Poll: With Rosh Hashana earlier this year, should girls’ schools be readjusting schedule to start earlier?

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  1. Boys are starting early. Where else are boys starting Aug 22nd other than Lakewood? Why do primary boys need to be in yeshi a on 11 elul? The fits Wil still be in day camp!!!!

  2. In Monsey boys school starts on Rosh chidesh, tomorrow. Not sure if this isntrue but someone told.me in boro park the girls are starting a week before ours!!!!!

  3. Absolutely. How are people supposed to pay for tuition when one of the parents needs to be home and not working.
    As to previous comment to stop being down the kids backs, having off 11(!) weeks I think is more jam enough. Nothing will happen to them if it gets cut down to 10.

  4. For those who feel that there should be more school so that they could learn about Rosh Hashanah,I recommend that you use the opportunity of their days off to teach them about Rosh Hashanah. While there chinuch given by schools is important, the primary mechanchim of a child,boy or girl, are the parents.

  5. To anonymous questioning if teachers will be paid more for the extra week, don’t you realize that we pay full tuition for the month of June each year, although there is only a half a month of school? ( And then we pay during the same month again for camp.)

  6. To just wondering.

    You don’t pay for June. You pay a yearly tuition which for most people in Lakewood doesn’t come close to covering the school expenses . The school let’s you pay it over 10 months,as a convenience . Maybe you pay full tuition ,but in most Mosdos the vast majority of parents do not pay what it costs. So I wouldn’t make an issue about June unless everybody paid what it really costs on an annual basis .

  7. Lakewood kids get thorough preparation for chanukah, purim and Pesach. Yomim Noroim depends on the secular year. This year there us very little time to learn the davening and Inyonei Hechag. It’s surprising that chukas hagoy does not apply to Labor Day…

  8. It’s clear that the majority of people that vote yes are worried not so much about what’s good for the girls but more about their work/job. Not that work is not important but if they had it their way there would be school 365 days a year.

  9. I said yes and I’m not working in August but feel that they should all start the same time and not make us nuts about when and how But I feel that the only thing is two make sure that all the kids are in a school

  10. There are two separate issues here.
    One is: should the girls and boys be on the same schedule? Or even relatively on the same schedule, since they are in the same household!
    This year the boys start school..as soon as the girls get off..!!
    Second is: should the girls have more time to be prepared for Yom Tov, which of course they should, it all depends how you interpret that. For some ppl it means more time to shop and cook, and for some it means learning inyonei diyoma..

  11. Honestly we should top living in denial and realize we are in America. Not Europe and not Israel. The summer calendar should go July and August. Day camp starting July 1st and school starting September 1st. We are so busy with trying to be torahdik and adding on days…. but are we losing days and Torah or gaining?! All I see are kids roaming the streets.

  12. Just a Thought:
    Whenever there is something negative to say, such as in this post, there are plenty of comments. Why arent there any comments in the post about the learning program for boys during the time between camp and yeshiva? NO ONE COULD SAY A POSITIVE COMMENT ABOUT THE WONDERFUL BAALEI BATIM AND REBBEIM WHO RUN THE PROGRAM?? only complaining???

  13. Hi everyone! Its been a while since I last commented on the scoop! I feel that the effort to start the private schools for a few days before rash hishanaa is not worth it. All the jewish private scools should start after Succot, it will be just a few less days of school but a huge saving of money.

  14. I’m curious when Lakewood girls schools are starting.

    My Boro Park girls school is starting Aug 28 with 1/2 a day and Aug 29 with full day…

    My HS dghter in a diff school is starting Sept 3.

  15. Yes my bais dovid monsey sons are starting tomorrow and to the one who asked if teachers are getting more, yes the rebbe gets paid rosh chodesh and we are paying for an extra adar this year. It’s clear in the contract.

  16. @Stationary
    The reason nobody is complementing those programs is because that’s not the way it should be… The kids should either be in day camp in school. Not wandering the streets for two weeks with a one hour learning program in between. This system has to stop. We always went with an English calendar now that everyone decided to become Holier than Though…. it all changed. And what are we gaining?! Roaming children!

  17. According to you there is a problem. Other people who did not create this “problem” are doing something to help alleviate it. But you will refuse to compliment them because you are unhappy?!

  18. no girls should start school until all girls are placed! there are 60 without a high school. Before you start with insensitive rants against the poor parents, realize many times it is not the fault of the parents. If you say the vaad will take care of it we would like to know exactly who is the vaad and waht are their phone numbers

  19. With 14 years of sleep away camping experience, it is obvious that every child deserves a well deserved two months vacation from Yeshiva. A sleep away camp experience, as an example, can change a child for the better. It has been proven time an time again. The proper setting in a sleep away camp, where the ruchniyous and gashmiyous are equally balanced, can be a game changer for any child. There are many amazing opportunities a child can gain while in sleep away camp. A sleep away camp learning experience can be the start of a wonderful year in Yeshiva that follows. The friendship, the growth in middos tovos and more can be achieved with that home away from home experience.

  20. “In the United States summer vacation lasts two to three months. The dates vary depending on the location of the school district with two major formats:
    One is from late May, mid June to early September (most Northern States).
    The other major format lasting from late May to mid-August (in most Southern and Western States)”

    It’s apparent that different districts have different summer vacation schedules due to many factors. We can also fluctuate our summer calendar from year to year to allow for boys and girls to start on Yeshiva schedule (Rosh Chodesh) and end accordingly. The camps would also adjust and since everyone will be on the same schedule, parents and counselors would be available when kids are off from school.
    Am I missing something?

  21. To concerned parent .

    First of all , the Vaad is the full kehila of,Lakewood and the parents of the children .
    You are officially a member of that Vaad . Thete are not enough schools. Please join the Vaad and raise money and volunteer to help make several new schools . If every parent in Lakewood would feel responsible to raise money and volunteer ,then maybe we would have more schools ,especially high schools . Elementary schools are less expensive to run than high schools,so there are more volunteers, but we need parents to step up and volunteer to make high schools.Waiting for some phantom people to make them won’t get your kids into school.

  22. As a kid I went to Bais Dovid in Monsey. Vacation was ALWAYS Rosh choidesh Av to Roish Choidesh Ellul It did not make a difference how the “goiyish” calendar came out. I am still suffering from that.

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