Poll: Should the Township install more Traffic Circles to reduce the number of accidents in Lakewood?

traffic circle oak st

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  1. What do traffic circles have to do with safe driving and the amount of people located in a given area? The zoning & planning boards need to have more open space in this town and stop filling every space there’s a tree with a house!

  2. LIGHTS!! More Lights it’s Sakanos Nefoshos all over County Line,Light it up like East 7th going Towards New Hampshire,Lights that you can see people walking.

    It’s not the Economy or Circles,Its Lights at Night.

  3. Most towns in New Jersey have removed traffic circles as they produce more accidents. Instead of traffic circles, I would suggest traffic lights.

  4. More traffic lights, more and brighter street lights, sidewalks and no standing where cars make blind spots. Enforce the traffic laws which will pay for this.

    Until something is done the danger continues. How many more people have to be harmed and killed?

  5. People should be more careful. Most accidents happen from carelessness. It’s better to drive more cautiously than aggressively. Some people are just too hasty when making left turns, leaving a curb at a stop sign, going through yellow lights etc. The Yeshiva should give mandatory classes on safe driving. For those not in the Yeshiva, Maybe someone should organize organize lectures on safe driving. Traffic lights slow people down and should only be placed where absolutely necessary because during quiet times of the day the traffic isn’t so bad, but when it’s bein hasedorim or school opening or closing then it’s bad and maybe then there should should be more traffic cops out.

  6. It should be mandatory that anyone who gets ticketed for careless driving or causing an accident, to take driver safety classes.

  7. Please let’s all of us as a Tzibur with Achrayus,put pressure on Township,State and whomever we can. No more people need to get killed or hurt. Citizen Action needs to work. Anything anyone can think of please do it.They have money for all the new police cars,where is the monies for basic safty,LIGHTS!!

  8. I live in the area where the pictured traffic circle from this article I and can attest that the intersection would be safer with just a standard 4-way stop sign (it now has the 4-way stop + traffic circle).

    A traffic circle is only (debatable) effective if people know how to use it properly.

    That circle is awful and even worse when the Oak St schools are starting/ending.

  9. Also, I forgot to mention about the pictured traffic circle… There is not nearly enough space from the stop signs to the circle. You have people creeping up to the stop signs and when going around the circle there is barely enough room to get around the circle without hitting them.

  10. Park avenue by the turn from county line needs lights and a sidewalk desperately! I’ve almost killed a handful of people there

  11. This is the petition website;
    TARGET: Lakewood NJ Township and State Goverment, New Jersey
    We need basic safety in our Township.
    Roads are Very Dark at Night
    People Getting Injured and Killed

    read petition letter +
    GOAL 10,000
    1 in New Jersey
    Sign Petition
    First Name
    First Name
    Last Name
    Last Nam

  12. NO NO NO…… That traffic circle didn’t work and was changed to a 4 way stop, but they didn’t remove the circle. It takes up too much of the intersection to work. Traffic lights! Wider streets are a better idea. Stop building housing until you fix the streets, thy are not wide enough to handle the traffic load, no matter what the builders experts say,

  13. Traffic circles are very safe and keep traffic moving. The issue is that traffic circles are a foreign concept in the US people don’t know how to use it. In Europe and Asia they have them all over and it works well. Traffic lights will just cause more traffic and pesople prematurely hitting their breaks or speeding up to make the light causing more issues.

  14. i just moved back from israel where without their traffic circle the whole jerusalem would be in one big gridlock! they are super effective but only if people learn how to use them here… i think that if enough are put in people will start knowing how to use them more…

  15. Lights R much better. I know I try 2 avoid streets with 3-4 way stops, cause Most people don’t know who should go 1st. (When I learnt to drive (in a different State) I was told the person on the right goes 1st. Unless U were there 1st. Meaning that if U stopped 1st & then the car on the right came & THEY still have to stop, it is automatically your right of way. Just saying… lights WITH turning left arrows would be the best way to go.Not 2 mention safest,. In my opinion.

  16. those little traffic circles help people when they decide to run the stop signs to turn to the right instead of straight into the middle of an intersection and less likely into the way of another car that has decided to run the stop sign coming in the opposite direction

  17. Go traffic circles. They are proven to be safer and if people would just take their self absorbed bshvili nivra Haolam selfs and chill out and learn to drive safely and courteously. We could reduce the number of what I call stupidity accidents. It seems in my opinion that people are to engrossed in their cellphone conversation to pay attention to the cars and children c”v around them. Wake up people.

  18. I love how most of the reasons not to install the circles is because people dont know how to use them. Last I checked the human mind has the ability to learn an incredible amount. When smart phones and tablets came out we didn’t say don’t buy them because “People don’t know how to use”. When you get in the car for the first time you also don’t know how to drive at all but you don’t say “People don’t know how to drive” you learn. The question is how lazy we ate and if people really want to improve. Because in my life so far I’ve seen people don’t like to learn new things. So all we have to do is make a group effort to improve the Townships driving

  19. Everywhere in Israel they have traffic circles and they’re excellent. Do it WITHOUT lights and stop signs in middle (don’t do it like the pitiful circle on Oak and Albert). Make them a very big diameter and start with only one lane. Just put a sign pointing that it goes counter-clockwise. Use it for all the 4-way stops. I feel like I’m always messing up by 4-way stops – I don’t manage to track who’s first and I inevitably either take away someone’s right of way or I wait too long.

  20. everyone who is excited about traffic lights should look up the cost. Circles are a lot cheaper and don’t brak. and yes they DO work if you don’t drive like an idiot.

  21. Traffic Circles are far prettier ,and give a more town atmosphere rather than a big noisy city one

    People should be Bothered enough to read up on the rules

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