Poll: Should schools be giving mid-Winter vacation?

vacation[POLL BELOW]

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  1. They do NOT need 3 days!!!! I hear a weekend – Friday and either Sunday (for boys) and Monday (for girls) but Tuesday IS JUST PUSHING IT!!!!!!!

  2. The vacation that they had for Chanukah was just right. Boys had Friday & Sunday. Girls had Friday & Monday. There is no reason for them to have off on Tuesday also. I understand that the teachers and kids need a break but many parents work and can only take off so many days.

  3. The vacation that they had for Chanukah was just right. Boys had Friday & Sunday. Girls had Friday & Monday. There is no reason for them to have off on Tuesday also. I understand that the teachers and kids need a break but many parents work and can only take off so many days.

  4. Mid winter for the rich… most people don’t have the luxury and money to take off from work and go on a vacation with their family. for the majority of people this just becomes a big stress of trying to figure out who will stay home and watch the kids while they kvech why we cant go on a trip etc. yes i know some will say, play a board game or go for ice cream (in 30 degree weather)… but that doesn’t cut it for most kids, and anyway sunday is long enough for a board game. unless you are a teacher or the type that can afford to go on a vacation, i don’t see how this added vacation is beneficial to anyone.

  5. Why do teachers think they they need a break any more then the rest of us?
    This is your job!
    If you need a break use a sick day or a vacation day, like normal people.

  6. one of the options on this poll should be to give shorter midwinter vacation.
    Monday and Tuesday is absolutely overdone!! Tuesday is completely ridiculous!
    If you add this to the poll it would win! hands down!
    everyone needs a little breather or time off, but NOT THREE DAYS!
    to mess up every working mother, learning father schedule.

  7. To jack6941

    Teaching is more than a job, it’s about making people. By closing school it gives the teacher a break in a structured way. ultimately, it enables them to be better teachers. taking a sick day is not the best for classroom structure.

  8. everyone has to stop worrying about the parents. kids are people too! they have homework every day and tests and have to sit in class long hours with few min recess twice a day. they need a few days to detach and rejuvinate. i dont see anything wrong. parents have to figure out what to do, either take sick days or work something out with relatives, neighbors…it doesnt have to be an expensive trip! an indoor aquarium or bowling alley, ice skating as a family are all great ways to spend ur vacation. just not thinking of reports and tests and teachers. thank you!

  9. @jack6941, teachers and rabbaim don’t have off legal holidays and sundays. a teacher doesn’t just take off a day because he or she needs one. there is a responsibility to the class and school to be there every day. if a teacher is sick or has a simcha and needs to take off then they do that (reluctantly). a teacher looks forward to the off days of school to take that break that she/he so desperately needs. you may have to be a teacher/rebbe to understand the devotion and dedication we possess.

  10. but i have to add that playgroups should not be having off. young parents of two toddlers dont have to take off of work to watch their 2 kids who will take a nap and eat lunch and play. that is a waste of time and money. and they def dont need a vacation. the morahs have enough time off between chanukah and after school year, before y’t and after y’t….im talking about big kids in school who need a brake

  11. When we were kids, we were given off on Presidents day, & any Friday that the school could find a reason to give off, stating Friday is Mother/daughter bonding time, while you fill the day with “Ruchnius Shabbos preparation”. Having those Fridays off accomplished more than any midwinter could accomplish today.

  12. Mayo,
    Yes teachers definatley need a vacation as they don’t have off legal holidays,etc. Is 2 month for summer and 3 weeks of the yomim tovim etc. not enough?!

  13. Vacation days ? The more the better. Kids need breaks and teaching a class is The Hardest Job In The World. Give the teachers off. Then raise their pay. Then, maybe, just maybe, the talented ones will stay.

  14. two months off for the summer?? which rebbe do you know that doesn’t have a job in the summer to subsidies for his lack of an appropriate salary?? and don’t even start with the half a day argument because we all know every rebbe takes home at least two hours of work let alone the phone calls and parent communication. as for yomim tovim which are beautiful and very much enjoyed they are not “days off”. mid winter is in between Chanukah and pesach a stretch that would be to long for teachers to go with no break. the best advice I heard for those who think teachers have it so good was “then become a teacher” you cant, because your good at your job and we specialize in ours, so with that special field that only we know how to do comes some perks like any job.

  15. To em and st it is true that playgroup age kids don’t need vacation but what are the playgroup Morah’s supposed to do with their kids that are all off??

  16. @qq

    Would you be comfortable with a cardiac surgeon who is underpaid and overworked? having a second and third job to make ends meet?
    Would you say he has off enough?
    do you want him to be well paid and well rested to be able to perform his best?
    After all it’s your life on the line!

    Rebbeim and many teachers are overworked with second and third jobs to make ends meet. unfortunately it’s now the accepted norm to entrust our children, our most precious commodity, to overworked, underpaid people. So, if for nothing else, for the sake of the precious students, they’re teachers should have the opportunity to breath a little so they can give more to the students!

  17. Playgroup morahs should do what all working parents do and find a solution for their older children who are off from school. ( Any elementary age child can play at home or even help the morah mommy while she is at home working). This would enable working parents to still have child care for their younger children and they can send their older children, just leaving them to find a solution for their elementary age children.

    In any case we are lucky. In NY they have a full week winter vacation.

  18. Playgroup Morahs are also very hard working teachers that need a break, watching there class and their own children at the same time is not easy. Try being a playgroup Morah for a day it is very draining

  19. maybe the schools should arrange one day, that some mothers are available should volunteer to chaperone a school trip. This way the kids are kept busy in a non school environment and the teachers can have a day off.

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