Police Chief Rob Lawson: Police Cracking Down On Bus Drivers’ Use Of Cell Phones And Inappropriate Activity

bus_tlsEXCLUSIVE VIDEO: In a video message with Police Chief Rob Lawson, it was made clear that Bus Drivers who violate the law, or act inappropriately, will see severe consequences. The Chief addressed a number of issues, many of which recently came to light after a number of parents came forward to the police.

Some of the issues the Chief addressed were, bus drivers talking on the cell phones while transporting children, bus drivers who – in an attempt to do double runs – drive in excessive speeds and carelessly through developments, and inappropriate activity.

“These buses are driving our most precious resource – our children – and as such, their driving should be exemplary”, said Chief Lawson.

“Also, the drivers will be watched for any other inappropriate behavior, such as taking pictures of children on their bus, or any other inappropriate issue”, the Chief said.

Watch video for full message.

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  1. This is terribly long overdue. All of the above issues and more happen ALL day EVERY day. It must be stopped. Thank you Chief Lawson for taking action.

  2. This makes me laugh.. when I see on a daily basis cops talking on their cell phones . If its a dangerous activity then its just as dangerous for the men in uniform also. In addition I think this behavior leads to the all to common perception… that the cops are not really concerned with our safety … I would love to see a response from the chief on this issue as well

  3. boy oh boy . lots of heads are gonna roll. its about time this was adressed. who do we complain to? if i complain to the boe they in turn go to the police anyway so i might as well go straight to the police

  4. I just want to say it’s not ALL bus driver’s just a certain few who make it bad for the rest of us, nor is it just the bus driver’s but the cops, and the other driver’s on the road. I for one do not talk or text while I am driving the bus, or car for that matter, so if there’s going to be a crack down give tickets to EVERYONE that’s doing it. And another thing I have NEVER sped through town to get my runs done, I’d rather run late then get a ticket for speeding and possibly loose my CDL.

  5. to yitzy katz says
    why do you point to other bad behavior to justify that of offending bus drivers ,are you not concerned for the safety of the children who are on the buses.








  7. When I taught preschool in NY a number of years ago, an adult monitor was mandatory by law on all school buses. (I’m not sure if this is still the law today.) I know this because as preschool teacher I was a bus monitor for a couple of years. This took care of many ofl the problems that #8 brought up. From what I understand, in NJ (or at least in Lakewood) NO adult monitors are ALLOWED on the buses because of insurance reasons. I believe it is ridiculous to sacrifice the safety of our children.

  8. Is a bus allowed to drop off passengers in the middle of a turn? Meaning, the bus driver enters the intersection but does not complete the turn. Stops the bus and passengers are let off in the middle of a 4 way intersection? i want to know if this is legal?

  9. I wonder if the parents who are complaining are the same ones who themselves talk on their cell phone while driving. Not that the bus drivers should be allowed to do it but let everyone who breaks the law get tickets.

  10. 11. clifton says:
    NOVEMBER 23, 2010 AT 9:51 PM
    ty chief also i would like to add : stopping on a corner to block all 4 sides of the intersection it is illegal !

    Your right, it is illegal but so is running a school buses red lights or cross traffic driving through an intersection when a school bus is dropping or picking up at a corner, you could run over children if you don’t stop! It’s so easy to blame bus drivers for motorists own mistakes that cause a driver to feel they need to block an intersection to PROTECT the children they drive! Everyone’s in such a hurry to go no where!, everyday cars run my lights while children are crossing, what will it take #11?…………I guess a child getting killed but at least I didn’t block traffic in all directions. I’m sorry if I care about my passengers safety soooo much to inconvenience your commute for a whole 30 seconds to a minute.

  11. Its about time they clamped down on all the infractions that these drivres put the safety of the children at risk. to those who complain about others who do the same thats not the issue here ~ ITS THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN that is the issue, Question Why does the company that hires these people tolerate this ?They should be put on notice that their job would be in jepardy if they continue to drive in a hazardous manner

  12. I can tell you from my own personal experience the reason why I would block an intersection is I have children getting off the bus and going in 4 different directions, it is for the child’s safety not to annoy the other driver’s on the road, but hey, if you don’t think I should put the CHILD’S SAFETY before your own selfish needs then by all means run my lights, just remember it might be YOUR child getting off the bus.

  13. tobus driver says:

    I can tell you from my own personal experience the reason why I would block an intersection is I have children getting off the bus and going in 4 different directions,
    This is illegal , you annot decide which laws you will follow and which one’s you won’t . By doing so you put their safety at risk

  14. By that same token, you can’t decide either which laws to follow or not, I block and intersection so NO ONE can get around me not unless they drive on the sidewalk. I have had one too many cars go through my lights and almost hit a child because they were in too much of a rush.

  15. I have never driven past a school bus that was letting children off ,thats no excuse for blocking a whole intersection , again pointing to others who violate the law is no excuse for taking matters in to your own hands .You are right in this town no respects the motor vehicle laws , but you cannot decide to violate them to get “even”

  16. I’m not trying to get even, just trying to get the children off bus safely. Just try driving a bus for one day in this town and see what we have to deal with on a daily basis.

  17. To bus driver says:
    I must agree you have your hands full , I think in the long run there needs to be some concerted effort to clamp down on all the abuse of traffic laws by all those who drive in this town .

  18. this is oh so true, I don’t like to block intersections but sometimes it is necessary, I treat all the kids that ride my bus as if they are my own, and I don’t want to see any one of them to get hurt. Maybe if people would stop and think hey that could be my child getting off the bus wouldn’t I being a parent want the driver to do everything possible to ensure my child’s safety.

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