Poll: Should Lakewood Hire More Police Officers?

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  1. if you obey the law then you needn’t worry about tickets. more police presence will at the very least, act as a deterrent for criminals – not to mention increase protection for residents.

  2. Having more police doesn’t mean more security ..they are not security officers they are sworn police officers for the State of NJ. If you want a security officer hire a company. Those police are overworked and understaffed but who isn’t. If you stop talking on your cell phones while driving and causing accidents you will be a much happier person. Our lines are packed with ridiculous questions and comments if you need an officer call them..if you want to talk, call a friend..I don’t know about Lakewood but if they are like every other police dept in Ocean County they are busy from sun up to sundown and way after..our Police have no relief they keep going ..if you have a good crew appreciate that. Don’t criticize that. They are not perfect but they prob try hard to be, and in most towns no matter what happens everyone is blamed for something..Fire EMS & Police are just easier because they are out there every day.
    A simple thank you goes a long way

  3. The LPD are all amazing!!! For those of you who think they sit and schmooze in parking lots. Why does that bother you?? They are allowed to conversate with their co-workers just as we do. Talkin about shmoozing…. Who is always hanging out at 711 shmoozing till 3 a.m??

  4. Let them focus on crime instead of pulling people over for STUPIDITIES and treating them as they are criminals. No other place do the cops pull over and give NONSENSE TICKETS as in Lakewood. you all know what i mean!!!!!

  5. Excuse me Mr NOOOO, what makes you think they pull people over for stupidity. Maybe your actions are stupidity ” o I didn’t see the stop sign” or ” I thought I was allowed to make a right on red” when it clearly say not to. Maybe if you abide the the rules you won’t get pulled over. Their doing their job and Are trying to keep this town safe. When you say it’s not like this in any other town, maybe other towns don’t constantly give the cops reasons to pull them over.

  6. It is absolutely absurd that a township with over 100k residents is covered by 5-6 officers sometimes. It is not only unsafe for those officers but more of a concern for the residents who suffer from overworked officers and poor response times due to a over the top call volume. Like most towns in NJ there is a need for more officers, it’s up to thto township residents to take responsibility for themselves and their neighbors and foot the bill.

  7. they don”t all have to sit on Clifton Ave all day looking for innocent people double parking or illegally parking for 2 minutes.

    let them spread out a little

  8. its absurd to think we need more officers. Yes there is a large populace many of them children most of us are not criminals. All the lpd has to do is focus on the areas with high crime they know exactly where to patrol. We need smart policing not more police.

  9. Lets start by saying that the Lakewood police do a wonderful job! As someone who grew up in Lakewood and is still in the town frequently it is not a secret that the driving is horrendous! Have you seen the car accidents? If you received a ticket you no doubtabley deserved one. That simple police stop deters that driver and the other 150 drivers (or at least reminds them) that passes that stop from driving carelessly, hurting, or even killing someone if only for a few minutes. It’s my opinion that the Lakewood police officers would much rather be doing some kind of proactive police work in the “high crime areas” but can’t because of the ever increasing population and bad drivers. Ask your selves this what would you think if you saw a driver cut a school bus full of children off almost causing a crash and a police officer there but he did nothing about it? Well what if he was on his way to go and sit near and watch a “high crime area” to prevent crime? That officer obviously has to stop AND ticket that driver for almost causing a crash, hurting, and or killing a bus full of your children. 1) because of safety and 2) the public would think he’s just a lazy cop not doing his job. That is the problem with a town that’s population is growing so rapidly. While more cops may equal more tickets it will also equal a safer community for EVERYONE!!! Be well my friends

  10. That large population of children grow up to become adults right? What do you do then, say there are too many teenagers and adults?

  11. I’m living in Lakewood for the past fifteen years. Neither me nor my wife ever got a single ticket so I don’t understand those who say the LPD gives tickets for nonsense.

  12. I want more cops to protect the stuff I leave in my unlocked car, but I’ll complain to the heavens if my taxes go up a penny!!

  13. LPD needs more officers. You want them to patrol the bad areas would that be MLK or Congress or Golf View? Or are they to patrol Westgate with all the unlocked cars having its doors opened and contents removed. You keep adding new neighborhoods and you don’t want to hire more police to patrol them. It’s the same with snow removal and trash pickup. Add more houses but no one to clean up. With all the extra houses there should be extra tax money right? If they do pay taxes at all.

  14. Can someone please post an estimate of the effect of hiring five new officers on the property tax for an average Lakewood house.
    Like everything in life it may be nice to have more but everything has a price. It is hard to vote on this pole without taking the cost into account.

  15. LPD needs more cops. Obviously taxes will go up because cost of living goes up every year. So if you want to cry and complain about high taxes leave Lakewood and move somewhere else. End of complaining!

  16. # 23
    The officers that are “watch construction” as you so poorly write, are working on their days off and being PAID for by the company doing the work, to keep the workers safe from people driving, and to assist with the flow of Traffic. Therefor they would not be allowed to catch criminals as you say.

  17. When Bricktown was going to hire 15 new officers last year if it was passed the cost was between 30 and 35 dollars a year per house for the town and that was with a population of 75,000 so since Lakewood has over 90,000 the value will be smaller than that and not to mention they are already not at the level they were back a few years ago so we have been saving money already.

  18. It may seem like only $50-60k a year to hire new officer, but really its a lifetime of benefits and pension. For each officer in uniform, there’s 3 more retired ones pulling in free health benefits and pension after maybe 20 years of service. Unions rule. Yay Wisconsin.
    It IS a big undertaking to hire a new one.

    and #23 “askan”, those are off-duty officers at construction. Still, that law is a racket . Most states do not require a running squad car with a cop sitting with A/C on to do construction. Unions still own us.

  19. Anybody who grew up in Brooklyn, prbly notices that the streets are just as safe maybe even safer, yet wen a pothole is being fixed it doesn’t take three squad cars to direct traffic, and totally block off the street,
    Wonder if it says about lakewood drivers or the police, you decide!

  20. And for those who want the police to protect the unlocked cars, yes it’s their job to protect wen they can, but don’t be stupid and leave your car open that’s besides the fact the amount of police you’ll need to keep those petty crimes under controll will cost way too much just keep door locked

  21. And for all those ppl that say Lakewood police dont give tickets for invalid reasons, if your referring to the dictionary definition of invalid your correct, but not every disobeyed traffic law is unsafe it doesn’t have to be played by the books the intention is to keep the streets safer

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