PHOTOS: What Potholes? Craters. Mayor, Committee to Hold Emergency Meeting

potholes lkwd 3Missing your vehicle? Check the holes in the roads. That’s how pathetic the jokes are around town these days. No, the drivers in Lakewood for the most part are not drunk. They’re simply trying to navigate through the crater-ridden roads – without falling in.

Here’s another comment by one of our readers. “Drivers should be careful not to hit any kids that might be stuck inside one of the many potholes in town. Rumor has it that the IDF is being called in to destroy these tunnels.”

But all jokes aside, when potholes actually becomes a topic of conversation, you know it’s real bad.

According to reports from our readers, as well as from police and other officials, there are literally hundreds of pothole-turned-craters around town, some so bad that roads needed to be shut.

potholes lkwd 3-15Last week, police shut South Clifton Avenue southbound due to the deep potholes, and on Friday police shut 6th Street between Clifton and Lexington avenues due to potholes.

“The DPW is dealing with much bigger and better stuff apparently, since the road has been closed for almost 24 hours already and not a singe truck or crew have been spotted yet to even assess the situation,” a frustrated 6th Street resident told TLS. “The road closure only occurred after residents placed countless phone calls to LPD that dozens of vehicles had to be pulled out on Purim due to the severity of the holes.”

Last night, a vehicle had to be towed after being severely damaged by deep potholes.

This morning, TLS reached out to Mayor Akerman for answers.

The Mayor told TLS that he, along with the other Committeemen, has scheduled an emergency meeting with DPW tomorrow to tackle this issue.

2“We want them to know that no costs will be spared to fix the potholes,” the Mayor told TLS.

The Mayor also asked that motorists call in potholes to the DPW to ensure it’s placed on the list.


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  1. The township already said that the cold mix is only a temporary fix. Could they put a hot mix into the holes now or not? Why can’t they find a way to get a hot mix in the winter? If they can’t, then what exactly is the purpose of the meeting? Is there going to be a meeting about putting a cold mix into all these holes?

  2. can someone clarify if indeed Lakewood seals the cracks in the roads like other municipalities and if this is supposed to help prevent potholes?

  3. I’m waiting for the first person to comment “How we should appreciate all that the DPW does for this town…”
    Not that I don’t, but for paying $8600 property tax for a townhouse,all I ask for, is to plow the streets and fix the potholes in a timely fashion.

    Is that asking to much?

  4. Such unimpressive work and such irresponsibility in this township it’s shocking! The potholes/craters have been here for weeks already and they’re first calling a meeting tomorrow? Everyone who blew out a tire or had damage to their car should charge it to the township and we’ll see how fast these issues will be dealt with!

  5. I busted up my car last week sun night on a huge pothole Lexington & 9th which will cost me close to $1,000 to fix.they fixed the pothole the next morning only to find it opened again that same day I mean come on what are they putting in the potholes tissue paper!

  6. Thank you TLS for bringing this out to the public which in turn creates accountability. Otherwise…,….
    Mayor wise, an emergency meeting doesn’t wait for Monday to discuss and strategize and then some more time till work can commence. In the private sector, emergency means immediately! No questions asked and if work can not be done in house then work is immediately outsourced. In general I’m curious to know what a repair costs the township, I firmly believe that outsourcing them properly would even come in cheaper, yes with an insured and legal vendor……and all other township requirements. The key to management is to be lined up, not to start figuring it out after the fact, some people are asleep here obviously.

  7. My car got severly damages last week I quickly call the police to put a cone there so no one else will experience wat I did while the officer was writing a report for me someone else came by and asked officer for a report stating he cracked his rim 2 hours prior to my falling in2 pothole I thought to myself if only he would have called the police then, I wouldn’t have to deal with my damage now.

  8. I have an idea instead of sending out the temporary patch crew for the same wholes 3-7 times a year Fix them once with the right equipment.
    if the township doesn’t have enough equipment then pay a reliable outside company to do it. THE TOWNSHIP WILL END UP SAVING MONEY!

  9. Why are you only meeting tomorrow? There is an emergency going on now! it is unbelievable that you didn’t meet this morning or last night. NYC has emergency pot hole crews filling them today.

  10. If your car is damaged by a pothole, the township is liable for damages. Make sure you take pictures at the scene of the incident to include the pothole as well as the damage to your car. As soon as possible go into the Police Department and make a police report then head to the township building and they’ll direct you to the proper department to file your claim.

  11. I called in multiple potholes turned craters in westgate already 5 times this winter. Every time I call they don’t come to fix it until I call twice and also leave a message for the supervisor. Then they come fix it and it opens up a week later and we start all over again! Between the shopping plaza and Central avenue there are a few craters. This township is one big joke!

  12. Dear Readers, The issue is very frustrating for all the dodging, and on some block you can’t even do that, and the costs are extremely expensive if you get stuck. However the township comittee is very involved and trying the best of their ability to get our problems under control, I know first hand what some of the Comitte members were doing on purim for Lakewood, I don’t think it would justify to say they are just occupying their time with other things rather then taking care of our town.

  13. I hear that one option being considered is to wait until the vast networks of potholes conjoin so that the roads are once again leveled albeit a few feet lower.

  14. I don’t understand. They send out a crew to fix the potholes that they know will not last. They paid lots of money for this,and they know they will come back in a few days. Why waste good money.Why don’t they fix it the right way the first time?

  15. You are saying repave the roads in town,I agree but my question is how will they keep traffic off them do the work? Some streets would need to be closed so the the complainers would start saying they can’t get out to go here and there , maybe patching is the best way. Also some roads are county.

  16. Interesting to note, the township roads which are not plowed or salted as well as the county roads ostensibly to save the roads,are in worse shape than the county roads.

  17. This is not unique to Lakewood. Many roads in Ocean County have same problems. Driving through other Monmouth and Mercer county they do not seem to have these issues. So what is really going on in Ocean County that we have so many potholes? Time for administration in each township to step up and address this.

  18. Monster pot holes on pine street coming from route 9 couple hundred feet before the stop sign .be ware . I have an suv and I basically bottomed out

  19. Well here in Monsey it’s same story…even on roads that were repaved last summer…so before u kvetch and whine do ur research

  20. I have a question. How much more tax revenue would be required to establish proper maintenance of roads, including whatever engineers and outside counsel.( dollar amount) If this question can’t be answered, its time to clean house.

  21. there is a few huge ones on Miller Rd coming up the hill towards Gudz. Miller is a county road so it would seem that this problem is an equal oppurtunity destroyer.

  22. They know one language – Class action lawsuit!!! If there is a good lawyer out there that wants to take this on, let us know (Look at all the interest above)

  23. It’s actually official Lakewood Township policy to not fill pot holes that are under 4 feet deep.

    It’s similar to the policy not to plow until the snow is 4 feet high.

    It’s a Lakewood Lavud

  24. Wanna repave all the streets no problem I’m all for it. Just get ready for huge tax increases. Replacing streets is very very expensive.

  25. Don’t bother wasting your time filing a claim against the township for damages. Last year I blew out two tires in a pothole on Oak St. the size of the Grand Canyon. I took pictures, had proof of damages and followed all the directions to files a claim. I received a letter two months later stating that I was required to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the township knew about this pothole for atleast 24 hours prior to my incident and did not fix it or they aren’t liable. Tell me, how am I supposed to prove that? DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

  26. Trying to fix pot holes with cold patch during this type weather is like throwing $100 bills in to the fireplace. Need to hot patch with a completely dry hole in order for the patch to correctly work otherwise you are wasting tax dollars. slow down and watch out for the holes.

  27. Emergency meeting? If not now when?
    Police blocking lane on Clifton forcing you to drive through pot hole south bound. What’s that all about?

  28. Perhaps these potholes are a way to force drivers to pay attention to the road and not text while driving. If we don’t fix the potholes for a week we might be able break the habit!

  29. @13 care for others; since I was there first we both know the pothole was easily avoidable had we both not been on the phone………

  30. Is there a way to prevent pot holes from occurring? Is there something that could have been done or should have been done to prevent this mess?Why are there no pot holes on many roads?

  31. I agree with Zalmy, last year the snow plough went so much on my lawn..18 inches, ripped out sprinkler heads, we took pictures etc. Spoke to city right away, They did come and clean the dirt and grass so they did acknowledge to a degree that they did the problem….would they replace the two sprinklers heads………claimed we drove over them that caused it. We pay their paycheck with our tax dollars yet they take us as fools like we will suddenly believe them that it was us and not them.

  32. I ran over a pothole on purim and busted my tire. Was stuck on the way to brooklyn for two hours til i had the spare on and couldnt go in anymore. This will be a purim to remember! Lets go TLS followers- VENT!

  33. wawwwwwwww, me me me me me, blah blah

    A pothole is a type of failure in an asphalt pavement, caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and the presence of traffic passing over the affected area. Introduction of water to the underlying soil structure first weakens the supporting soil.

    No ones fault, mother nature based issue. Just slow down and drive gingerly (hahahaha) over or through the object at low speed.
    End of discussion

  34. Hey Pothole Pete –

    why don’t you just go bust a few tires on one of your favorite potholes instead of dishing out your dirty asphalt at the many concerned drivers.

  35. They should start having the roads paved with stone like they have down Clifton ave. They have them in Israel all over bec they last many years longer and less chances for potholes

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