Poll: Who will you be voting for in the contentious 30th District race?

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  1. I don’t use Twitter/x so I can’t participate in the poll. I live in the 12th district. But would vote for Schnall for sure if I lived in the 30th. Go Schnall!

  2. can you please find another way to do polls.
    there are tens of thousands of TLS users who don’t have twitter, so in essence your polls are skewed.
    Thank you.

      • I have a filter because of sechel. But since you brought it up the Schnall campaign has shaken many peoples value for listening to gedolim about political (as opposed to straight haskafa) issues. His campaign is coming at an enormous cost to our kehila that isn’t monetary.

        • Shaken many people’s values in gedolim? You mean you only value them when you’re little brain agrees with them but when they say something you don’t like than your arrogant enough to lose value? That means you never valued them in the first place

        • It doesn’t say in the Torah to only listen to Gedolim for hashkafah issues and not politics. Stiras Zekeinim Binyan! Kikol Asher Yorucha!

  3. Schnall Schnall Schnall all the way. Anyone that doesn’t vote for Avi Schnall is simply not educated in the facts. בשם השם נעשה ונצליח!

  4. Do we really believe that having Yidden in positions like this was ever a good thing for us?
    And to run as a democratic in today’s world? I know, I know, it all boils down to funding, funding, funding. Well then, maybe we shouldn’t be taking so much funding…
    I will not vote against him, but I will not be voting for him either.

      • Yes, The Aguda publications and Gedolim of thirty years ago and prior, were vehemently opposed to things like Schnall’s campaign. They strongly criticized other groups for doing things a lot less provocative and guaranteed to make us enemies than the Schnall campaign. I’m following that Daas Torah.

          • Which gedolim today are involved in day to day politics with askanim? None. Askanim do what they want and hope they can find a gadol or two that agrees with them. Fact is, if you know people that sit at the tables they will tell askanim almost never ask before doing.

  5. I have the greatest respect for Avi Schnall, but the decision to run as a Democratic was a serious mistake. The party that I identified with for 56 years was destroyed by Barack Obama and turned into a leftist nightmare, which is increasingly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Does anyone think that because he has a “D” after his name that his fellow Democrats will suddenly be persuaded to support his pro-Torah values? Sorry, but not a chance! He’ll be able to accomplish no more than if he was elected as a Republican. Bottom line: I can’t support any frum Jew who chooses to align with the schmootz Democrats.

    • The Gedolim said he should run as a Democrat because you can’t accomplish anything in this state as a Republican. The biggest proof is that Thompson hasn’t accomplished anything for our community.

      • Just because one republican didn’t doesn’t mean another one can’t either.
        Just to let you know, R’Avigdor Miller Zatzal said to vote Republican as that is Yiddishkeit’s views as well. That stance hasn’t changed, as Republican views are and always have been more moral and democrat views are and always have been to the other end of the extreme.

        • All the Gedolim nowadays said to vote for Schnall. R’ Avigdor Miller sadly is no longer with us. We must listen to the Gedolim of the current day.

          • R Avigdor Millers own grandson and Talmud muvhak R Simcha Bunim Cohen websites schnall. You can’t use gedolim that aren’t alive for your own agenda

      • You missed my point entirely. Do you really believe he’ll accomplish anything being a Democrat? Since most Dems despise the conservative/frum values that Avi Schnall clearly stands for, they’ll ignore him completely. For example, when he votes for pro-life or pro-Israel resolutions, or for religious liberty, his “fellow” Dems will pounce and denounce like the hateful demagogues that they are. In my mind, it’s better to remain true to one’s Torah values (which are reflected more by the Republican party) than associate with the disgraceful, unethical, immoral Democrats. (Remember: they’re the party that refuses to denounce Tlaib, Omar and their leftist fellow travelers. Why would any Jew want to identify as belonging to that party? FOR GELT?)

        • The Gedolim feel he will accomplish as a Democrat. You say that in your mind you feel we shouldn’t associate with the Democrats. So basically you are arguing with all the Gedolim who told R’ Schnall that he should. I’ll go with the Gedolim.

        • The Gedolim said to go with Schnall, and told him to run as a Democrat. I will go with them instead of how you feel. And clearly the Gedolim feel that he will accomplish or they would not have told him to run.

    • You clearly don’t understand how it works, only the assemblymen in the majority are in the room when they negotiate the agenda and make deals on bills is called horse trading, if your a republican your not Even invited inside the room, so it’s impossible to get anything done for lakewood.

      • The only way a frum yid will get anything for lakewood is if he stands up and supports abortion, lbtgq and the rest of the shmutz. Otherwise he will get a fat zero.

  6. Of course Shnall!

    This is not about democratic or republican, this is about our town/city finally having a voice at getting what we deserve.

    (I wish you would figure out a better polling solution as most of us don’t have X.)

    • Do you identify first as a Yid or a republican? I identify as a Yid so I’ll listen to the unanimous opinion of Daas Torah, and ignore the Doson va’avirums

  7. Of course it will accomplish.
    It will show that there are still some frum yidden who believe Hashem provides money and our task is to make a kiddush Hashem.
    Not all yidden care more about money than the Torah.
    Voting for Schnall is a chillul Hashem.

    • The Gedolim have said to vote for Schnall. How is listening to the Gedolim a chillul Hashem. If anything going against them is a chillul Hashem!

      • The gedolim who wrote a mictav brocha for schnall (they didn’t tell anyone to do anything) would strongly oppose you being online . I guarantee that if you were to ask any of them privately if you can vote for his opponent because you have haskafa issues with schnall running they would say go right ahead

        • You sound like a schmerel. They want people to vote for Schnall which includes going online to argue with people like you to convince them to listen to the Gedolim.

    • Don’t waive your chazar feesel and make it like your the tzaddik and you only have the purest intentions. You are not motivated by the ratzon Hashem but rather your republican identity which your putting before the needs of tens of thousands of yidden and against every subfloor living Rosh Yeshiva and rav, so sad.

  8. Also a lot of comments seem to not understand the politics of different parties. Being that NJ is a majority democratic state running as a republican his chances of winning are slim to none. He is running as a democrat to effect change in the current state of Nj. It does not mean he aligns with all their values. Republicans in NJ have no say.

  9. The NJ Democrat Jewish Caucus announced their endorsements of “candidates who will live up to our values.” Included in these “values” are climate change advocacy and abortion rights. Avi Schnall is listed as one of these approved candidates! Does he even know that he’s being touted as a pro-abortionist?

    At the same time, the Lakewood Igud Homosdos has overwhelmingly endorsed Avi on ONE issue: “real, tangible tuition relief” through his “championing [of] the Opportunity Scholarship Act”, a tuition tax credit program.

    So…gelt in exchange for okaying abortion rights? This is the “da’as Torah” of “gedolim”? REALLY? Avi Schnall needs to make a very loud and public mecha’a against the Democrats co-opting his name for their abortion (and climate change) agenda!

      • No one can answer that. Accept say he doesn’t endorse these things. However to get party endorsement he had to sign onto those things. thus if he doesn’t vote with them on these issues, they will shun anything he puts forth. So, he either goes with the shmutz or does nothing. Thus he is useless.

  10. For those coming with “the gedolim said” argument, I never asked a shaalo, some askan ran around collecting signatures (but of course not sharing who did NOT give him one) on a purely political issue, why am I obligated to listen to that? Explain this is simple terms that even I can understand. No rhetoric please but maare mokomos wanted

    • Very simple. If you hear some Rabbonim saying to vote for him and some don’t say anything, how can you assume that those Rabbonim who didn’t say anything are against him. Unless you ask a personal Shaala and are told not to vote for him, you must listen to the Rabbonim that say to do something.

      • Aside for the fact that you didn’t answer the question, if Schnall really had such an easy time getting signatures from Lakewood rabonim then he would have a lot more signatures than he actually has. Now back to the question, if some askan ran around collecting signatures from whoever he could about a political issue why am I obligated to listen to it?

  11. Are we not smart enough to decide who to vote for without hearing from the “raboonim” and “askanim”?
    We should NOT be voting for Democrats for any elected office.

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