CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Lakewood Police Investigating Explosive Device Thrown Near Jewish Pedestrians Leaving Shul

Lakewood Police are investigating after a driver of a vehicle allegedly threw some type of explosive device near Jewish pedestrians walking from Shul after Shabbos.

Witnesses say a vehicle stopped near pedestrians walking along Squankum Road just after Shabbos, threw the device from the window, and then pulled away moments before the explosion.

The frightened pedestrians can be seen running from the explosion.

Nobody was injured.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lakewood Police Department.


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  1. Hashem yirachem and please watch over Yidden everywhere.
    I actually live near Somerset and heard a loud booming noise about that time.

  2. Lakewood isn’t safe anymore !!! We are under attack !! Everyone should be vigilant and report all thing to Lakewood Police immediately!

    • Who do you think you are convincing that thinks we shouldn’t call the police?
      Go easy on the exclamation points. You don’t need to scream!!!!!!!

  3. I live nearby and was there just after it happened. Cops, and one fire truck, came around, asked some questions, shone flashlights around and left. No one went into the woods where the explosion was. They didn’t cordon it off to check it later. They got the video from the neighbor and left – and haven’t been back since.
    We live there and we’re very nervous. Investigating? Where? What’s going on? Is there a cover-up of some kind?

    • It’s a deep coverup. There’s a cabal of evil men trying to take over the world and step 1 is setting off an unidentified explosive device that caused no injuries in Lakewood NJ.

    • If this was by the Squan Market, pretty sure it wasn’t fireworks, I live of E. County Line Rd. by Four Corners Bagel and felt the concussion.

    • First off, firecrackers can be heard from a few blocks away.
      Second, why do you need the police to stand around while they investigate. They came and saw everything there is to see. The perps are gone.
      Do you want action and flashing lights to make you feel good, or do you want them to investigate? Which is more important?

  4. America is no longer a safe haven. Times are changing in the world and soon nowhere will be safe for the Jews besides for Eretz Yisroel. Stop building lucrative homes and invest your future in the land of our forefathers while we wait for the long awaited redemption of Moshiach hopefully very, very soon!

    • Ummm, right, because it’s not like there aren’t attacks in Isreal. Think “actual” explosive devices (aka-rockets) car rammings, stabbings, shootings…….

      • Jerry: Are you actually espousing that we shouldn’t be yearning for the geula and a return to Eretz Yisrael because of realpolitiks? I’m sorry, because if so, it’s a sad reflection of a galus mentality which I fear too many chutz l’Aretz Jews are afflicted with. Please say it ain’t so, Jerry!

        • Hey Shua, I’m not saying anything. Whether somebody makes aliya is their own personal religious decision. L M on the other hand was suggesting that based on this incident where a firework was thrown, means that we are safer in EY…. Sorry, I’m gonna need to see some data on that. I personally think that aliya is a great option for some, but L Ms point was misguided.

  5. ha i dont understand whats so funny idont know if its firework or explosive but firework can poke an eye directed at people its very dangerous and can burn or worse there is nothing funny i hope they gonna find them back…and make them pay

    • He probably was just laughing at the Zionists. Not at the people that are just saying that it’s not like nothing happened. Although a real Zionist might claim that he was laughing at the anti Zionists.

  6. The point is Jews were targeted !! BH no one got hurt but if an explosive device were thrown at a couple of black guys , we would have rioting/looting in the streets right now.

  7. As a non-Jew, this is the vibe I am getting from the local area. The Orthodox are expanding at such a unprecedented rapid pace (it took Lakewood 3 decades) into all the surrounding towns, people are scared of a take over. Anti-Semitism has always been there, but with the visibility due to population explosion of the community, people are targeting the Orthodox more easily. I feel bad for the situation.

    • @HowellNJneighbor – Thanks for your impartial advice. Seriously – are you excusing the perps? This happened in Lakewood in case you haven’t noticed. And yes the expansion to neighbohring towns is 100% legal, but acts of terrorism are not.

      • I am not condoning anti-Semitism. I am stating what I think one of the reasons is. Many people feel the Orthodox are strategizing to entirely take over NJ until it becomes a Little Israel.

        • Oh my! They’re on to us! How did they know we were “strategizing to entirely take over NJ”, and to turn the entire state into a “Little Israel”? Someone must have told them our plans! Thanks for keeping us informed. Your friendship to us is deeply appreciated. We’ll have to change our strategy and move to the Moon, where our expansion will cause no harm to anyone, and where we can build our own Little Israel in secret. And then, in nefarious fashion, we will expand into the rest of the Solar System and ultimately build a Giant Israel. But we’ll have to be careful when we reach Mars, because I’ve been informed by good-hearted and caring neighbors like you that Martians do not take kindly to Jews, especially to Orthodox Jews.

        • As someone who came to the area recently, I for one am disappointed to see how badly the expansion was planned. We don’t want multi-family zoning all over the place and horrible traffic, we want single family suburban homes. Contrary to what the greedy developers are doing, I don’t think any of us came here to live packed like sardines. I get it though, we look differently and don’t mix much with our new neighbors but it’s not helping when people who voted for Trump like we did scream “kike” out of their window or feign a sneeze “A Joooo!” when we’re just walking on the sidewalks either. This area is the fastest growing area in NJ and in the US and it’s not going to stay nice unless we all take a firm line against zoning madness together and spread out.

    • What you are saying is unfortunately correct. There’s definitely a lot of resentment towards anyone who appears Orthodox, even though it’s (mostly) unjustified. It is at least heartening that good folks like you acknowledge this. We all need to get along, no matter our background.

      While traffic in Lakewood is terrible, and there’s way too much building and development, the fact that Lakewood and the surrounding areas are probably some of the safest towns crime-wise in NJ, if not in the country, shows that at least some good things are happening here.

      • But people feel that Lakewood type problems will spread far and wide throughout NJ. Some people also feel the Orthodox do not value or respect any human life other than one which is Jewish. I do not think the Torah would teach such a thing, but that is the impression some get.

        • Thank you once again for keeping us informed about what “people feel” about us. You are a true friend to the Orthodox community, who clearly has our back, and I appreciate that. If only our community had more friends and neighbors like you, we’d be in great shape.

        • I will tell you a little secret.
          During the riots of 2020 when hundreds of stores had their windows smashed to pieces in NYC and billions of dollars of merchandise was stolen from those stores, the Orthodox were not involved.
          In Portland Oregon they were rioting for 16 months straight non-stop. People had a difficult time in the morning to travel to work, due to the large rioting that went on deep into the night. How about all the shootings that took place near the federal buildings in Portland?
          The Orthodox were not there.
          All over America, mass shootings–at Walmart-other stores-schools-Korean establishments and etc. and etc…
          In 2017 the Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas-the shooter was not Orthodox.
          In San Francisco, the looting is out of control. Just google “stores in san Francisco are closing their doors due to the out of control looting”.
          In Los Angeles, a cargo train full of Amazon packages was parked for the night. In the morning, we all saw pictures of hundreds of empty boxes littering the railroad tracks. Actually one train tipped over due to all these empty boxes all over the place. I could go on and on and on.

  8. If this was by the Squan Market, pretty sure it wasn’t fireworks, I live of E. County Line Rd. by Four Corners Bagel and felt the concussion.

  9. The real problem is the Wawa market. That store brings all kinds of creeps from other towns, passing thru Lakewood. I have been shouted “Heil Hitler” numerous times in this area as I was walking home from Shul. I wish that store would move out! At least more of a Police presence would be beneficial to that corner, and I dont mean Cops just stopping by for coffee…

  10. So just an observation of the video. Why did they walk across the street to check it out and then run once it exploded? Not saying it was okay for the person to throw anything, but why get closer to harms way?

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