Poll: If Elections Were Held Today, Who Would You Vote for – Trump or Biden; And Why?






Who Would You Vote For?
1485 votes
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    • While I would vote for trump over Biden,
      Let us not kid ourselves that Trump is a trustworthy stalwart fighting the good fight.
      He isnt.
      Case in point. he threw Netanyahu under the bus when Netanyahu called Biden to congratulate him.
      While Trump has the patriotism and guts to do what he wants, and, currently, what he (seemingly) wants is more beneficial for our country and our brethren, I will vote for him.

      But let us be bote’ach in the Borei Olam, and not be “botei’ach b’nedivim” especially one who has clearly demonstrated what our Mishna already tells us “havei zehirim b’reshus… sh’ein mekarvin l’adam elah b’sha’as hana’asam”.

  1. I would vote if I had confidence that the vote would be lawfully counted, and that all other votes were cast freely by US Citizens, preferably living citizens. Let’s not forget for even a moment what Stalin ym”s said about those who count the votes being more important than the votes themselves.

    At this point, voting in all but small local elections is nothing more than an illusion of having a voice in our governance.

    I am not worried though, it’s all part of the plan of the K”BH to bring our redemption, the redemption of the world at large, and the reign of His anointed king.

    • Let me ask you this: In Lakewood and the surrounding towns, there are probably 30,000-40,000 Orthodox Jews of voting age. If you pick up communities like Passaic, Edison, Deal and a few others, you can add a few thousand more.

      Unless you completely dismiss the possibility of Trump pulling within 35,000 or 40,000 votes of Biden in good ole’ liberal New Jersey, the voter turnout of Orthodox Jews could deliver NJ to Trump.

      I know it is, objectively, a long shot, but the turnout in Wildwood may signal it isn’t impossible.

      • It’s not that long since we had a Republican governor serve two terms in the state of New Jersey.
        (He may have been a bad governor, but he was Republican in the state voted for him) It’s not unthinkable for Trump to take New Jersey.

  2. Why ? The present administration has been wrong on just about every issue facing this nation, the economy, oil independence, education , justice system all have been mishandled , Trump i the ONLY choice if you care about our country and Constitution .

    • Thank you so much for being the only one to bring up the constitution. That is what we are all fighting for these days and ppl need to know that. Trump goes by the American book which is most famously known as the constitution. MAGA 2024!!!!

      • As much as the Constitution will always reign supreme as the law of the land, to me, what is even more important is that Trump recognizes the enemies of the Constitution, knows what their tactics are, knows they will stop at nothing and, most importantly, knows how to fight them.

        The fight President Trump is putting up against the corrupt law enforcement agencies, starting with the DOJ, lawfare, mainstream media propaganda and the entire left is nothing short of amazing. Is there another man alive who could withstand their onslaught and fight them every step of the way?

        It is his ability to know the enemy and his uncompromising willingness to defeat them that are his most important talents to me.

  3. I vote for whoever the “Vaad” tells me to vote for. I know they always have my best interest in mind (even when it doesn’t seem like it or it actually seems they have anything BUT my best interest in mind).

  4. I’m wondering why Frumma would vote for a man who admires Hitler and openly supports antisemitists. Not to mention, the Republican desire to eliminate many of the entitlement programs that help families in our communities provide the basics.

    • Simple.
      Hamas Joe is now supporting hamas survival to massacre another day.
      Biden supports banning religious freedom.
      Biden supports mengele style mutilation of confused children.
      Biden support forcing doctors to murder the unborn.
      Biden keeps praising the Jew hating hamas supporting Democrats in congress like he did yesterday.
      The Biden admin is riddled with Jew hating hamas supporters.
      The Biden admin has spent their entire term undermining israel on the world stage and promoting the palis instead.
      Biden sent the palis hundreds of millions of dollars to fund pay to slay which includes the perpetrators of Oct. 7.
      So I’m supposed to vote for that instead because of lies told about Trump.
      Also money comes from Hashem not the democrats.

    • You still follow the media lies so easily?
      You must have found out by now that he never said anything of the sort.
      Also, calling Trump an anti semite and not Biden makes me very curious to hear your definition of antisemitism.
      Please share.

      • He’s a fool, a self hating Jew and someone who has zero knowledge about America or it’s laws. People like him are brainwashed or similar and shouldn’t be allowed to vote. You’ll get the same knowledge from his from a newborn child.

    • Why would I vote for a person who hates us. Hakodesh Baruch runs the world and the hearts of our enemies granted. But evil people try and hurts us at every turn because we represent him. No. My vote is for the man who kept his promises who was good. To us. We owe him some hakaras hatov.

  5. Why would I vote for a person who hates us. Hakodesh Baruch runs the world and the hearts of our enemies granted. But evil people try and hurts us at every turn because we represent him. No. My vote is for the man who kept his promises who was good. To us. We owe him some hakaras hatov.

  6. I would hold my nose and vote for Trump.
    As we saw in his first term, he has difficulty governing while he perceives he is being unfairly targeted.
    I don’t see a way he will govern well, but Biden governing is a disaster in its own right.

  7. TRUMP!!!

    Not just Biden doesn’t want to help Israel and hates Israel, and is against them, HE’S PRO PALESTIN (HAMAS)!!!

  8. Trump, because there’s no other normal candidate. If the Republicans would have someone else on the ballot, maybe I’d vote for him, but, if all they have is Trump, then that’s who I’ll vote for.

  9. how can anyone in good conscience cast a vote to place a formerly competent man at the helm of such a large and influential country???

  10. If you guys vote for biden you hate Israel did you just see that biden just stopped weapons’ to Israel?! that’s literally going against your ally and letting your enemy win. I am totally voting for Trump

  11. If you guys vote for biden you hate Israel did you just see that biden just stopped weapons’ to Israel?! that’s literally going against your ally and letting your enemy win. I am totally voting for Trump

  12. Trump is wild, unhinged, and unpredictable. You might not love Biden policies, but at least you know what’s coming. Lets all take a breath, chill out a little, and hand it over to Biden. The man is not so bad. We made it through so far. No telling what happens when you elect a crazy orange-haired clown.

    • hopefully he’ll stand up to those oily black haired smelly funny named nasally sounding Iranians who are trying to drag the world down a precipice of crime and violence and ultimately into a war under terms of which they can win he’s already attacked them and his voter base does not like them at all so there is a better chance that he will bomb them back to their senses.

    • You have clearly not followed Biden and his career. he has always been a supporter of racism and bigotry. A lifetime open anti semite. You may as well vote for Hitler and Hamas. Trump is no different in personality then any other politician. They are all egomaniacs. He just wears it on his sleeve.

      • You have clearly been fed ben shapiro style propaganda for a while. Wake up and smell the coffee. Trump is crazyhead. Breathe in a little reality. It won’t hurt.

    • We also made it through 4 years of Trump and what do you know, the country and the world in general was in a much better state when Trump was at the helm. I’d much rather have a president who says crazy things but does good things than have a president who says nice things but does crazy things.

    • You got to be kidding me?!? How are there still people for biden while this country is falling apart?!? Trump has bad middos and is full of himself but at least he has the country’s best interest in mind. I cannot believe how people have zero seichal especially the jewish who are pro-biden. Maybe daven a little harder in shmoneh esrai during the bracha of ata chonein laadam daas because you and the rest of pro-biden supporters definitely have zero daas. It is scary.

  13. We know what will happen, the Trump years were great, inflation way down, prices way down, income way up, the biden years have been disastrous. Just the fact that biden supports the mengele style mutilation of confused children as do most democrats is reason enough to not vote for him.

  14. Why? Well…Biden is a senile puppet. His handlers are anti Israel, anti America, anti morality, anti common sense. They are destroying the U.S.A.
    Trump, whatever his personality or personal life, was an excellent president.
    H runs the world!! Enjoy the awesome ride.

  15. The most important thing right now is THE FENCE. Why is everyone here forgetting about it? It is not complete. Many sections have holes. Little kids can go right through it. And easily climb over it and fall over the side. Its a joke. This is the biggest problem on our hands right now. Who do you think will get this job done?

    I, for one, will not walk on the bridge until this is taken care of.

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