Poll: Should President Trump Concede, or Continue the Fight?

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  1. The reason he should continue the fight is because he probably earned more electoral college votes than Joe Biden. There is far too much apparent corruption and fraud that does not pass the sniff test to quote Dr Rich Roberts.

    If he were to concede, all the litigation, all the lawsuits, all the evidence, everything disappears never to be seen again. He needs to keep this going for as long as possible so that more you know what will hit the fan while he is still in control.

    After he’s out, Twitter is going to shut down his account. Facebook is going to shut down his account. I have no doubt about that whatsoever he’ll be able to be seen and heard on Parler, which by the way is where anyone who is interested in free speech and free thought should go.

    I guess the Democrats are proving that it’s not whether you win or lose,it’s how much you cheat and get away with.

    • I happen to think he lost. But I think there was a ton of corruption. As long as he fights, the media has no choice but to cover it. The second he concedes, you will never hear about this again. He needs to fight only so that they don’t think they can just get away with it in the future.

      • I cannot believe this conspiracy theory nonsense. Those of you who have studied history know how fair this election was. Compare to LBJ and ballot box 13 (amazing story with Coke Stevenson walking into Alice, Texas with the great Ranger at this side (Hammer, the one that killed Bonnie and Clyde). He would say to all the pistelleros “git” and they would go running).

        The worse part is that all of you heard the president say there would be fraud, and low and behold, he said it happened. It was a self-serving prophecy. How do you all fall for this? Do you know how hard it is to cover up something like this? You are dealing with tens of thousands of people. Yes, we did not know who was “Deep Throat,” but that was kept secret by Bob Woodward and Felt. Here you are dealing with a secret of such magnitude that anyone who believes it really needs to have his IQ checked.

        • When hundreds of thousands of ballots were dropped off in the middle of the night in Pennsylvania and Michigan with the name Joe Biden on them and no other names filled out down the ticket, and Republican observers are not allowed to observe them, and by the way there are sworn affidavits in the hands of the Trump Team to that effect, and Dominion Software is connected to Communist Venezuela, you call that a fair election!? As Joe Biden would say come on man. I hope this gets to the SCOTUS so all of America can see the fraud, and Trump will im yirtzeh Hashem be rightfully reinstated on January 20th.

          • I watched the elections from morning until morning on TV the whole last week. As usual, there were observers in every precinct in every state. You can see with your own eyes. One Democrat opened the letter and one republican counted it. They would trade off. The thing about observers was the second level. The people were getting too close and were asked to stand back due to Covid-10. I watched as all this unfolded. This was as clean an election as ever. And even if it was not, the country is more important than your man. When LBJ lost big time to Pappy McDaniel for the Senate when he first ran, and McDaniel cheated like crazy, he did not cry like a sissy. He doubled down and determined to win the next time (by cheating against Coke Stevenson). This is a national election and what is going on now is damaging the nation. Fifty years from now, a popular charismatic leader will rally his supporters, unify the 50 state parties into a solid coherent national party, gaining control of Congress and the states, changing the Constitution abolishing term limits. It is only the respect for our institutions that separates us from a dictatorship. Checks and balances will not work when a single party(rather than 100 as we have now) controls all levels of government.

  2. The danger is that 50 or 100 years from now, a popular president with wide support, intimidating his party in Congress, will demand a Constitutional change to end term limits, or even worse, will defy the Supreme Court on this law or that, and become a dictator.

    When FDR tried to pack the Court in 1937, the nation turned against him. The character of the American people, like those of Rome in the last century before the common era, seem to be losing the virtue necessary to preserve the republic. Even the Democrats are talking about packing the Court and the uproar has been minimal.

    Historians will tell you that when Adams left office, there was no radical change. Jefferson did not fire government workers en mass, few laws were changed (except the despicable Aliens and Seditions Act). It was a smooth transition of one ruling faction to another, a first in history. Alas, the American experiment was destined to end, but I did not know it would be so quick. Don’t worry though, from the time of the Gracci until the principate of Augustus, a century passed, so we have some time. Our only salvation is a restoration of twelfth grade civics and a renewed emphasis on 11th grade American History. These have fallen to the wayside in favor of mathematics and language arts.

    BTW, to number 1 commentator, Caesar refused to relinquish his command in Gaul and defied the order of the Senate because he feared for his life (and Caesar was no stranger to the courts and lawsuits) or in modern terms, he fears the closing of his Twitter account, more lawsuits.

      • True after Caesar crossing the Rubicon, but is almost certain that one day our president will become a princeps. No one alive during Augustus would have though their republic was dead. The people loved him. He spoke in terms of the constitution and the republic was “restored.” If is not.

        You know, they say that world would have been better if Augustus was never born and the world would have been better if he never died. Better if not born because the republic might have survived. In fact, he reigned for so long that no one could remember what liberty was like. Better if he did not die because upon his death, the emperors after him were feeble and incompetent, elections ceased completely and the Senate became almost irrelevant.

  3. How can anyone with half a brain, buy the lies of the democratic party.
    The fraud and corruption is glaring.
    The footprint of our enemies: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, are obvious!

  4. The media is trying to control the election and to sway the voters. They are all leftists. They’re the ones behind all the riots and unrest in this country.

  5. 50 years from now, Sir Lone Ranger, America will have gone through such metamorphoses once the liberal agenda has eaten its soul like a spreading cancer, that it will be America in name only. And perhaps not even named America if they can attribute some form of racism to the valiant Amerigo Vespucci. Already the corrupt self determined values of the left have impacted the right so strongly. People on the right fear opening their mouths against liberal practices that go against Biblical values they once held dear. The right of today is the left of just fifteen years ago. The unification has already begun, in the opposite direction of your prognosis. The left is dominating all social topics, creating new social taboos and moral systems of its own. America of our childhood, of my childhood, you are no longer! 50 years from now, we need not wait. The social dictatorship of the leftist proletariat has already raised its arm upon us all, squashing our freedoms with fake sensitivities while it slaughters 50,000 babies a year who have already grown 5 months in their mothers’ wombs and have beating hearts and feel the pain of their abortive deaths. That is the cruel kindness of the left that is the heavy dictatorial hand upon us all.

  6. I have been reading the various claims of fraud, along with the proof and evidence, and it just doesn’t pass the smell test. It sounds like lots and lots of noise, with no substance. When witnesses find themselves in front of a judge, their bluster is gone, and they admit they are just stating beliefs, not facts. There were observers at every counting, there was nobody messing with ballots.

    Dominion is not owned by Nancy Pelosi’s husband, it is just not true. There is so much fake news being put out there by the Republicans, that people seem to think ‘well some of it must be true’. But so far it is such nonsense, with a constant promise of future proof ‘tomorrow I will prove it’, that any sane person should see it for what it is, a desperate attempt to shnorrer more money to pay off campaign debt. Trump the ostensible billionaire is sending out shnorrer letters to pay off his chovos. Let him get an ishur from the vaad hatzedaka first.

  7. I’m not sure what @Resident means when he responds to me that he watched the elections on TV from morning to morning the whole last week and you can see with your own eyes. Does he mean to tell me that he saw on TV every moment of vote counting in every single of the hundreds of counting places across this great country. I agree that 98% of them had things done correctly. But the affidavits tell us that in a small minority of counting places things went awry. This needs investigation by the courts. And I don’t understand his comparison to LBJ and McDaniel. Does he mean to say because LBJ didn’t make use of his constitutional right to have due process in court, so Donald Trump can’t make use of his constitutional right. Is he suggesting that Al Gore in 2000 was a “sissy” (Resident’s word not mine) because he exercised his constitutional right. Resident’s comments have just left me plain confused.

  8. There definitely was fraud and probably on both sides. The question remains: can Trump gather sufficient legal proof of fraud to the extent that will reverse the results in the States whose results he is contending? We don’t know the answer to that yet. It doesn’t look likely, but he has every right to pursue that avenue and therefore postpone conceding until the final results are in. Hashem doesn’t work with statistics. If His Ratzon is that Trump will eventually win, it can happen this way, too. If He decides that we need the gezeira of Biden over our heads empowering our enemies (Iran, the so-called Palestinians) then that’s what will happen. But to continue with hishtadlus is legit. It’s like someone with cancer who is willing to try experimental treatment in the hopes that Hashem, the rofeh chol bosor, will heal him. Hashem can recind a death verdict and He can hand Trump another 4 years if He so chooses. The final verdict isn’t in yet.

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