Poll: Midwinter Break: For girls only, Boys only, Girls & boys, or Neither?

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  1. Boys & Girls, of course. And it should be every 6 weeks. My kids are mentally, physically & spiritually exhausted. I give them off every few weeks anyway but the schools should also give it. And, btw, the most exhausted are the Rebbes & Morahs. They should have 1 day off midweek, every 4 weeks, MINIMUM. And I’m not a Rebbe.

  2. I don’t recall my kids ever having a major midwinter vacation and we never did anything special. I think it’s getting out of hand as to the trips everyone MUST go on , even the parents who work also have to have a vacstion. It wasn’t done when I was a kid. We had school on Sun. so vacation meant no school on Sun. Maybe we got off on Fri. but, what can you do on Fri. in the winter? Shabbos is too early.

  3. My take I don’t know where you went to school but I’m from Brooklyn. We were off Monday – Wednesday and my brothers had half day for the week of the goyish holidays. Maybe it’s us parents who upped the ante with the trips. We’re the ones who caused the problems. Not the vacation from school.

  4. Neither should have mid winter break. There’s plenty of holidays etc already. They should allow a week of paid leave for all teachers to Give them their break. Give educational trips often and have more extra curricular activities for both boys and girls. The school system here is way too rigid.

  5. I don’t mind my kids having off but can’t the high schools give off the same time as the elementary schools and work out the play and midterms some other time parents have to take off for two sets of vacations an of you live in Toms River and have no bussing you can’t go far with your others cause you have to be around to do the drop offs and pick ups of the ones that have schools. Also let the parents decide what to do mid winter and stop with all the rules trust us as parents and stop telling us what we can and can’t do with our kids on their vacation that we have to take off work from.

  6. Genuk shoin with all the polls, letters, opinions… all about midwinter vacation

    Did anyone notice the aseres hadibros is this weeks parsha…

    Lo Sachmod

    Maybe a poll:

    Are you jealous of those that are going on vacation?

    Is your opinion on midwinter vacation in any way tainted by that jealousy?

    My family has never gone anywhere for midwinter vacation, but my kids love a few days off

    Fargin and don’t be a kapdan for what yenem does and your life will be much more rewarding

  7. In Brooklyn we all knew that elementary boys,girls high school all had vacation on different days purposely so that the families don’t go away and the kids just stay home and relax…don’t know if I agree with it or not but that was what we always figured.

  8. Poll and question.

    Why do girls get off EVERY Sunday from school? Because They need more rest then boys? Or They have more homework to do on Sunday and all week?

    Why shouldn’t girls have school on sunday just like boys? Its not a day to hang out with friends all your childhood years as a kid

  9. From a teachers perspective, I find mid winter break to be crucial to the students well being. Yes, school is off for holidays but that’s not exactly the kind of healthy vacation children and even teachers need. It’s a long winter. School is long. Adults forget that little kids sit in class from 9 until at least 2:30pm
    It bothers me that Boy schools feel free to give hardly any vacation. In my opinion, the boys need vacation more than the girls need it. I teach boys and I see how drained they are by the time January comes. Going on trips and flying off to someplace is a choice people make. But regardless if you have Mid winter break plans or not, every student should have enough vacation to feel refreshed and ready to come back and continue on in the long winter. A Friday and Sunday off is completely gypping the kids. That’s not vacation. And everyone agrees to that!

  10. were humans! not robots! we need breaks sometimes! thats why i voted that boys and girls should have midwinter break! and btw theres a reason i said humans, and that is because boys and girls are human!

  11. the Mesivta boys have off every fifth week for a weekend what’s wrong with giving the elementary kids off in January. This gives them ( boys and girls) time to relax without the morning rush or strict bedtimes.

  12. A break is okay but, why all the over the top vacations. My kids never did anything special on vacation. The parents still had to go to work.

  13. I love my kids dearly – but as a “Working Jewish Mother” taking off;
    1- Erev Yom TOv
    2- Chol Hamoed
    3- Isru Chag
    4- Chanuka vacation
    5- Shushan Purim
    6- in between school & camp
    7- in between firs half & second half of camp
    8- in between camp & school
    9- snow days
    all this can come to 4 weeks of taking off from work- tell me one job that gives 4 weeks vacation…
    and don’t forget those sick days when your kids have strep, flu and just a regular virus
    if you have chanuka vacation there is no need for mid-winter as well
    another issue is high schools/boys/elementary schools do not have off the same time……enough of this schedule – something needs to be changed…tell me who the right people are to contact & I will gladly plead the case for all us working mothers! (My husband works as well)

    • i think u can answer that question by yourself-
      either she needs a vacation or its because her kids are off too and she needs to entertain them….

      people really have to realize this is 2 measly days were talking about and they dont come as a surprise…its on the school calendar so plan in advance

  14. I have a different option which I think is much better. Both boys and girls should have but high school age kids only that way parents can still work or learn and they won’t disrupt everyone schedule and at least half of the teachers will get some relaxation time. As it is your average kids between ages five and 10 doesn’t need any extra free time

  15. I am in high school. school starts at 830 my bus comes at 730
    I have to wake up at 630
    I go to sleep at around eleven being that I get home from school at five thirty and have 5 hours worth of homework.
    I look foreward to Shabbos and sunday so I can sleep in.
    I think its important to have a break. I can sleep in, relax and spend some time at home. EVEN if I don’t go out. I am happy to be able to sleep in without worrying about school the whole time.
    Keep The VACATION!!!!!

  16. 100% bittul torah. for every person its beerech 30hrs of bittul torah, times that by the amount of people having off. Its a lot of bittul torah

  17. To all those working parents what I don’t get is all over the world every one gets the same vacations out of town they have even more they have a week of midwinter and all legal holidays too and the parents both work and no one complains. How come everyone here gets so overwhelmed about a few days off here and there it’s not easy maybe but no one ever said being a parent is easy and being a parent comes before work so if ur job doesn’t work for ur family then maybe think about doing something else that’s more family friendly schools are not 24/7 babysitters parents are. Ur lucky school is open most of the year but teachers and kids need vacation so figure it out just like everyone else all over the world figured it out

  18. Why are these breaks considered bitul torah but bain hazmanim is not? Kids need more breaks than supposedly more diciplined adults

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