POLL: How Do You Find the New 3-way Stop at Pine x MLK?

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  1. Backed up twice a day is better then all day. It certainly better then before for the most part and you cant satisfy everyone All the time but its certainly a relief from what it was.

    The new light by forest and 14 would work much better if it was programmed to work only during high traffic time and it should blink like it used to at off times. This concept works very well in other places like in cleveland for example.

  2. I think its gr8. People just have to learn that you stop andd go. Not sit and let every1 else go first. That’s not the way its supposed to be. One from each side starting with who was there first.

  3. Amazing! I drive home there everyday from work and I find the four way stop really effective and practical for all the traffic that goes on there! I recommend four way stops signs at every busy intersection makes traffic move so much quicker and safer:):)!!

  4. It does cause a nice backup during rush hour but it gets those on mlk making a left moving! The only really annoying thing is that those traveling down pine don’t consider it a stop sign its more of a pause and go. The doubling up needs to stop its dangerous and obnoxious!

  5. The stop sign is great for those heading south on MLK but disastrous for everyone on pine!! A light would be so much better. There should be a guard there to move traffic during “yeshivish rush hour”

  6. It really depends who you ask. For those on MLK it’s great, much shorter wait time, safer, etc. For those on Pine, however it’s terrible. The wait is very long, can’t get out of developements, backed up untill rt 9, backed up untill washington, etc.

  7. It’s decent for a good chunk of the day, but at certain times it’s terrible!!
    We either need a light, or a crossing guard at peak times to let pine street traffic flow freely with occasional breaks to let MLK drivers turn left.

  8. total disaster traffic backed up daily. They should fire the person whos idea this was.My kids buses are late daily because of this and come late to school.

  9. 100% better! Not the total answer, but great compared to before. Also the female crossing guard at both mlk & Fp for the past few years is awesome on the job, thank you.

  10. Its only helpful from MLK turning on to Pine st. Otherwise there’s always a long line of cars backed up in both directions on Pine st., and is not helpful. Perhaps it’s time to think traffic light.

  11. Will not get any better with a traffic light..traffic will still be backed up since there are so many homes in a small area. Its crazy

  12. # 1 is saying the truth, the way it was intended to be. Recall the method that has been in place for years, crossing guards at the entrance to forest park development- at the expense of all drivers on the regular streets. You couldn’t get from Martin Luther to Pine if you waited 10 minutes, since there was never a break in the continuous flow of traffic on Pine due to the crossing guard continuously having cars from forest park easily get onto pine st. Some individuals problem solving at the expense of the broader public….. Has finally been dealt with somewhat. ( I’m unaware if the crossing guard is still in use though)

  13. I think the planning board should approve another 600 homes in this area. Who cares about traffic issues? Just put up another 4 way stop sign somewhere and all is well.

  14. As a resident of the Pine street area, this stop has turned our morning routine upside down, Buses come late, carpool to playgroups two blocks away takes 20 minutes! This stop sign has a lopsided benefit and has not taken many of the area s residents into consideration

  15. As I said (& tls didn’t post it) probably one of the dumbest moves this township ever made. All they did was shift the problem from the mlk drivers to the pine st drivers. The one who thought of this idea & the one that implemented it if he worked for me he’d be fired.

  16. I think what should be done is to make a right turn going out of forest park I live on mark,to pull out of forest park after davening is crazy.Make a right turn from f.p. to pine street it will help anyone who does not want to wait for the cars turning left.

  17. Lakewood isn’t built to be a metropolis like Brooklyn. it’s a suburb there is way too much over development in Lakewood that’s the real issue. a lot of these new developments are going up in high traffic areas to begin with.

  18. It used to be 5 cars waiting on MLK in one direction, and now it’s 50 cars on Pine st. In both directions.
    I need to leave an extra 10 minutes each morning.
    A traffic light is needed and it should be paid for in full by the developers in the area which caused it.
    And this should be a message to the township to stop giving permits for more building in already traffic areas.

  19. A light would work much better so all the cars on pine wouldn’t have to stop all the time and it would also achieve the desired result that Mlk traffic would also flow.

  20. All drivers must come to a full stop when approaching a stop sign.

    Four-way stop signs require drivers to come to a complete stop while other vehicles drive through.
    Four-way stops may be used when stop lights are out of service due to blackouts after a storm or during maintenance.
    Drivers must obey the rules at four-way stop intersections to prevent accident from occurring.
    Yield to the Other Driver

    There are rules for drivers who arrive at a four-way intersection at the same time. For two vehicles that are perpendicular to each other, the driver on the right has the right-of-way.
    Drivers that are facing another vehicle while attempting to turn left will need to yield to the oncoming vehicle. In some situations, drivers on the left or on the opposing side may often go first when it is not their turn. If this is the case, drivers with the right-of-way should yield to the opposing driver to prevent an accident.
    First to Arrive Goes First

    The vehicle that arrives first to a four-way stop sign has the right-of-way. Drivers who reach the four-way intersection after another vehicle should wait their turn and drive through the intersection after vehicles which arrived prior to them.
    Full Stop at Intersection

    All drivers who are approaching a four-way stop sign must come to a complete stop once they have reached it. Vehicles should no longer be in motion once they arrive, and the front bumper of the vehicle must be behind the indicated line. Vehicles that approach a four-way stop that does not have lines at the intersection must stop the front of the vehicle flush with the stop sign. All vehicles should stop long enough to appropriately yield to other vehicles. Once the road has cleared or it is the vehicle’s turn to drive through, drivers should look both ways before continuing to ensure that no other vehicles have proceeded through the intersection out of turn.

  21. Major improvement. This move alleviated a dangerous situation that had people driving straight into traffic out of desperation to make the left onto Pine. It was literaly putting lives at risk. He choice was to either ban left turns or install the 4-way stop. To deal with any Pine st backups would suggest having a traffic guard move traffic through on pine during peak hours.

  22. I drive both MLK and Pine at rush hour and Pine has become a pain, but I don’t care becasue MLK used to be pure suicide. The amount of times I was nearly killed trying to make a left in rush hour far outweighs the pain of the backup. A TRAFFIC GUARD WON’T MAKE IT BETTER. If you ever used to go on Friday when they had crossing guard at 12 oclock, the backup was even worse than it is now. The only way to make things better is probably to open up Vine. Also, there is a house to the left of Marc that is very dangerous to park in front of. It makes turning left from Marc into a very dangerous move because you can’t see. You don’t want the achrayis of such a danger.

  23. I think it’s great for all drivers!!! I work in the area and pass through this intersection many times a day. There are usually no lines on Pine, and even when there is a line it moves very quickly. Great idea all around! Thank you Lakewood Township.

  24. I agree with post 38 – I live in the area and now if I come from MLK at least I can make the left on Pine street – Pine was always backed up anyway during “rush Hour ” and making the turn was practically impossible. I do agree that Vine needs to be opened as well as Arlington (at least for the local traffic) to relieve the flow on Pine.

  25. Safety overrides convenience, at least for those with common sense! that intersection is madness with the stop sign. Personally I think a light would be better.

  26. Well I guess when the people who were waiting…. and waiting…. and waiting…. to make a left from MLK to Pine complained those who were zippin’ along Pine didn’t give a hoot.

    It’s amazing that now when the shoe is on the other foot suddenly it’s a disaster….

    I, for one, found it outrageous having to wait forever to turn from MLK to Pine and NO COURTESY was extended whatsoever… Not even the “simple” option of someone driving west on Pine putting on a right blinker when approaching MLK so that the person waiting could anticipate being able to make the turn.

    So to all you driving on Pine, so concerned about YOURSELVES while other people get a turn once in a while, I think it is VERY fair.

  27. For people that live down the 9 driving to yeshiva which should take abt 8 minutes took about 20 minutes during peak hours. so we took a detour down spruce to marc to pine to
    MLK etc. now we could wait to turn from marc onto pine for about 10 minutes then another 5 minutes to turn onto MLK making our detour longer than sitting on the 9 why is this town being so cheap??? put up some lights PLEASE!

  28. An ABSOLUTE unmitigated disaster! MLK’s volume is probably one tenth of Pine’s, (though of course there were problems), yet now Pine, with its huge volume of traffic has become bumper-to-bumper. Unreal.

  29. It’s better than before, but it will never be perfect simply due to the overcrowdedness of our town.
    Arlington and Vine should be opened too, that would definitely help.

  30. It is the best solution for a disaster if an intersection. Now we just have to in-service the Lakewood residents proper protocol when stopped at a 3 way stop sign.

  31. I always thought a traffic light was needed. Now they came and put that three way stop which is just terrible!!! I think it’s just as bad as before. Ppl still shoot out in front of others, forget one at a time

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