Puerto Rican Parade Drives Through Town, Some Pulled Over For Hanging Out Of Vehicles

pd_pulling_over_portuguese_parade[Reader submitted mobile video] The Puerto Rican community today celebrated Puerto Rican Day with a parade through town. Puerto Rican Day,(also known as the National Puerto Rican Day Parade), takes place annually on the second Sunday in June, in honor of the nearly 4 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico and all people of Puerto Rican birth or heritage residing in the mainland U.S.

Some of the parade participants got out of hand while hanging out of vehicle windows, until the police arrived. (See video).

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  1. They also blocked the intersection of Clifton and 88 to let their line of cars through…where were the cops then? A bunch of teenaged nuisances causing traffic delays is a ridiculous way to celebrate your heritage.

  2. Interesting. I’m more accustomed to witnessing celebrations of the date of birth of national heroes rather than the date of death. The flag issue that #3 “flags” is also interesting. The video isn’t great, but I tend to agree with him/her. Any theories?

  3. They also stopped traffic on route 9 by the housing apprtments near sterling forest to let their whole parade of cars with someone hanging out of the window.

  4. when we have our festivities and drive around town with large speakers attached to our cars for purim, its okay,right, so why can’t some other group despite their hertiage or religion be able to have the rights to do the same. We go around town make noise for purim, so whats the big deal. Live and Let Live. Oh by the way, Puerto Ricans are United States citizens whether they are born on the Island of Puerto Rico or born in the USA. Puerto Rico is property of the USA! So forget the ICE threat!

  5. Because the entire spanish talking community would attend with roughly 90 percent of them living in Lakewood are illegal undocumented aliens. Which our taxes go to pay for education for their kids and their health care.

    And ICE allows this.

  6. Funny how they should get in trouble when they hang out of a car but a child holding a trash can behind a minivan is ok….double standard, anyone, anyone……bet this wont get posted

  7. #12
    you don’t know what you’re talking about. Tickets were issued for kids hanging out the backwith garbage pails……

  8. Clearly many of you are just ignorant. Puerto Ricans are AMERICANS! They are not here illegaly by any means. Additionally, they aren’t having a parade in Lakewood. They are following each other to go to the parade in NY.
    Thank you #10, you are not alone in your thinking : )

  9. It is very interesting to read these comments after reading the comments about the students at the high school yelling Heil Hitler! Some of these comments are just as bigotted and prejudice as those juveniles who were yelling. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  10. Resident says:
    JUNE 12, 2011 AT 7:45 PM
    This goes on every year and they never get permits or have a real parade. Ticket them all…

    As a Lkwd Resident and a Puerto Rican in this town I am suprised at anyone for not allowing us to celebrate. Yes hanging out of cars is dangerous and I don’t condone it but we never complain when they shut down entire lengths of roadways for movements and activities.

    to Jd- Puerto Ricans are American Citizens…please do not confuse us with Mexicans that are not.
    Thank You

  11. I’m JD and I posted #7- I said Puerto Ricans are US Citizens so ICE has no reason to care what they do. Whoever posted #11 was NOT me!!!

    To #11 who used MY name: I bet you don’t like it when people stereotype whatever group you belong to, so don’t make blanket statements about Hispanics.

    Thank you, a white girl from the Jersey Shore

  12. “Hi” to all my Puerto Rican neighbors!
    i support your right to have a good time, and celebrate.
    i think the less “diplomatic” neighbors in town, that commented harshly, just don’t like the traffic hassles, and the disregard of not “obtaining permits”, on a chronic basis. It bothers some that living in America should mean obtaining permits, and some residents don’t file for permits as a matter of non interest. these feelings apply to anyone who follows the rules, and then watch others completely disregard the same rules, its inconsiderate thats all.

  13. ICE can do nothing to the Puerto Rican community , they are Americans by birth, they can be drafted into the service just like any other American citizen, except religious contentious objectors!!

  14. I’m a white guy in Lakewood….a Jewish white guy. or “white / non-Hispanic origin” as all the silly government forms ask!
    why do they do that anyway? its so silly.

  15. I had no idea what was going on yesterday afternoon when I heard all kinds of horns blasting and people hooting and hollering on New Hampshire Ave (I live one block in) at about 6pm, let alone what sounded like drag racing! Why are you calling it a parade? A parade would have a specific start and end point. A parade would have a permit. No wonder people are complaining about not having a permit because you are making them think it was a parade. It wasn’t a parade but an unruly caravan of drivers and passengers. Nothing wrong with celebrating your heritage, but there is a proper time and place and safe way to do everything.

  16. Wish we had known. Would have been there. Sounds like a good time. Would have brought my grandkids. Hope everyone had a great time.

  17. What is going on here? This is America. The land of the free. We all share this land. Jews, hispanics, blacks etc. I appreciate the non Jewish Lakewood community for allowing us to go through with our traditions on Purim. I appreciate the non Jewish Lakewood residents who allow us to install an Eruv on their property? Come on people. This must be an equal give and take. We share this town and we must all remember that. Let’s not allow small incidents ruin it for the many many good people in our town. I think the Torah teaches us to love and respect our neighbors. So let’s do just that. Live and let live people. I hope the parade was fantastic and you guys enjoyed yourselves. You are all welcome to join me next Purim :).

  18. I believe any frum resident in their right minds agrees that americans, and american puerto ricans should enjoy teh freedoms of liberty tht we have here in america.

    The sentiments expressed against this parade were based on the mistaken association with the illegals in this town.

  19. great posts #10 Real clear thinking & #16 Unreal….
    hats off to you though #27! you sound like a really good person and i would love to join you on Purim 🙂

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