Police Chief Rob Lawson Warns Of DWI And Underage Drinking Among Other Issues As Purim Approaches

lawson video purim messageURGENT VIDEO MESSAGE:TLS met with Police Chief Rob Lawson this morning, who had some very strong messages for the community as the festival of Purim quickly approaches. The Chief, who together with Committeemen Meir Lichtenstien and Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller made extensive preparations for Purim, warned about several pressing issues including serving alcohol to minors and DWI. Chief Lawson began his urgent message by saying that PD has ordered the placement of Crossing Guards at 14

 busy locations around town and Light Towers and Radar Screens as well. Also, the traffic pattern on 6th Street and Lawrence have been altered to facilitate the flow of traffic. 6th Street will become a one way Street West-bound, from Forest Avenue to Lakewood Avenue, and Lawrence Avenue will become one way North-bound, from East 8th Street to East 11th Street.

He then continued to address the alcohol issue. “Please, do not drink and drive”. “We have a zero-tolerance for driving while Intoxicated, and that will be strictly enforced over Purim” he told TLS. “He added “Do not have underage children drinking in your house”. “If they want to do that together with their parent as part of the tradition of Purim, that’s fine, but do not have them do that at YOUR house and then go out and unfortunately get injured”. Watch video for full message.

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  1. Is the town going to do this for Cinco de Mayo, New Years Eve, Chinese New Year, etc…
    How is the town funding this if they have such a big financial problem already? The price of fuel for light towers, crossing guards, etc..
    We can talk about closing down EMS to save money but we can find money for special events. WOW!

  2. Its our fault! we shouldn’t get the goyim involved in every aspect of our lives, now we pay the price. why cant we just stick to our rabonim why are we chasing police chiefs as if they are our leaders?

  3. OUR true leaders should approach our rabbonim. Tell them to ask every family to limit shalach manos. Not run all over town delivering. There are lives at stake. The crazy badgered husbands delivering shalach manos in a hurry cause so many accidents. One boy called me and said he will learn purim instead of collect, would I sponsor him. I said gladly. What a great idea. No drunk stupid bochrim showing up at my house , waking my kids, kissing me, forcing me to dance. This bochur learns, I send a check, we both get schar.
    All roshei yeshivas should promote such programs. No more limos, vomit, boys dressed like idiots all slimy and sweaty at your door covered in booze and spittle.
    Make a few takanos.
    We don’t need our police chief to save us from ourselves. We can do it.
    Why doesn’t herschel hershkowitz make this his new cause. Forget the stupid downtown. Purim is a bigger problem.

  4. rabbosai CHILL OUT purim is a gevaldiger day I love going all over town to deliver shalach manos to family and friends it is marbe rayus and friendship.. let’s not get fooled by some bored cold people trying to throw cold water on this gevaldiker yom tov.

  5. #3 says
    “Is the town going to do this for Cinco de Mayo, New Years Eve, Chinese New Year, etc…
    How is the town funding this if they have such a big financial problem already? The price of fuel for light towers, crossing guards, etc..
    We can talk about closing down EMS to save money but we can find money for special events. WOW!”

    Brilliant comment… If there would be a significant number of those denominations, then absolutely we would do that…if the PD aren’t here to help on a religious day of a significant number of its residence, who & when are they going to help??

  6. 10.JJ says:
    February 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm
    I am more concerned about how fast the snow will be cleaned up. Accuweather is forecasting 12 inches on Thursday Night

    Absolutely – Let’s make sure the DPW is fully prepared, staffed and capable so we can all have a true freilichen purim.

  7. Once again tls delets a very important subject facing our town purim is one day out of the year drugs is a every day problem did anyone ever say a word about drug use in our town maybe we need a. Few more overdoses. R”L to get the message across

  8. According to Rav Kanyevski Shlit’a if you get into the drivers seat of a car while your drunk (or without a license) you are a ROITZAY’ACH.(even if you don’t drive).

  9. to #7 (saichel) u have my haskoma.
    on the drugs/alcohol issue its about time we realize what purim is and what life is . we pray on yomkiPURIM chosmainu bsefer hachayim, but woe to the fools who think they are cute when they say vnahapoch hu to ubocharta bCHAYIMon purim.
    haposhim yikoshlu bum- how some ppl know how to turn their purim into a disaster in kimbals pess unit or worse. n to some unfortunates their disaster stays with them for quite even longer.
    tov achris dovor maraishiso so before you drink you should really think what is purim and what is it meant for life?

  10. I have a have afew friends in lkwd that are on drugs and know of some more cases so yes there are a bunch of druggies runnin around lkwd r”l so for all u yeshivish peolpe don’t say I’m not מקבל go out and see if u can do something about it

  11. What a joke? Money for this but not for the EMS.This is how Lakewood is moving to the future.Whos to blame? Obama,Christie,Corzine? Not them,blame the people running Lakewood to the ground.I will be surprise if my comment is not erase even that im not using any foul language or being racist.Thanks

  12. Yes the people go crazy on purim,. It is different that New Years Eve. Some people can’t take it when the truth is put in front of them. All the cheif is asking is for people to be responable for their actions. Other people live and drive in Lakewood,every day.

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