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8:47 AM: With approximately 90% of the vote counted, Murphy now leads Jack Ciattarelli by approximately 1,700 votes.

8:30 AM: With 88% of the vote counted, Jack Ciattarelli now leads Governor Murphy by approximately 1,000 votes.

1:28 AM: Ballot counting has stopped for the night in New Jersey, with the governor’s race too close to call. At present, 83% of ballots cast have been counted, and Jack Ciattarelli leads Phil Murphy by 1.9% – 50.6% to 48.7%.

November 3, 2021 12:29 AM: With 80% of the vote counted, Jack Ciattarelli now leads Governor Murphy 50.1% to 49.2%.

11:50 PM: With 75% of the vote counted, Ciattarelli’s lead over Phil Murphy has narrowed to less than a point and is now 50.1% to 49.2%.

11:03 PM: With 63% in, Jack Ciattarelli is leading Governor Murphy 51.3% to 48%. Approximately 56,000 votes separate the two candidates.

10:25 PM: With 51% of the vote counted, Jack Ciattarelli leads Phil Murphy 50.9% to 48.3%.

10:20 PM: Manchester Mayor Rob Hudak wins reelection, defeating challenger Robert Arace.

10:00 PM: Republicans Gary Quinn and Barbara ‘Bobbi’ Jo Crea are projected to have won their races for Ocean County Conmissioner, defeating Phil Nufrio and Catherine Paura.

9:47 PM: With nearly a third of the estimated vote in, Republican Jack Ciattarelli has jumped ahead of Governor Murphy, 50.5% to 48.7%.

9:38 PM: State Senator Jim Holzapfel (R-10th District) is projected to have won reelection, defeating Democrat Emma Mammano.

9:35 PM: With 25% of the expected vote in, Phil Murphy leads Jack Ciattarelli 50.% to 49% – a lead of less than 8,000 votes.

9:19 PM: Democrat Eric Adams defeats Republican Curtis Sliwa for New York City mayor.

9:06 PM: Yehuda Gold, Yakov Steinberg, and Dovid Bender have easily won their races to serve on the Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners.

9:05 PM: Chanina Nakdimen, Herberito Rodriguez, and Moshe Bender are coasting to reelection victories for spots on the Lakewood Board of Education. They ran unopposed.

8:46 PM: Mayor John Ducey, a Democrat in Republican-dominated Brick Township, is projected to have won reelection.

8:27 PM: In a massive blow to Democrats and President Joe Biden, Republican Glenn Youngkin is projected to win the Virginia gubernatorial race, knocking off Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

8:23 PM: TLS projects that State Senator Bob Singer, Assemblyman Sean Kean, and Assemblyman Ned Thomson have all won reelection in the 30th Legislative District. Dozens of voters are still on line at Lakewood polling sites.

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    • Boruch H-Shem Da’as Torah was used and followed by the majority!
      kudos for the achdus on their part.

      here we see that da’as and torah can not be altered

  1. Ocean County miracle in progress!

    Jack’s “betting odds” hit 0% earlier, and just now bounced back up to 12%!

    We should secede from Trenton and start our own state! 😉

  2. the numbers aren’t adding up. at 9:35 of 25% of the vote there was a 1% lead representing less than 8000 votes,
    but at 10:35 when 51% of the vote was counted, 2.6% of the vote was 6000. 2.6% of 51% should be more than 5 times 1% of 25%. Am i missing something?

  3. If jack wins then,The vaad needs to do some reckoning
    A)jack won without Lakewood, so much for he has no chance, bad reading of the political map
    B)Lakewood no longer follows their recommendations blindly they are out of step of the average Lakewood family…..

  4. right now 1130 pm jack is still ahead but only by 19k votes. most places left to count are democratic counties. not ruling jack out but murphy will probably win or at least itll be razor tight

  5. Also rooting for Jack to pull this off and I hope he does… but there are still plenty of votes out there in Democrat strongholds that could turn this around and there are also absentee votes that have not all been counted yet and so far those have been going 2-1 to Murphy.. so it’s not a done deal yet but let’s hope..

  6. I would like to thank the Lakewood Vaad for causing friction in Lakewood. Lakewood haa a mind of its own and won’t be controlled by you, but if the geniuses that voted for Murphy or didn’t vote at all, voted for Jack it could be the numbers would be less tight. But bh the majority used their own brain and made the smart decision. Let’s continue to daven that jack is winner!!

    • Murphy is up 1200 by the latest count. I think I know 1200 people personally who held their nose and voted for Murphy ‘because he’s the incumbent and he’s going to win anyway’. (Not quite 1200, just trying to make a point, but definitely a large number.)

    • absolutely. besides for all the people in Lakewood who voted for Murphy, there were many people who simply abstained from voting because while their hearts were telling them to vote for Jack, they didn’t want to go against the Vaad. So they just didn’t vote (based on the principle of שב ואל תעשה עדיף). It’s time for a community wide cheshbon hanefesh!

  7. Vaad voted for abortion and other nevolim. I hope they are happy. Next time they should vote for what they want for their future, not based solely on hakaras Hatov. I hope they’ll be happy with more vaccine mandates and inflation.

    • Go on. Keep bashing the Vaad till you need them to get your kids in to school etc. etc. And you’re probably also smarter than the Rabonim who sapport the Vaad. And then they wonder why things look the way they do over here. If your screen name is any indication you are not from Lakewood, so why the comments? Are you done bashing the Rabonim in your town that you need to branch out? Please do yourself and all of us a favor and stay away.

  8. I don’t understand the posters here claiming that Ciattarelli would’ve won if the Vaad had endorsed him. According to TLS, Murphy received just over 7,000 votes in Lakewood. Even if the Vaad had endorsed Ciattarelli, Murphy would’ve received some Lakewood votes.

    Murphy is currently leading by 5,700 votes. That lead is likely to widen considerably. Most counties that have more than 90% of the vote in went for Ciattarelli, and most of those with less went for Murphy. Not to mention mail-in ballots, which are projected to go overwhelmingly for Murphy.

    • because there were a significant amount of people who simply did not vote at all because of the Vaad’s endorsement. They wanted to vote for Ciattarelli, but couldn’t see themselves voting against the vaad.

    • Because 20,000 more people voted in 2020 from Lakewood, 80% of which went for Trump. It’s likely that some of the 7,000 who voted for Murphy would have voted for Ciattarelli (only 6K voted for Biden in 2020), plus the remaining 20K would all have gone for Jack. That’s a 20,000+ vote swing from Jack to Murphy, which equals a 40,000+ vote differential! More than enough to have swung this election.

      I didn’t care who won, I just wanted Lakewood to have a voice, and boy did we have a voice. I hope Murphy recognizes what we’ve done for him and shows some Hakaras Hatov. Free ROBCF!

  9. So 7,112 people who voted for a Democrat is going to ruin NJ because they were to blind to see the truth that Democrats are wicked people. 7,112 people who hate life and wanted to hurt the rest of the people. Just terrible

  10. because there were a significant amount of people who simply did not vote at all because of the Vaad’s endorsement. They wanted to vote for Ciattarelli, but couldn’t see themselves voting against the vaad.

  11. To all the sheep that voted for murphy……
    any adverse reaction that results from a vaccine that was forcibly taken
    due to the impending mandate is blood on YOUR hands…..

    • Seriously buddy, you’ve got to wake up. The vaccines have been around for a year now. 400,000 Americans have died from COVID since vaccines were approved. Around 30 Americans *allegedly* have died from the vaccine during that time. It’s time to take out the garbage and bring it to the curb.

      What claim are you going to make now? It’s a delayed reaction, which is going to kill you exactly 14 months after getting vaccinated?

  12. It’s embarrassing that in the whole Lakewood all we had is about 20 thousand votes, when there 50 thousand plus register voters. It doesn’t make a diff who you voted for but when politicians see that know one votes How do you expect them to react?

  13. I think that all the honest people (republicans) that voted for Jack should stand up to the “Vaad” and enforce that no Vaccine or mask Mandate should happen. These people who call themselves Rabbi’s should never be listened too. Fingerpointer is correct. So are most of the comments here. Shame on the Vaad.

  14. The Election Vaad is not the same as the ones who work tirelessly to get children into schools.

    If anyone know what the Election Vaad does other than attempt to dictate to people who to vote for, I would appreciate it

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