‘Pray For Me – I Drive In Lakewood’ New Bumper Sticker Reads

PHOTO: Is it the congestion, bad driving habits, or a combination of both? In case you were wondering what some outsiders think of Lakewood drivers and the amount of Motor Vehicle Accidents the town sees a day, this new bumper sticker says it all.

The sticker, which went on sale in Howell this past week, should serve as a wake up call to drivers to pay more attention to the road and to improve their driving habits.

An earlier report on TLS showed Lakewood Police and First Responders handle approximately 20 crashes in Lakewood per day. During severe weather conditions, the number is significantly higher.

(Photo credit: Jessica Muller Barney).

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  1. Garda it makes sense I think the problem is that there are too many stop signs and people don’t have patience. We need more traffic lights in ir hatorah!!!! It’s mamish a sakona these roads

  2. Lakewood is the worst….Brooklyn drivers are aggressive but a good percentage of lakewooders dont know how to drive and dont know the traffic laws!!!

  3. Well said #8!!! A huge percent of Lakewood doesn’t know what the STOP sign means….. Also they were never thought how to read and therefore think that when it says “NO TURN ON RED” it means turn on red…

  4. As a person who drives all day around the roads on lakewood & brooklyn & all around the world,LAKEWOOD has the worst drivers & bad driving habits anywhere…whether its not obeying the laws or talking or texcting on phone or putting on your latest mbd cd you gotta keep your eyes on the road & obey the laws & saftey….& then there’s some women who shouldn’t be allowed to drive bec they are causing havoc on roads with them talking & driving…& then there’s mad rush when comes to seder & baby sitting…its such chillul hashem what goes on!!!!

  5. You need prayers for ‘other’ reasons. Howell is a poor baby town. Always whining.. Get real.

    What happened- some guys from NY came in and intimated you??

    Oh, please.

  6. Say what you will, it is an absolute travesty and chillul Hashem. Even if only a small percentage drive maniacly, that is way too many. If this is what the Ir Hatorah has come to, it behooves us to change our driving habits drastically. What an absolute shanda…

  7. the driving in Lakewood has nothing to do with bad driving the problem is its to congested our roads were not built for this type of traffic put the same amount of cars on Howell’s streets you will get the same results

  8. Lakewood has a lot of women driving. That’s a accident waiting to happen. In brooklyn many of the women shop local, so there’s less of them driving!!!

  9. I am the owner of this bumper sticker & although it was purchased in Howell, I have lived in Lakewood for almost 30 years. I drive the same streets the rest of you do everyday. 5 of my 6 kids are still in the public school district & I transport them everyday. With that said, I am far from whining. Whether I am on Rt 70 or County Line Road, some of the drivers in this town are horrendous. I’m pretty sure before you know it, these will be avaiable in our town as well.

  10. To #7 – take a look around your town: how many minivans with dents etc. The “Lakewood” residents drive through our development doing 50+ miles an hour. I live, unfortunately, in Lakewood, however, would never drive through the Town (rt 9, etc). This has nothing to do with Howell. I want this sticker also.

  11. The percentage of young, new drivers with their first owned or leased vehicle is very high. In addition, impatience and agressive driving is terrible, aggravated by mindless texting drivers. New York yellow cab drivers are still more aggressive than the local Lakewood drivers.

  12. #16, if you didn’t blatantly break the law in Howell you wouldn’t get a ticket now would you?
    #17 we are NOT a poor baby town and no some thug from NY didn’t come here and intimidate “us”, we are just tired of the way laws are broken because of the people like you who feel the laws are for other people

  13. I wonder, has anyone ever done any research to figure out if Lakewood really does have more accidents, per capita, than other locations of similar size? Are there really more bad drivers in Lakewood than in Howell, or Jackson, or Honolulu, for that matter, when you consider population, density, speed limits, distance between traffic lights, etc.? If Howell has roughly half the population of Lakewood in an area more than twice its size, that would make for about half the bad drivers spread out in a far larger area. And Brooklyn has traffic lights at every corner, making it difficult to speed. There are so many variables, who knows, are Lakewood drivers really worse than others?
    And while I do say a prayer every time I get into my car, and marvel at some of the horrible driving I see, I wonder if it’s any different in Anytown, USA. I’m not convinced.

  14. I can’t believe that Lakewoods women are being blamed for the high accident rate here. I have seen men and women driving equally foolishly in my 13 years here. What bothers me more is that the frum constituant is being blamed. Look at all the horrible mva’s that occur on Shabbos. Most of the fatal accidents recently reported here have nothing to do with Lakewood’s frum community. Ask anyone who is sitting in Lakewood traffic court what the largest representation of offenders look like…they are brown and don’t speak English (or the same Spanish the court appointed transulator is speaking). Why isn’t anyone concerned that illegals who can’t even read the traffic signs are driving our streets and causing all kinds of vehicluar and property damage?

  15. # 19 is right go through the comments and you see one person says chicago is worse others say brooklyn it has to do with traffic when every time you have to go somewhere and it takes you a half hour bec. of traffic you become an aggresive driver! we should sue the planning board for alowing all this building therby destroying lakewood

  16. I think that lakewood should follow suit to all the other cities that make it mandatory to take licensed driving lessons at a licensed school! I live near 9th and Monmouth and i can testify that there is at least ONE ACCIDENT A WEEK!!! It is a huge Sakonoh and danger to neighbors and the students of the yeshiva there. i would like to see that the LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP puts up a blinking red light there and wherelse is needed.

  17. At numbers 7 and 9:
    Relax. I live in lakewood. Who ever entitled you to roads you drive on?? Maybe It’s high time to uproot this sense of entitlement that’s at the root of many problems

  18. The sticker is a wake up call we should realize that the way we are looked at by others is a reflection of our actions. Lemaysa it shows Lakewood drivers are very irresponsible and dangerous so we need to wake up and try to be more careful

  19. @# 39, since I guess my response to your question wasn’t liked and didn’t get posted, I don’t have a sense of entitlement never have never will, other people on the other hand, now that’s a horse of a different color, what I don’t like is when people travel in Howell and then boo-hoo because they were pulled over for one offense or an other and then start bashing the men in blue in our town ( for doing their job mind you). If you don’t like howell go some place else, we don’t mind.

  20. I want one of those stickers. Here’s the problems:
    stop signs- no one stops, phones- everyone talks, speed signs- no one can read, Everyone in Lakewood is always in a rush to go no where.

    Solution- slow down, pay attention and keep off the phones.

  21. If I had a dollar for everytime I saw someone on a cell phone in lakewood driving with no regard for the law I would be rich STOP TALKING ON THE PHONE AND DRIVE !!!!!!

  22. There are plenty of other congested towns in New Jersey that you don’t hear people complaining about like this – there has to be a reason for that and I witness it every day working in Lakewood! I’m all for the stickers! Wake up Lakewood drivers!

  23. What I’d like to see in Lakewood:
    1. Kids seated on seats, wearing seat belts on all school buses.
    2. Respect for each other, gentile or Orthodox when driving. It seems alot of out of country or out of state visitors just drive without regard.
    3. Can pedestrians please use crosswalks?
    4. On Saturday, can we all show a little respect for the observant who are walking to and from Temple. This is the right thing to do!

    Just maybe if we work together, we can all live together. Yep, I am a gentile, some of the behavior frustrates me, but most streets in Lakewood are two way streets.

  24. Newark Nj population 240,000 people has an extensive network of local and long distance Buses light rail transit covering every neighborhood and almost every major roadway njt and amtrak commuter trains and even an underground subway line Lakewood Nj which now has a population of 120,000 and is set to become the largest city in NJ Has nothing

  25. Just let people know where to buy the bumper sticker……no one wants to drive a nice car without scratches and dents into Lakewood, or even through Lakewood.

  26. I just the that people from Lakewood have no regard to others on the road every time I drive there I feel that I have to adjust to their driving conditions, I also got hit from the back on 3 separate occasions in Lakewood and I never get into crashes iv only been in 3 lol

  27. I have been the LHA inspector for 7 yrs now, driving around this town. At the end of every day when I cross over the border into Howell where I live, I thank my lucky stars I am still alive. Please people, slow down and look around you, being in a rush in not an excuse for bad & dangerous driving !!!

  28. One of these terrible Lakewood drivers merged in front of me on 195 the other day at 50 mph! I almost took out the whole family because if it was them or me, they’d be going down and it wouldn’t be pretty! Learn how to merge!!!!!

  29. I drive a school bus all day long in Lakewood and it’s the people who live in Lakewood DO NOT know how to drive! They have no respect for the school buses who drive their children back and forth to school or camp and these people who live in Lakewood just cut us off, make U-Turns right in front of us. They DO NOT stop at stop signs. They even pass our red lights and stop sign on our buses when we are dropping off their own children. You don’t know how many times they come along side of the bus door where their children are getting off the bus just to beat the bus and not have to wait for the children to get to safety on the sidewalk! When the drivers look at them why do these people turn their faces? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY ARE WRONG! Someone needs to stop their actions in Lakewood!

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