BREAKING PHOTOS: Brief storm topples trees onto homes and vehicles in Lakewood; Over 16,000 without power

As severe storms moved into Lakewood this evening, dozens of live wires and trees were knocked down by strong winds and heavy rains, causing sever damage.

Emergency services received numerous calls for reports of over a dozen downed trees across roads and on top of cars, transformer fires, and live wires on roads. There are also reports of people stuck in elevators waiting for emergency responders to free them. At least one tree crashed through a home, causing severe damage.

Two people were trapped in at least one vehicle struck by a tree felled by heavy winds. Luckily, nobody was injured and they were successfully extricated from the vehicle after power was cut to the nearby lines – over an hour later.

Over 16,000 homes in Lakewood are currently without power as they await JCP&L crews to be dispatched.

If you see live wires on the ground, call 9-1-1 and JCP&L immediately.

Emergency services are on alert as they experience high call volume due to the many simultaneous emergencies occurring across town.

It is estimated that the storm caused well over $1 million damages across Lakewood.





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    • There is a famous segula from the Mahatzrash to do teshuva when trees fall down. If I remember correctly, the segulah works even better if the trees fall down during the 3 weeks.

  1. Mr Time to do Teshuva,

    Time to start teshuva by getting off the internet and not trolling the comments about a storm that has cause financial and other harm to people.

    Mi Samcha l’mashgiach?

  2. Its mamesh crazy out there.
    2 girls were stuck in a car on E. 13th St with a wire on top of the car roof. Ouch !!
    @Elul Coming – Plz, dont slack off now those meds are very important. You were doing well a whole year.
    Try to not miss even a single dose.

      • Natural disaster???
        Everything is orchestrated by G-d. That is why sometimes you have big storms and sometimes you don’t.
        That is why there are fast days set up for droughts. Why we pray for rain every year. Why we ask by tefillas geshem that it should be lebracha velo leklalah. Even though there are “natural causes” That is just the way HaShem does it.
        As to whether this has anything to do with sheitels is a different story. Each person could see where they need to improve and do it. Myself included, I have more than most ppl that I need to work on and am not. I hope I can use this as a catalyst for significant growth.
        Wishing all of Klal Yisroel only good from now on!!

  3. why are children near the fallen trees? also, if there is flooding children should not be in the water as it is probably polluted and also is an electrical shock hazard.

    • I thought it was a clear sign that we all must vaccinate right away. I am just curious, when we had a heat wave during Shabbos, why didn’t you comment then?

  4. Peple wake up. This is a clear sign from hashem that if we see someone with a long sheitel we should cut it. And if we see someone with a smartphone we should brake his smartphone and make a huuuuuge protest ????.

    And by doing this moshiach will come extremely quickly so who is joining my endevour, i’m going to open up a website so people can join this huge mitzva

  5. This shows you we are all connected if power lines go down we all don’t have power, similar to drilling a hole to the bottom of a boat, the whole boat sinks. Or if an individual doesn’t vaccinate it endangers ALL of us, new borns, etc etc

  6. The incident on E.13th Street where actually two trees snapped and landed on a van with two girls inside and which also brought down the electric wires as well, brought a large and fast response from our emergency services. I live a block away and saw it unfold. However it took JCP& L an hour and a quarter to show up on scene. Those girls who were trapped in their van in addition to the dozens of emergency service personnel as well as police officers had to literally wait till JCP&L could make it their business to show up. That it could take that long for them to show up needs to be seriously looked at.

  7. I don’t know about the sheitels and the smartphones, but this certainly gives us a glimpse at the inferior quality homes being built in Lakewood by builders who are laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. This is all happening because of a lack of tznius in Lakewood. Hashem is sending a message that this generation is like the dor hamabul.One can walk around Lakewood and see woman dressed like they would prefer not to be wearing clothing and put on the bare minimum. Its geferlach. Please woman, dress appropriately for Ir Hotoira that Lakewood is. If you want to dress like_______ then go somewhere else not Lakewood. This is the cause CV of all these tragedies. May we all be zoicha to a yeshua.

  9. Dear Mayor,
    I don’t know if you currently have power or not, but now is the time to step up and be pushy and make jcpl work for your constituents.
    I know they have a lot of outages in Ocean and Monmouth counties, but whoever applies the most pressure is usually serviced first.

  10. Getting the jcpl crew here a few hours quicker can mean the difference in needing to throw out lots of food for your constituents.
    Mr. Coles, now is the time to put pressure on jcpl, and show us you can do the job.

  11. All ballai musser should get off the internet immediately

    the world will survive , your not providing any toeles to the tzibbur

  12. Look at the picture. No insulation, no water barrier just 1/2 inch wallboard and siding. Match stick mansions with vast profit margins.

  13. We certainly should all do teshuva.
    1. If you have a dead tree on your property, have it chopped down and keep the mitzva of ולא תשים דמים בביתך.

    2. Even if a tree only has some dead branches, chop them down. Otherwise, they will infect the whole tree and cause similar problems.

    3. Buy some flashlights for cheap. They can make all the difference

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