Poll: Are schools overdoing it with finals?

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  1. Oh just leave it!!! This is what the girls are supposed to be doing at this time in their lives!!! Would you rather they shop and gallivant around the town??

  2. The whole year there’s testing why another test. let the teacher review with the class what was taught over the year. That way they don’t forget and it will relieve the pressure

  3. Definately overdone ! To TY there are many ways to keep the girls busy it does not have to be with testing students on every bit of information taught since the beggining of the school year and on every subject! Just because it was done this way for years it doesn’t mean it must stay the same. As time evolves changes must be made and this would be a beneficial change to both students and parents. The pressure students feel, the competition and lack of self esteem for those who struggle can create tremendous negativity and take away so much from the learning. How sad is it that we place such an extreme emphasis on students who excel academically. Are they better people, more ehrlich or more refined do those girls have better Middos? Will they go further in life ? Our focus must change for the benefit of our children.

  4. TEST TEST and more TEST. THEY will need every bit of knowledge that they can comprehend and can teach their Husbands and Children and use later in Life.

  5. way over pressured. When us parents grew up we didnt have this. Guess which generation has more problems at this age? Only way schools will change is when ALL parents demand it of them and not before.

    • One of the problems with today’s children is the “everybody gets a trophy” syndrome. Better to teach them that not everyone is a winner every time, and how to deal with the realities of life.

  6. The girls are not overworked.
    Taking a few tests at the end of the year teach the girls a whole lot of life skills such as planning their study sessions and others.
    My opinion is that boys are not prepared for real life when they finish high school. To the contrary of girls that learn a lot of different subjects and know what’s a deadline, come prepared and on time…
    Stop sheltering your children, school is just a preparation to real life and to hold down a good job.
    Tell them to do the best they can and make sure not to pressure them, reward their efforts not their high grades!

  7. As a parent of both younger and older kids, i feel that they are not testing the younger kids enough and overdo it when they get older. I also feel there is an added emphasis on the girls. There are more productive ways to keep them busy then pressure and stress.

  8. What about when they tell them that they better do well or else it affects what seminary they go to which means it will affect there shiduchim! I heard this from a lakewood high school girl who was told this by her teacher.

  9. @concerned parent. Thanks for diagnosing this generations problem. Guess all we gotta is cut back on the tests and the majority of the issues will be resolved.

  10. I think it’s not a “I think” topic
    The one inchrage of the school can ask dos Torah and that’s how he/she runs the school!
    No-one is forcing you to send to that school, you knew good and well before what ur getting ur kids into.
    The parent’s gata stop showing the kids that they don’t agree with the teacher’s bec all that’s doing in making the kids loose any respect they still have for the teacher’s
    That’s what “I think”

  11. There are easier schools in Lakewood. If you or your child chooses to go to a pressurizing, highly academic school where everyone is obsessed with their marks, and less brilliant kids feel very inferior, that’s no one’s fault but the one who made the decision. There are schools in Lakewood that aren’t as “in”, & the students there love their schooL and learn a lot there, but the focus isn’t on getting a hundred.

    • My daughter goes to a school that is known for being easier she is a straight a student and still says that it’s hard

  12. Although they might need the actual information later on in life but they Do need testing and homework so that they aren’t just sitting around for years doing nothing with no accomplishments of anything.
    Let them learn be tested have homework learn how to complete a task and know what it means to do well and compete in life. This way they can teach their children what it means to have success in something and not just run to shop and buy.
    We don’t want them to just sit on a couch, shopping or doing something you don’t want them to do.
    Have homework and test these precious girls so they will be able to pass tests that are much larger than what they have in their schools!

  13. actually during finals season the girls spend a lot of time out of school theyre only there for the actual tests let them continue learning or reviewing and give them regular tests like the rest of the year and they will learn to study etc that way

  14. Tests tests tests and tests = knowledge knowledge knowledge and knowledge. How about more action action action and action. We need to teach that knowledge without action is pointless and wrong. Children don’t need a paper and pencil to navigate life. What they need is a smile and kind heart to help their friends, humanity and themselves. It’s pretty simple.

  15. We need to teach that knowledge without action is pointless and wrong. Children don’t need a paper and pencil to navigate life. What they need is a smile and kind heart to help their friends, humanity and themselves. It’s pretty simple.

  16. How about testing them on baking a cake, changing a diaper, sewing a button…. yes they should learn Chumash, Navi, science, math…. but prepare them for taking care of a family too.

    • You are right about the importance of teaching actual skills. However, a mother’s attitude toward raising children is something that is absorbed throught the Limudei Kodesh classes. This is the fuel that guides a woman in setting priorities for her family’s life that reflects Torah values. As a student, I found that finals, although full of pressure, helped the content learned throughout the year coalesce. Hatzlacha!

  17. @ get serious, I don’t see how a test on math and science will help the girls succeed on the real tests of life. It has done nothing for me when faced with a challenge… there are so many phenomenal sefarim such as chovos halevavos specifically shaar bitachon that girls can benefit from, schools should focus on things that will have long term benefit for the girls, subject like Halacha which will help them in real life situations

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