Poll: Should Bachurim and Girls be Getting a Drivers License Before They Begin Dating?

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  1. Dating?! How about married? Teenagers have no responsibility, no responsibility = car accidents, car accidents = injured and killed human beings.

  2. What exactly is the real question here. Of course they MUST have a license before dating. The responsibility lies on the parents to get them their license with drivers ed and much practice so that by the time they are dating and getting married they know what they are doing. Parenting never ends but once my child moves on to married life my opportunities to teach them are limited. Letting them get married without teaching them to drive is a failure on me as their parent.

    They must drive, know how to fill up with gas, how and when to add the basic fluids, change a flat, fill up a tire properly and any other basic things every driver must know.

    If we allow children to get married without knowing how to drive then we are responsible for their accidents for we as parents did not teach them properly.

    Silly question. Obvious answer……then again you would think it is also obvious that one should NEVER park in a handicap spot if not handicapped themselves but it seems we here in Lakewood are not to savvy with the obvious.

  3. 1. how are they supposed to help and go places for their parents if the can’t drive?
    2. And if this boys and girls become older they will never drive??
    3. If you look around it’s the “married” people who are crashing their mini vans and don’t stop at stop signs!
    and for all you negative people I’m a mother thank you

  4. Every parent is mechuiev to spend a couple of dollars and send thier child to at least 4-5 driving lessons. If you learn how to drive correctly then you DRIVE CORRECTLY.

  5. No, bucherim and girls should not be getting their licenses before they are in the parsha of shiduchim. There are bucherim and girls getting their licenses at 17 which is not needed, unless the parents need them helping out at home. Otherwise, they don’t need it. Most of them at that age don’t have a sense of achrayus.

  6. its a bad poll, the question should be at what age, girls have to drive to work and boys need to be able to live bein hazmanim and enjoy theiir time off. The question is at what age should they get a license and that age is diffrent for girls than it is for boys

  7. The real question should be: “Should we continue to exert absolute more and more tyrannical control over our kids forever and ever, so that more and more of them continue to go OTD?”

  8. How ridiculous!!!!! They don’t have achrayus is true. But how will they ever learn achrayus if u don’t let them do anything? Let them get a license and if they get pulled over u make sure they figure out a way how 2 pay 4 it themselves, as a young adult I can attest tht tht is the way I was taught how 2 b responsible. My parents taught me tht I do s/t stupid I pay 4 it. Believe me I’m a lot more careful now

  9. Great idea. Let them take one of their first spins at the wheel on their first date. I’m sure their first time driving skills while trying to focus on the date will impress their prospective kallah and lead to a second date. Not. I can just see it: ” ma he took me into a hotel lobby.” “Oh which lobby did he drive you to?” “No, he drove right INTO the hotel lobby”.

  10. Why would you even bring up this topic for sure you should let bochurim and girls get licenses especially since in a recent post they said you shouldn’t hitchhike

  11. The issue has nothing to do with dating. It has everything to do with maturity and responsibility. It is a parent’s responsibility to assess the maturity and skill level of their child when they are of legal driving age, before handing them the keys. If they do not possess and utilize the proper skills to drive safely, they should never get behind the wheel regardless of whether the are dating or not.

  12. I would love to know who thinks up these “wonderful” new restrictions…..I think as a parent we should be capable of monitoring our own offspring and helping them make the correct decisions at the right time…..Baruch hashem we do not live in a police state and hopefully are independent thinkers…..most of the time! I do not feel able to judge your child and you are not equipped to judge mine….isn’t that why we have driving laws in place in the first place??

  13. Rav Shach said “ah shlisel tzum car iz ah shluss tzu dem gemorah !!!! As 4 girls they shouldn’t b allowed 2 drive ever .

  14. What in the world does driving have to do with dating? What does it matter who learns to drive before they date? That’s just ridiculous.

  15. Yes they should!! The only way teenagers learn responsibility if you let them go on their own otherwise they’ll never learn!! This is such a pathetic poll

  16. No Shaychus! What does having a driver’s license have to do with dating? (except for the fact that if the boy drives he can drive his date instead of taking a taxi, and in some rare cases the girl can drive her date). It is a worthwhile skill to have and the real question should be – When is one too young and irresponsible to get a driver’s license? It all depends of the maturity of the boy or girl in question.

  17. They should get their permits at 16 and get their license the day they turn 17.
    And everyone else needs to get their heads out of the sand.
    Woman are not second class citizens.

  18. The state of NJ says a boy or girl can get a drivers license,so what a stupid question and why would you question a teen driver, get drivers training a learn the rules of the road, make for safer drivers in Lakewood.

  19. ROTFL. What a stupid question. Hey folks, welcome to 5773! No car, no life, no date, no helping parents, no self-respect, no getting to yeshiva, no job, no giving rides to “tipsy” bochurim on Purim, etc. Bring up your kid with self-respect and trust and watch how they amaze you!

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