Police: Estimated 37,000 Attended Rav Stein’s Levaya

rav stein levayaAccording to Police, approximately 37,000 attended last week’s Levaya of Hagaon Rav Chaim Stein Zatzal. The number was estimated by Police at a meeting today, an official tells TLS. The procession stretched from 7th & Private Way, up until approximately County Line Road.

An initial estimate from officials was 20,000.

The Levaya possibly marks the largest event in Lakewood’s history. TLS-CCP.

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  1. Now, imagine for a second, if each participant recites a Mishna in memory. 37,000 Mishnayos. Wow! and if each would learn to or three- can you imagine what amunition 100,000 Mishnayos would give Reb Chaim before the Kisay HaKovod?

    Say one now.

  2. I dont know where officials are getting these numbers from, or what they are basing it on. The real number is about 14 thousand, and thats based on my own information available to me. Those other numbers are totally inacurate. For one thing if there were so many people that would suggest a lot of cars and it would have taken hours for the town to empty out from all the traffic, and that clearly was not the case.

  3. Look at a picture that includes in it a large amount of people. Make a grid over that picture; let’s say using 10 squares. Now, count the people in one square and multiply that by ten, presto you have a rough estimate of the amount of people in that picture. Now, do the same to a picture taken from a different angle and add the two. Keep doing this until you have used pictures from every angle. Obviously some people will be counted twice so that’s why we call it an estimate.

  4. there were alot of people who were bused in and most of the cars were parked on the side streets, I’d say there were close to 40,000 if not more.

  5. To #3 Chaim.Good thinking. If everyone of the 37,000 people would only give $10 to Kupat Hair we can have 1,480,000 (37,000×40) rabonim saying kaddish for the godol hador.WOW what a kiddush hashem that would be.

  6. PEOPLE!

    Do you realize how foolish you sound bickering over numbers?!

    Stop for a moment and take the real lesson from the “klap” we just received from Shomayim and don’t let the Yeter Hara make us forget the ikar and focus on the Tafel (if the number at the levaya can even be considered a tafel)

    The following awesom piece was taken (with permission) from http://www.halachafortoday.com and should be read and re-read and internalized by every serious Jew.

    תורה תורה חגרי שק

    HaRav Yitzchok Dov Koppelman Zatzal…Z’Kan Roshei Hayeshiva from Europe.

    HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz…Z’Kan Roshei Hayeshiva from Eretz Yisroel.

    HaRav Chaim Yaakov Stein…Z’Kan Roshei Hayeshiva from America.

    All summoned back to Olam Ha’Emes within days of each other.

    Can we really fool ourselves into thinking that there is no message here?

    Can we really continue being the same people we were yesterday?

    Can we really continue ignoring the warning signs?

    Can we really assume that the world will go on as usual?

    Losing a giant is painful.

    Losing two giants is devastating.

    Losing three giants, from three parts of the world in a matter of days, is unbearable.

    The Torah world must gear up for the final battle.

    The battle to save this world from the throes of immorality.

    The battle to save this world from the desensitization of sin.

    The battle to stand up tall and proud in defense of the holy Torah and its values.

    We may not know all the details of the final battle.

    But one thing we do know, is who will be victorious.

    והיה ד’ למלך על כל הארץ

    The sides will be clearly defined.

    Good will win over evil.

    Truth will win over lies.

    Yaakov will win over Eisav

    Yitzchok will win over Yishmael

    Am Yisroel will win over Amalek

    Purity will win over promiscuity

    Tzniyus will win over Pritzus

    Torah will win over Tumah

    There will be no more gray; only black and white.

    נתתי לפניך את החיים ואת הטוב ואת המות ואת הרע

    We will be surprised, even shocked, what side of the fence people end up on.

    Let’s do our part now, before it’s too late, to make sure we end up on the right side of history, as the final chapter is written.

    ובחרת בחיים

    Choose wisely my dear brothers and sisters, choose wisely.

  7. i have seen the video. 37,000 is a pro staduim numer. stop trying to inflate the numbers to make it more special. be honest. solid ten thousand, no more.

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