PHOTO: Open House in Toms River Gets Ugly; Police Called

tr open houseAn open house in Toms River got so ugly today, that police needed to respond to keep the situation under control, TLS has learned.

The incident began when a Toms River family decided to sell their home so they could be closer to their work. The home, near the Lakewood border, was listed privately, but things quickly turned ugly.

“Neighbors began harassing her online, calling her names etc. for wanting to sell her home,” a neighbor told TLS.

That’s when the family decided to list their home with a (Frum) broker, and make an open house with balloons and all, in an effort to show they won’t tolerate bullying.

“She decided there was no way she was going to live next to such people,” the neighbor said. “They were blasting me online,” the neighbor quoted the woman as saying.

But things got even worse.

Today, during the open house hours, neighbors got together and all parked their vehicles on the street, in an apparent protest and ensuring the visitors don’t have anywhere to park.

One female neighbor, sources told TLS, even came out in an inappropriate bathing suit, despite the chilly weather.

“The way I see this,” said a Toms River resident, “is that it was about not wanting them to sell to a specific group of people. And coming out in a bathing suit in this weather – it wasn’t to enjoy the warm weather. It was clearly to incite.”

Multiple police officers responded to the scene to keep it from getting even further out of control.



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  1. Wow! What’s next; an ordinance in Toms River and Jackson banning the sale of a home to ummmmm….a Jew? But they’ll still try saying there’s no Anti-Semitism involved, right?

  2. Good thing prospective buyers get a chance to see what racist animals live on that block before finding themselves in an extremely volatile and frightening living condition!!

  3. Hisgarus b’amim is not dependent on what’s legal etc. Maybe speak Tio a Rov about it before we start a campaign against us. Don’t forget we are in galus and Kol Yisroel areivim what you do by inciting will effect all Frum Jews.

  4. Not one to pull out the “antisemitism” card carelessly, but this (and those “Don’t Sell. Toms River/Jackson Strong signs) is nothing short of anti-semitism. Not wanting to be harassed by brokers is one thing, discriminating against one group is another. They would never do it to a Syrian refugee family that wanted to move in.

  5. Toms River strong means we don’t want to be forced to sell our houses to people who don’t want any part of our community. Certain newcomers want to change it and get rid of people who don’t share the same beliefs.

  6. “Don’t Sell” doesn’t mean not to sell to Jews!!!! In fact, it’s the opposite. If you would like to know what it means, as one of the creators, it means Don’t sell just because someone from a different community moves in! We are not running away because we have new neighbors!!! The ones that are selling are the ones afraid of living next to new people! Get your facts straight. I’m tired of this movement being labeled “anti-Semitic”. People interpret how they want but I assure you, it’s not the Jackson Strong supporters that have a problem with new neighbors!!

  7. On the other side of the issues going on in this area of TR, is it okay for these realtors to actively blockbust? Is it okay for 8 realtors to be able to canvas the same streets over and over for two months in a row? Is it okay for these same realtors to sit outside houses for hours and stalk the owners? Perhaps people just don’t want to move.

  8. to those Toms River residents who are claiming that the don’t sell campaigns is not anti-semetic. While that may have been your intention, and the intent of some others. There are many who clearly have anti-Semitic intentions, and this incident can be explained in no other way.

    Personally, I don’t see why anyone would move to an area where they are not wanted. It is a shame there isn’t more understanding, but you deal with the facts on the ground.

    I don’t see Toms River or Jackson as a long term solution to the housing crisis in Lakewood, as the home values in the areas near Lakewood have already skyrocketed in price. However, I do feel bad for the sellers of this home, as the value of their house just plummeted.

    They will likely end up selling to an investor for a lower price, and the lovely neighbors will have to contend with the tenants that move in.

  9. Lisa, is $600,000 – $800,000 for your house being FORCED?? When I buy in a neighborhood who told you I have to be part of your group?? I’m not marrying into a block, I’m buying a house to live my life as I see fit. Don’t like it? MOVE

  10. Let’s just all call this what it is. Outright anti-semitism. If these were black people wanting to move into this neighborhood, AL Sharpton would be holding protests, and this would be picked by the media across the country. The outcry would be thundering. Oh wait. This is jews so who cares. Enough is enough. We should all band together and create a movement of our own. Not one unwanted Jew should offer to buy any house in the area for 12 months. This would drive down the already inflated prices in the area. I would want to see how long it would take for them to be begging realtors to list and sell their houses. An eye for an eye.

  11. @jenna really?! Judging by your fellow TR neighbors actions today they didn’t get that side of your “Don’t Sell” memo. If they were trying to intimidate their neighbor from selling, why would they block potential buyers from an open house in inappropriate attire?! Huh?! You can’t hide your blatant anti-semitism behind one comment.

  12. When a black family moved onto my block, nobody would dream of making any kind of trouble for them. They had ever right to live there just like I do. Even though I came 20 yrs before them. Even though we have vastly different lifestyles. This is what this great country is about. This behavior is bigotry at its worst. Shame on them!!!

  13. I don’t have to be anti Semitic to be disgusted by the behavior.
    Sadly the eventual result of an increased tax burden coupled with a diminished tax base will be detrimental to the existing community.
    This has been proven over and over again.

  14. Good story. Great Posts. Just BTW, as anyone who pays attention to current market values for houses can tell you, the price of this house didn’t go down a dollar from this incident. The TR houses are nice, spacious and comfortable. The properties are pristine. Theres already 20 families there with an unreal, exceptional, off the charts Ruv. No one cares about one unruly neighbor. I bet the house goes into contract by Wednesday, out of attorney review by Monday & new family is in before Tu B’Shvat. The Vort will be the day before Taanis Esther. Mazel Tov !!!

  15. To all the goyim commenting: We Yidden have nothing against you and we respect your values and traditions. We love goyim!
    (Raboisai I am trying to make a kiddush hashem remember we are in golus)

  16. To one and all- we musnt forget we are all really friends and brothers and most of us on both sides are good people with a lot of misunderstanding. Let’s unite and meet for an evening of empathy, understanding and good communication!!!!we can all solve this crisis by understanding each other!!

  17. I think Jenna was sincere.However there definitely seems to be quite a bit of anti semitism as of late. Members of surrounding communities protesting in various forms whether through town hall meetings or as occurred today is heartbreaking and just shows the underlying misunderstanding between the various communities here in the Lakewood and surrounding neighborhoods. I’m not sure what needs to be done, but more effort needs to be made to come to a peaceful resolution before this spirals out of control.

  18. I find this very not nice of the people of the neighbors. I think this person who selling her house have the right to do so. Tom Rivers and Jackson neighbors listen up WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Don’t think Jackson Strong and Tom River Strong will win. It a bluff and I think it not even valuable on what you trying to accomplish here. I am very upset with your actions and freedom of Voice of Nation. Where do you think you come into violence behaviors and immature ideas. I want you people to stop hurting people and leave us alone and we aren’t doing anything harm the nations. We are Humans remember. Whatever you are hearing isn’t true about the Jewish people we are like you as Human beings. I thank the Tom Rivers Police coming out of their ways to help this Immature neighbors. I want you Neighbors to apologies to this lady who have the freedom of choice to sell her house. It none of your business. I ask Mayors from 2 Town to take action against the Anti Semitic behavior and stop agreeing with this behaviors. School are allow to be built anywhere as long we obey the laws. I am very disappointed with the Mayors and they should realized this is not respected at all..

  19. I really appreciate your explanation of the STAY STRONG campaign. Your intention seems genuine and I believe all civil people can get along well. Being a good neighbor is all that counts and as a recent Jewish Toms River Homebuyer, I have to say that the neighbors we have met have all been lovely.
    I honestly feel so bad and hope noone is moving because of some neighbors, I hope the people selling are not indeed forced, I hope they are selling for personal benficial reasons and not out of fear or hate.

    Looking forward to many peaceful years together.

  20. Hey Toms River… You wanted to change the name from Dover Township to Toms River, well get ready you will be changing it to Lakewood South. You will have the traffic, school taxes, busing, crowding, crime, etc…. This may be the real reason for not wanting to sell just look how Lakewood turned out.

  21. What kind of “shared beliefs” do people have to have before moving into your area? You are not talking about people who want to bring bad values to your neighborhood. You are talking about people who want quiet, calm, safe areas to raise their families. In order for someone to move onto your block – without being UNWANTED – they just have to be law-abiding, safe, nice people who are not looking to hurt anyone or do any damage. That is my feeling on MY block. They do NOT have to attend your schools or events or even speak your language. Saying that someone wants to move and not be a part of YOUR community is racism no matter what ethnic group you are talking about.

  22. I’m not sure what to make of any of these comments!! One person is asking for more “understanding” for themselves but not offering understanding for those that already live there! You want to label this as blanket anti Semitic by all but as stated in the above comment…their is a Lakewood Housing crisis…only to get worse in the coming years!! Not everybody wants their town to become a traffic nightmare strewn with multi family duplexes. I have watched how unattractive Lakewood has become because of overcrowding and total lack of proper future planning. However, I don’t hate Jewish people because of what the town has become!! One persons religion has no bearing on ME!! I dislike the fact that those responsible on the township committee and other planning committees have allowed this type of building construction without seeing the consequences…especially in the infrastructure! Playing catchup is where we are at now!
    Also, just because someone is throwing 600-800k at your feet for your home doesn’t mean I’m supposed to be thankful and jump for joy!! Some people love where they live and DON’T want to move!!

  23. Lumping into groups is convenient but not accurate. Realtors are not equivalent to the whole population of Jews or individual buyers; not everyone on the block is anti or a protester.

    That said, it is always a challenge when demographics shift. It’s normal and natural for people to feel most comfortable within their own cultural group, but it’s also normal for change to happen. For those living in Toms River for many years, having a group that is completely segregated must be difficult. However, to look at the positive side, this group does not bring along with it violence, higher crime rate, lower real estate value, etc. Speak to those who live in neighborhoods which have shifted in this way. They will have to admit that while they may not prefer completely segregated communities, they feel safe and secure, perhaps even more so than before. And if and when they will choose to move out, they will find the value of their homes have increased rather than decreased.

  24. I think many comments aren’t fair. If the Jewish people want understanding that we’re not all the same, and a few bad apples (uncaring landlords/investors, pushy realtors, whatever) don’t represent the rest of us (TRUE!), we have to have the same understanding of the non-Jews around us. One or two or even three silly neighbors doesn’t make all of Toms River and Jackson into anti-semites or horrible people!! The understanding has to be mutual. I am a fine Jew. She (Jenna, for example), is a fine non-Jew. I wouldn’t mind being her neighbor, she wouldn’t mind being mine. Let’s not forget that the minority doesn’t speak for “us”…. nor for “them”. Whoever the “us” and “them” is in any particular situation!!

    (As an aside, btw, Jenna, thanks for the explanation of the “strong” campaign. If anyone’s been taking it to a different extreme, it was eye-opening to see that that is not the intention of most/all residents!)

  25. Also, the anti-Semitic label doesn’t fly, as this block has residents of the Jewish religion, and has had for years. I do not have to move, nor do I want to. I simply resent “realtors” who came in stating the community wants to live here, so you have to move.

  26. You need to understand that all anyone in the surrounding towns know of the Lakewood community is what they have seen happen in Lakewood. The “Jackson Strong” movement is put into place to educate people. To inform people that our town has different zoning than Lakewoid and that we will stand strong to make sure those laws are being adhered to. Since we started the movement we have brought to light abuse tgat was going on in a local “christian” church, we have successfully stopped a local business from polluting our wells and ruining the quality of life for residents. This is not about being anti-semetic. Feel free to join the page and you will see. I can’t speak for Toms River but Jackson Strong wants to bring residents together for the betterment of the town. We have no one specific group other than ALL Jackson residents best interest at heart.

  27. This mess rest solely on the shoulders of the Jackson and Tom’s River politicians who thought it wise to flex their muscles and create these ordinances. All they did was egg-on their constituents and create discord amongst the neighborhoods. The meetings reeked of hate and bile against Lakewood residents, and the men in power did nothing to quell the crowd. Shame on the Mayors and committee men- you owe Lakewood community a public apology. Mr Mayors: If this was another community you would have had Bnei Brith and Anti Defamation League drag you thru court in no time. For shame!

  28. My wife and I traveled from Brooklyn to see that house last Sunday in that neighborhood. We were approached by a man with a shotgun and told us to stay out of Toms River. I just want to say I do understand the hardship and what is going on. They all see the Jewish community in Lakewood and what it has become. I am not Hassidic I am an Orthodox Jew and I wear NY Giants jersey I go to (moderated) concerts. I am a Dentist and have had a practice now for 20 years. I played Football and Hockey in high school and my wife Sara had been an Attorney for 15 years with Fidelity investors. My 3 boys are so involved in sports and my youngest son plays lead guitar in a Rock band that yes plays (moderated) We are as normal as any other family. My apologies to the residents of Toms River. We will not be visiting anytime soon. I see from these posting it’s getting Ugly. My suggestion is to the rest of the Jewish community is to stay out. We don’t need the violence or some ones life being taken over a house. Enjoy your Holidays and Peace be with you…Joel

  29. To Jeffrey: increased tax burden? Diminished tax base? Please explain how your logic makes sense- these are all currently tax-paying homes and will continue to be so even if bought by new buyers. Even if members of the Jewish community buy houses, they are also paying the Property taxes but will not be sending their children to the local public schools since they will need to send to religious schools, most likely in Lakewood. So the town would her their tax dollars and would mostly be used for the public school system without these buyers even using the schools. So the tax burden is not increased, and the tax base is not diminished.

  30. Response to Joel sorry for your bad experience you and wife had. I know what you are going through. I am of Indian and back in 20001 when the towers went down, my husband and I had the same experience. We were looking to buy a home in upstate NY and because we wear our turbans were got targeted as terrorist. We also were approached by several men and my husband ended up in the hospital with stitches and broken jaw. Which I totally understand at that time what Americana was going through and how they saw us in their eyes. I forgive those men and I understand. In today’s world people are unpredictable and are absolutely crazy and short fused. For some of us it’s not worth the trouble and heartache it my cause and your better off moving on.

  31. @Mike: Very well said. The good news for OUR area is that the 50 houses that were recently sold, were bought by people that like the life style you like and hate the traffic you hate. And that’s what made them move to the area. In a different note those buyers are upscale business people and they actually increased the values of the homes in the area regardless if you would like to sell now or in 5 years from now the ones that are selling are getting real money. Now by us harassing sellers and realtors we will only get the opposite result!!

  32. Lemia,
    While I am sorry about your experience, I do agree with you that at that time it was understandable. However, I would not compare that situation with the one here. In this case, there is no fear or threat of terrorism or safety. Here it is a fear of change, perhaps quality of life changes (think traffic). Although change is often not desirable, and apparently this is the case here, it certainly does not call for violence or threat thereof.

  33. Being a TR resident on the street Joel is referring to, I can tell you that is a blatant lie!!!! Let’s not make a bad situation worse! Shame on you!

  34. I want to begin by saying that I am not from the mainstream lakewood orthodox population, though i am orthodox(there’s more than one type of orthodox jew) I understand your concerns regarding the orthodox moving in to your town. I would like to understand something: The orthodox bring absolutley no violent crime, (basically) no drug/substance abuse, and a generally peaceful demeanor. I am not talking about the pushy realtors, i mean the citizens). So, you don’t like their mode of dress, or the fact that they have their own schools, or that some of them drive a little too fast. Would you prefer low-class people moving in, with violent crime, loud music, drugs(or worse)?
    It’s hard not to see your attitude as anti-semitic. I would hope some of you would be so kind as to clarify your true positions.

  35. It is not anti-Semitic behavior. It doesn’t matter that you are Jewish. you could be Catholic, Muslim, atheist or anything. The hate is not at your religion. It is not at your skin color or beliefs. It is a reaction to the way a seemingly large percentage of your community acts and treats others outside of your community and what you have done to Lakewood The community destroyed Lakewood. It’s a fact. Toms River, Jackson, Howell and the rest of the world DO NOT WANT THAT! It matters not what your religion is so please stop with that garbage. Its actions, not religious beliefs. PERIOD! What happened at this open house seems pretty (moderated)… I agree. But it’s not because you are Jewish.

  36. Thank you for stating your opinion. I guess my question is, since there is no guarantee that a neighborhood or town will contain the same demographic makeup until the end of time, shouldn’t the many positivies that the jewish community brings outweigh the negatives? again, Toms River could very well become Camden or Trenton(just to name a couple of once proud NJ towns that are now in deep decay and disrepair) instead.

  37. As a non-frum Jew, I would like to pose a question. If I was interested in purchasing a home in West Gate w/my non Jewish husband and children would I be welcome? If I wanted to rent a home in a predominantly Frum neighborhood, would that be encouraged? I know personally the answer to this question. While I have zero concern over Frum families moving to my neighborhood, I can understand the concerns of those who do. I have seen anti semetism my entire life and been a victim of it. Just lets be real, prejudice exists on both sides. You know my family would be discouraged from moving into Lakewood. It works both ways.

  38. @Not Frum
    FYI, there are non-Jewish residents of West Gate as we write including (I think they are still there) an African American family. AFAIK there has been nothing done to make them feel unwelcome.

  39. Lakewood mom don’t pretend you don’t know what has been done to Lakewood. As a longtime resident myself -a frumie- i am deeply resentful of the changes that have been foisted on this formerly quiet suburban town that is now overpopulated, congested, and crowded. I am resentful that a lot across the street from me that had one pretty house on it now has 8 townhouses. I am upset that at some times I want to turn off my street I have to wait 6 cycles of red lights. I am resentful that when a developer decided to build an outrageous amount of houses on a small lot on my block and half the neighbors came out to fight it the board totally ignored us and gave him the go ahead. I am most annoyed that despite the fact that I live in a modest house all this is causing my taxes to go up. If I lived in tr I would worry about this happening in my neighborhood too.

  40. I just wanted to respond to the person who comment on the “don’t sell” having different meanings. I can assure you that my interpretation is real since I am one of the people who started the “Jackson Strong” movement. The funny thing is that we are being threatened and labeled antisemitic by the people that are rushing to move out and are selling their homes because they do not want “new” neighbors!! So they are spreading rumors about the group because they don’t want to hurt their chances of selling their homes at a high market value. So many people in our group live in the areas with the turn over and all have very pleasant things to say about the new neighbors.

  41. In short, Lakewood has turned into a city?

    If that’s the case, why use inflammatory language? Why not simply state that Tom’s River residents would like to keep its suburban qualities and not become an extension of the City of Lakewood? Perhaps public efforts at problem solving could be helpful. For example, committees aimed at protecting the status quo could form (without the personal or group animosity) and strict zoning can be voted into place.

    Certainly ugly confrontations and ill will can be minimized if the language stayed with the facts and excluded judgment.

  42. Reading what you have repeatedly written regarding the Jackson Strong movement gives me hope that perhaps there is not as much anti semitism as some make it out to be.

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