Poll: Do You Agree With Gov. Murphy’s Decision to Mandate Masks for School Students?

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  1. Why exactly are we masking the ones with the lowest risk? To protect the teachers’ union stooges who refuse to get themselves jabbed?

  2. Like I commented in the “Agudah Director Avi Schnall Clarifies…” article:

    Imagine a world where you have a 99.7% chance of not soiling your pants…but you are forced to wear a diaper…not for you, but for others.

    The 10 points of the 1947 Nuremberg Code has a lot to say, that very definitely applies to the Fauci Flu.

  3. You ask “is this a serious question? Can I ask you why it wouldn’t be? All because you allow all you opinions to be dominated by your community ( for example voting trump! Did any low income bracket family actually make a fair decision what’s best for them??). This doesn’t mean all people are like you, and yes were entitled to have respect to our thought out opinions!!

  4. Of course! And I hope they put heavy fines and imprisonment for anyone that doesn’t abide! Pikuach nefesh comes first! I’d rather not go to yeshiva my whole life then to cause someone to die!

  5. There’s NO science to this WHATSOEVER!

    As of Sunday morning the number for New Jersey is 0.00097962!!!!!! Less than 1/10 of 1%!

    We need to wake up and we need to wake up now otherwise the tyrants and fearmongers will rule us forever. I’m not kidding. Look what they’re doing. They have everyone convinced this is going bad bad bad bad. But if you look at THEIR numbers and then you look at the percentage of people who are in the hospitals and even unfortunately the deaths, there’s hardly any! All these stats are able to be seen.

  6. To stevenn,
    Why would your child not wearing a mask in school cause someone to die? Besides for the fact that children are not likely to be spreaders, whoever wants immunity has the ability to vaccinate and protect themselves.
    Let’s get on with regular life.

  7. – We still don’t know the long-term effects of covid on children.
    – The Delta variant is more contagious among children and it may be more dangerous. (Pediatric ICU’s are full of Covid cases in virus hotspots in the south.)
    – Even if you are not concerned about kids getting Covid, they can spread it to others that are higher risk. ( As Jews we are supposed to care about others, and not be selfish. Sdom had a shita that everybody takes care of themselves- no chesed)
    -If it is the law, then it is terrible chinuch for kids effectively say to them that “we are above the law.” (Chillul Hashem is also an issue.)

  8. Covid now is mainly a disease of the unvaccinated.
    Remember last year August and how it entered the community?
    Well it’s August again and we are seeing members of the community being infected.
    If 100% of the community were vaxxed, there would be no disease, just a not so bad cold going around.
    The white trash of the USA and the black community that listens to Farrakhan and his ilk, and the “frum” are the ones not being vaxxed. Ask any member of these communities that’s not vaccinated and you’ll hear all kinds of nonsense.
    Guess what level of intelligence those who aren’t vaccinated show!
    If you aren’t vaccinated you share the blame for anyone who gets sick or dies and Yom Kippur won’t do you any good.

  9. @ Ck
    -Vaccines are not 100 % effective.
    – There is plenty of data that show that immunocompromised individuals do not get such good protection from the two dose regimen currently being given. In addition, children under 12 with preexisting conditions under 12 cannot get the vaccine, some cancer patients may not be able to get the vaccine while undergoing chemo etc…

  10. I had respect for gov Murphy until he came out with this mandate…. I mean in all seriousness, how can kids be forced to wear a mask all day. This is murder!! Anyone who voted yes is not worthy of life. If you’re ready to kill innocent kids then life has no value to you.
    Everything must be don’t to retract this mandate!!

  11. You’re right, we don’t know the long term effects covid has on children. But we also don’t know the long term effects the vaccine has in children. Why do you think it’s 100% safe? We don’t know if it is or not. We do know that the vast majority of kids with COVID recover fully and have only moderate illnes. Some, unfortunately, do not. Personally I don’t feel that’s a reason to willingly inject something in to my children and not have any actual information about either the short term or the long term effects. I’d like to wait for more information. Why should I be forced then?
    And covid is now mainly a disease or the unvaccinated? Then the vaccinated should not be afraid.

  12. It’s not only about death.
    It is very disruptive to have covid spread around in schools. Remember last year we saw schools having to shut down in the beginning of the year because so many kids were sick.

  13. If masks worked then I can hear both sides. But they don’t! infection still spreads with masking. So why would anyone want to put children through such abuse

  14. As much as I hate masking up, I compared it to tznius for my daughter. Cover not just because it’s a rule, but to protect yourself and to protect those around you. Be proud of yourself when it’s hard to put that mask on. (For the record I also emphasized that a mask isn’t tznius and she is older and understands).

    Kids do as we model for them. This refusal isn’t helping anyone.

  15. To Stevenn: you should know that commenting in this section could potentially cause someone to die…. for example if they read your comment while eating and they choke. Or while driving and they crash. So i think you should isolate yourself from everyone and don’t even use your phone ever. Just dont do ‘anything’ there is always a chance of pekuach nefesh

  16. Look what’s happening in Israel. Five million Jews vaccinated but 5,000 new Covid cases daily. The vaccine is not longer as effective as it was and it compromised on people’s immunity in the process. Israel is now a red country according to the US. Also, the CDC agrees that vaccinated spread the virus just like anyone else, if not more, because they are asymptomatic and don’t realize it. What about the cardiology units in Israel maxed to capacity and young healthy people getting heart attacks days after the vaccine? And the over 6,000 reported deaths from the vaccine. We have two eyes for a reason. Use it.

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