PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Over 1,000 Gather at Statehouse to Protest Stricter Gun Laws in NJ

PHOTOS & VIDEOS [BELOW]: Over 1,000 gun-rights activists gathered at the Trenton Statehouse Friday morning to protest further control on firearms in New Jersey.Among the protesters, were many Orthodox – including some from Lakewood.

“It’s a warning protest that we gun owners will not give one inch”, a rally attendee told TLS. “The 2nd amendment was not put there to protect hunting and sports shooting, it was put there to protect the people from a government gone out of control. And what comes out of that, is Nazi Germany.”

However, it seems the protest, sponsored by NJ2AS, didn’t do much for them, as an Assembly Panel announced the same day that will be introducing additional and stricter gun laws to reduce violence.

Governor Christie was invited to the rally, but did not attend.

Speakers included:

Frank Fiamingo – Introduction
Ms. Tatiana Moroz – National Anthem
Rabbi Dovid Bendory – Convocation
Mayor Steve Lonegan
Attorney Evan Nappen
Senator Michael Doherty
Attorney Daniel Schmutter
Attorney Dave Jensen
Attorney Scott Bach
Assemblywoman Alison McHose
Rabbi Dovid Bendory
Capitalist Marksman Anthony Colandro
Minority Businessman Ainsley Reynolds
Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll
Businessman Robert Viden
Assemblyman Nelson Albano
Conservative Talk Show Host Brett Rappaport
Conservative Talk Show Host Sue Ann Penna
Activist and Wounded Warrior Advocate Al Dolce
Activist Barbara Gonzalez
Conservative Congressional Candidate David Larsen
Conservative Political Advocate Candidate Bader Qarmout
Citizen and Veteran John Willett
Senatorial Candidate Joe Rudy Rullio.


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  1. People abuse what they consider to be their second amendment rights. Like all the amendments in the constitution, it is quite vague. It does not state that everybody should be able to bare any weapons they please. To argue that it does would be insanity. Clearly, the framers meant for there to be some threshold to it. Also, we know that the framers left out many details and left a lot of interpretations open ended so that future generations could decide what would serve the people of the time. The constitution is a living thing and is not set in stone. This ensures that our government remains governed by the people, and FOR the people, and their CHANGING needs. The framers saw it over 200 years ago and it’s jut as evident now.

  2. They announced it the same day, because even in horrible weather and threat of a blizzard, more then 1000 of my fellow Patriots showed up to have our voices heard. And we will not stop there. Governor Christie has sent out a task force to hear the people, and these liberal senators are choosing to ignore this, and instead try to strip honest citizens of their natural rights. Anybody who loves their freedoms afforded to us by our forefathers, should be absolutely ashamed of this legislation, and should stand up and contact their State senators and assemblyman.

  3. #1 The 2nd amendment is the most unvague of all the amendments and for you to say its vague just shows how uneducated on the subject you are so let me give you a free lesson
    1. Yes, the framers did have in mind that everyone should have the same fire power as our military
    A)they wrote shall not be infringed is that so hard to understand, i’m not sure how much clearer it can be, its the only time they use that admonition
    B)To say that they would never have imagined the civilian population having such powerful weapons is bogus because clearly they didn’t only have muskets in those days, they had heavy artillery such as cannons which even by today’s standards are heavy weapons, and yet they still said shall not be in fringed they didn’t say except cannons
    2)If you know anything about American history you’ll know that the American revolution was set off by the British confiscating the colonists arms and gun powder, so from that prospective it makes perfect sense that the reason they put the 2nd amendment in there is to protect all the other amendments because if there is no second amendment its very easy for any government to ban free speech and religion if there is no threat of armed resistance
    3) how would you like it, if the government said since there are an element of Islam who creates terror we will place laws restricting its practice like maybe you need to pass a permitting process to make sure you are not a terrorist or extremist or maybe, restrict Judaism because there are some unruly Jews as well, how about lets practically ban Islam and Judaism and everyone should be christian, it just makes things so mainstreamed! under your logic that is perfectly constitutional because they are not taking away your freedom of religion because they still let you be christian!
    why would you except that argument by the 2nd amendment but not by a single of the other amendments? only the 2nd amendment is vague but non of the others!? does that really make sense to you?
    I’ll tell you one thing if 1 million of the 6 million were heavily armed i’m pretty sure the out come would have been alot different
    Stop taking the most precious of all the amendments the one guaranteeing all your other freedoms and trashing it, instead you should be guarding it with intense paranoia and jealousy

  4. Hey geshmak, just like Weimar Germany turned into the Third Reich, we’ll just let the winds of change work their wonders. I’ll let you live in a world that renders you defenseless due to a “living constitution” while I and those whose eyes can see maintain the ability to fight.

  5. Geshmakalypse, The Constitution is not a living thing it is a contract. It is a limitation on Government authority designed to be very difficult to change. There is only one mechanism which can change the Constitution – the amendment process. When judges alter the constitution by decree, they strip the people of their sole authority to amend it, so be careful what you believe. You might just get it. Also, you are confusing weapons with arms. No one is saying that a person should be able to possess any weapon whatsoever, merely arms that are appropriate for lawful purposes, which most importantly include self-defense, defense of family and other innocent life and defense of community and State. Clearly, a semi-automatic firearm meets the definition of arms for those purposes. Ask yourself this: as you step between an intruder and your family, about to engage in the fight for your lives, just how many bullets should the government allow you to have in your magazine? Right now, there is a bill in the NJ Assembly that says that your life is worth no more than 5 bullets. There is another bill that would mandate that you have five personal references to purchase a gun – making your rights dependent on the approval of your neighbors. There is another bill that would mandate that the police enter and inspect your home and have the authority to declare you unfit to own a firearm. Sound familiar? These are just a couple of the 43 anti-civilian gun ownership bills that have been proposed in your legislature. Of course, law enforcement is exempted from all of them. Perhaps, instead of pontificating, you should read these bills and join us.

  6. To Barry, armed and Robert: you’re logic is foolish. None of the amendments freedoms are absolute. You have the right to freedom of speech but not if it is slanderous. You have the right to practice your religion but not if your religion requires human sacrifices. Imagine now, there were a new amendment stating that everyone had a right to keep and drive a car. Now, would you feel comfortable with EVERYONE driving cars? Or would you wish to curtail the amendments freedoms to people who pass a test, have proper vision, are mentally stable and over a certain age? I should hope not as most logical people would agree with that. Well, the same exact logic applies to the right to keep and bear arms. We can’t have criminals, children (who are not barred according to your strict constitutional interpretation), the mentally ill or grossly irresponsible keeping guns. Lastly, if you do in fact think that civilians should have the same fire power as our military, the. You are clearly a fool. I don’t think it’s necessary to even explain why this is so. Where would everybody park their tanks in our town? Parking is bad enough!

  7. Geshmakalypse: you just don’t get it do you? im not answering you im just going to educate the people reading this, the freedoms listed in the constitution “are absolute” the difference is my freedom ends at the tip of your nose as long as my freedom is not infringing on your freedom i am protected, so with that in mind lets take apart your argument (i wont stoop to your level calling you a fool i will just use facts) your absolutely right if my speech damages someone else then i dont have the right, I dont have the right of religion if it calls for making human sacrifices absolutely right, but i do have the right to have any kind of arms i want as they do not cause a threat to anybody. Im not sure were the whole car thing comes in so i wont even bother going there, this is a constitutional discussion. and lastly i would like it if you can list one law of the thousands we have that keep us safer there are non, they are all useless

  8. ToBarry says:
    you are 100% correct depite the fact that there are those who probably could not understand what the constitution is all about , when we start rewriting and changing what the fathers of this nation had in mind when they scripted out the basis for this nation we will no longer be America the land of the free and home of the brave .

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