000 a plate fundraiser. The event, which took place at Lake Terrace, was hosted by the Republican Club of Lakewood and was attended by approximately 700 supporters.

From the pool report:

Romney arrived at Lake Terrace, the site of his fundraiser tonight, at roughly 3:35 pm, after what your pooler can only describe as a harrowing high-speed motorcade from Newark airport to Lakewood NJ. Hitting speeds of up to 90 mph at times, the motorcade made what had been scheduled as a 61-minute drive in roughly 45 minutes on a route that took us along the Jersey Turnpike to the Garden State Parkway and prompted your pooler to wonder many times if she would live to cover Romney’s remarks at the fundraiser tonight. The motorcade was escorted by unmarked police SUVs which at times flashed their lights. At one point, we passed a school bus where several little kids could been seen standing on their seats to get a glimpse of the motorcade.

Upon arrival in Lakewood, some unusual things happened. First, the motorcade passed a man dressed in American flag shorts running down the street toward the venue here while waving an American flag. “Whooooo!” he exclaimed, as your pooler’s van passed. Then, as we turned into Lake Terrace, the motorcade drove past an Orthodox Jewish wedding party that had been posing for pictures outside. Immediately, the family abandoned the bride and groom and began chasing Romney’s car in the parking lot, waving cameras. The candidate’s SUV drove around a corner to a back entrance, followed by at least 10 members of the wedding party who tried to run up to Romney’s car by were halted first, by a wood fence, which one man tried to scale, and then by Secret Service agents, who did not look pleased. “Oh you’re Secret Service,” one woman said, as she was asked by an agent to move back. “We just want to see Romney.”

Photos by TLS and the Lakewood Shopper.

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  1. I was there and actually saw this reporter taking pictures – (I’m on her news website) clearly this reporter is lying as most of those people running to catch a glance of Romney -including myself had no connection to this “wedding” we were simply there to see Romney ( in my case I was driving by and so decided to stop by) Besides it wasnt a wedding but a chosson and kallah taking pictures to the delight (at least) of the secret service and Lakewood police.

  2. True Story:

    At my fathers Siyum Hashas tonight, there was his Mechutin, who when asked why he didn’t show up early as usual, he replied “I know i’m always on time, even fashionably early, but i’m sorry I could be tonight, as I was “MITT” Romney”.

    So the other Mechutin said “You have to use a Loshen Kufel (Double Speak), that I was MITT MITT Romney”.

    True Story 🙂

  3. remember this obama is going to do more for the people then this mitt guy will do for the average people. mitt is all about the rich and not the average. so no to mitt and yes to obama.

  4. I was there too – there were au derves. A lot of frumme yidden there but mostly goyim.
    Don’t worry about ur money – I didn’t pay a penny.

  5. saddest part of your “cute vertel” is that the mechutan came late to a siyum hashas so he could see this MORMON. olam hafuch ra’isi.

  6. How can Homeland Security and the Romney campaign justify putting others at risk driving 90mph on the NJTP and GSP?

    Our former governor got in an accident and injured himself and others while his motorcade was speeding.

  7. I was not there, But I spoke to a reporter who was there. According to him, most of the people that were there and the gelt – to the tune of $2 million was from unzere.
    What an embarrassment to the air hatorah! In a time when there are rebbeim who have not been paid in 6 months, and mosdos are closing down due to the lack of funding, no less.
    Or must I elaborate? I myself am by no means an Askan of any sort, but have found myself too many times going door to door, for people with terminal illnesses, almonos and yesomim and other tragic situations R”L.
    Does anyone really think this is what Chazal meant by Lmaan Hasholom and Bishleima shel Malchus? This according to all counts is way over the top! I am not stupid and know that we in the Frum community need to be connected, but this is more of an enthrallment with the powers to be than anything else. On the contrary, this is what Chazal meant by Al Tisvada Lurushus.
    The Yetzer Hora is laughing at us so hard, if you would see, you would be crying!!
    It pains me to say this, but all the “Heimeshe” public media who are so busy making such a glick out of the politicians, Yiddish and otherwise are what brought this upon us. Are these the people that we should look up to? Is this who we want our children looking up to? I do not mean to knock in any way the Oiskim Btzorchei Tzibur Beemunah, but you get the message.
    I challenge all the donors to go today, not tomorrow, but today and double your donation to a cause for the Ribono Shel Olam. Then it will truly be a Nishapech Meaivel Lyom Tov. May we be zoicheh to see the truth and see Moshiach Tzidkeinu BV”A .

  8. WARNING BEWARE_robbosai– jersey care, food stamps and hud etc…. will get cut under a republican prz no matter who he is and doubled under a democrat so th

  9. The truth is people would be so much happier with a job and making a living to support their family. Maybe Mitt will give them the ablilty to provide for the family. Obama policy is causing people to be depressed with the lack of ability to find meaningful employment…….

  10. Along with jersey care, deviant behavior and its encouragement in the schools will be cut; along with food stamps, llegal immigration will be curtailed; and along with HUD the ruin of the economy will be cut.

    A fair trade.

  11. Jerry,
    Once upon a time there was honor with being nisparnes m’yigias kapov. They would say about a person,he was good, honest and worked hard to support himself. Sure, these program are a vital safety net for those that find themselves in an unfortunate situation and they will without a doubt remain in place for those situations.

  12. Mitt, Mitt is worth 230 million$$$. That could buy a lot of shelter for people living in tents…maybe he should get a heart…for women, and the poor. Did he see a WaWa yet? Be suspicious of a rich man carrying a PLAID jacket to his fund raiser. So tacky! And, #21 had to give $1,000 to his slumlord! (which dwelling probably is not up to code). Mr. Plaid is too rich for his own good. Why does he DESIRE power?

  13. Mitt Romney has not offered any viable program to solve our main problems. He talks about repealing Healthcare Reform, but offers nothing in it’s place. He says he will create jobs by doing what the Republicans did 2000-2008 and it caused us to be in the predicament we are in. If you are rich enough to spend $1,000 or more to listen to a speech, you should vote for the Republicans. If you couldn’t afford that, you should vote for Democrats.

  14. Yes, it matters. The Mormon faith is obsessed with saving our souls, by baptizing Jewish people in absentia after their deaths, when they cannot get the living through their extensive missionary operations. I am all for tolerance of other religions, but look into theirs before you get righteous on me. If a Jew were to step into their temple, they would have to rip up the floors – look it up.
    Then think twice before you lionize him, for deigning to shake your hand and take your money.
    as to why there is no Jewish candidate for POTUS, we have enough trouble keeping them in congress (see Weiner)

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