PHOTOS – GRAPHIC: Lakewood boy hospitalized after being attacked by Pit Bulls (VIDEO)

A young Lakewood boy was hospitalized after being attacked by pit bulls, the victim’s father confirmed to TLS.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon in the Chestnut Street area.

The father relayed the following horrifying incident to TLS:

“Today started out like any other pre Pesach day. Cleaning, shopping, cooking etc. little did we know how the day would end – with my son in the hospital.

At about 5 pm, my 12 year old son was outside in front of a neighbors’ house. He took a moment to rest, when he was suddenly set upon and attacked by three adult pit bulls!

He was able to make it home stumbling and falling, with the dogs at his heels. He received multiple bite marks and lacerations, on 5 different areas on his body!

Lakewood PD was called, and was quickly able to cajole one of the dogs into a squad car. The other two dogs were wandering the block for quite some time and were finally able to be captured some 3 hours later. It took the efforts of both Lakewood animal control as well as Monmouth County animal control to capture them. In fact, the Lakewood animal control person was also bitten in the process!”

The dogs had not tags/collars, so we could not ascertain if they had been properly immunized. As such, we were advised to seek medical attention. At the ER, we were told that the proper protocol was to vaccinate against rabies. Just in case. My son was examined, X-rayed, and received rabies shots! He now has to come back to the hospital on three more occasions for follow up shots.

Where did these pit bulls come from?

No one knows seems to know for certain.

But clearly these are dangerous dogs. That don’t belong in a residential neighborhood. The fact that they have no tags makes me wonder if perhaps they normally guard some local drug house.

Who knows?

I’m just thankful this wasn’t worse. But it’s time for all you absentee landlords to wake up! Realize that some of the people you are renting to are making our life miserable! Look into whom you are renting to! Do research!

Today it was my son. Tomorrow, it could be yours, G-d forbid.

What will it take for you to realize the damage you are causing? How many more people must be hurt?

I’m including some pictures so you can see some of his injuries. Please take a good look. Then DO something! This is on you.

Thank you.”



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  1. I have/had dogs that I love, down to one now. I am so sorry for your son. Why were they out of their yard? I hope your son is feeling better. I don’t jog around this neighborhood anymore because of this. Again, so sorry for your son, and I hope he’s feeling better. That’s a scary thing to happen to a child or an adult. Have a beautiful holiday!

  2. I hope by “these” he means those dogs in particular, because mine is nothing but love and kisses.That said I hope your son is well and am hoping for a speedy recovery.Please remeber not the breed but the person who raised them.

    • its not “how you raise them” its purpose bred in genetics. You dont have to “raise” a beagle a certain way to chase rabbits, or a pointer a certain way to point, or raise a herding breed to herd, dogs do what they are selectively bred to do and you do not have to raise a Pit Bull “wrong” for it to attack and even to kill a person. So before you spread that dangerous propaganda please read some victim accounts. Most of the aprox 40 dog mauling deaths to humans every year are 80% Pits and most often the families own dog.

      • You are incorrect, any breed can be harmful if you dont train them right. I have Pitbulls and while they are my family dogs they are still protectors to MY family. I have had German Shepards, Labs, Dalmations, and even Boxers, they are who they are, if they feel threatened they will protect themselves. You can say what you want, I have had Pitbulls and they are like big babies to kids love them, they sleep in their rooms and go everywhere. Its how the dog is let run around is how the dog learns.Dogs need structure just like kids. Genetics are just a small part, instinct is how they protect themselves. Not all Pits are bad..come see me I will show you my two now. I got 2 large lap dogs, and I got them from a rescue so their background is shady but if you trust the dogs they will trust you.

      • You are correct. It’s in their genes. These are horrible animals and you never know when they snap. I hope they get banned from the cities and people can just buy a lab or something that doesnt maim and kill on a daily basis all over the country. The damage they do its undeniable the worst all all dogs. Just look at the stats you pit lovers and stop denying…you have a shark in your home that might snap at any time. Good luck with it. Hope it bites you and not the innocent people around you!!!

  3. This is horrifying, I am so sorry to read this, my thoughts are with the boy and his family.. These dogs are dangerous, violent and can never be trusted, this could have been so much worse! On top of that no tags! Now this child has to go through the rabies series as well, so sad.. My prayers are with this young boy .. Peace

    • I agree. But then people would complain and say ohh but the poor pibble was just trying to be friendly of something stupid like that. This is the world we live in. Pitbull apologists are insane.

  4. isn’t there a Gemara in Taanis about the incidence of wild animals who attack people ?

    עיין משנה ברורה תקע”ו ס”ק כ”א

  5. My neighbor has a beautiful one who was raised right he also has a 1 year old daughter. My children go to the fence and play with him. Never a growl or a bark nor teeth shown to my children. Remember that is Not all of them. If these dogs have owners they did not train them right at all,and should not have dogs if they are allowed to act as these did. This is horrible those scars are forever. Hope your son will be healed soon.Use some coconut oil for the healing process. With the way those dogs bite and 3 of them your son is very lucky to have been able to make it home without more damage.Can’t imagine seeing my son like that.:(

  6. I have proudly owned 4 pitbulls and have never had an issue with any of them. It is BAD ownership and neglect that causes these dogs to react the way they do. I am sorry for your son and hope he has a speedy recoop. Question, if the dogs are so aggressive why are they not showing aggression to the officer IN the yard attempting to capture them. They are not charging at him and they could have easily jumped over that fence. These dogs don’t appear to be aggressive but rather that they may have possibly been provoked by someone who may have caused them to go after your son. Please don’t misread as I am NOT saying your son provoked them, i am saying someone did so that they would go after your son.

    Pitbulls are good living, caring and loyal dogs if IN the right hands. Again I owned four, all up to date on shots, all well behaved, all can be vouched for by their Vet. Fully trained and well kept, NEVER once had an issue.

    • Agree. I have a 160 pound cane corso, Italian mastiff. He’s such a baby, and great with my four grandkids. I go to the Manasquan Reservoir, so many pits, and they all are so sweet. Can’t get enough of them. Back in the day, they use to call them baby sitters. Don’t know what happened here, however, that being said, I pray for this boys speedy recovery.

  7. There must be a education program for children and adults on how to avoid a dog attack.
    NEVER RUN from a dog or scream and throw your arms around,this only makes the dog attack more.
    Stand still and or drop to the ground and make yourself small.
    And, most important never stare at a dog, it is a challenge for the dog to attack.
    I’m not going to blame the dogs as it is the owner who is responsible. Dogs act on instinct and will chase anything that moves.
    Many people in Lakewood who own pitbulls are not responsible dog owners and there dogs should be taken away.
    Dogs should ALWAYS be on a leash and have a collar on.If your dog is in a yard it should be supervised just like a child.
    JUST MY TWO CENTS and please don’t flame me as I’ve trained dogs for well over 40 years and know what I’m talking about.

    • You are so right. Please, please, never run – ignore. My daughter had a squirrel chase her and her kids into her car. I had to laugh. They DO NOT carry rabies. If you’re bitten and go to the hospital, they will just send you home. I think it was playing with her. they did it to my dogs. They just want to play. Again, you are right. Having more than two dogs are a pact. Not a good thing. I’ve been there. Down to one mastiff now, so much easier. Had four at one time. Loved them all, but what a nightmare. DO NOT RUN. Please tell your kids.

    • Some animals (not just pit bulls) are more dangerous than others. Some animals do more damage and kill. It is often for this reason that people often have dangerous dogs as pets, because they are weapons to protect the home…in the package of a “pet”.

      These weapons that can’t be locked in a safe. These weapons have a brain of their own, that, “hopefully”, if raised right, won’t get triggered and damage or kill other pets or people in the area.

      The trouble comes from a neighbor choosing to have a dangerous weapon-pet that escapes and is then a danger to the neighbors.

      Instead of training people how to act around dangerous animals, how about not having them around in the first place? How about people having less dangerous animals as pets? Maybe people should get a hand-gun weapon, and a less dangerous pet. Maybe dangerous animals should be kept in a zoo, like other dangerous animals – not in a residential neighborhood.

      If a cat or a labrador pet escapes, there is no threat of death to anyone in the area. I a pit bull or other weapon-pet escapes, there is a thread of severe disfigurement or death – not very high, but not an odds game people should have to deal with.

      This is craziness.

  8. What does renting have to do with this? “Guard a local drug house?” They could have came from anywhere. Anyway As a dog trainer I will say it is not the breed but the way they are being treated.

    • It is the way they are raised. Now this kid that was bit by these dogs do you think he would admit if he kicked them or threw a rock? Some dogs are provoked. Parents need to teach kids how to treat animals. There has been many pits that was sentenced to be put down but won freedom. They are sweet dogs and I am not ashamed that I owe one. To many dogs are being mislabeled as a pit. Other dogs bite and news seem not to put those on just the war of these dogs.

  9. Any of these breeds should have special licenses with liability clauses and compulsive insurance. My car is nice but it must have insurance if it causes damage, loss, injury or death.

  10. I’m trying to figure out what renting to any particular person has to do with pitfalls or dogs loose in a neighborhood. Or “these” dogs being guard dogs to a drug house. One has nothing to do with the other. I am the proud owner of a Pitbull and I have a six year old son who is most attached to her. She is the most patient, loving, caring, calm dog ever. She is a part of my family and is treated as so. If someone was to ever try and come in my home uninvited she will protect her family.Just as you would protect yours. So please keep in mind it’s not the breed. Don’t judge.

  11. I’m trying to figure out what renting to any particular person has to do with pitbulls or dogs loose in a neighborhood. Or “these” dogs being guard dogs to a drug house. One has nothing to do with the other. I am the proud owner of a Pitbull and I have a six year old son who is most attached to her. She is the most patient, loving, caring, calm dog ever. She is a part of my family and is treated as so. If someone was to ever try and come in my home uninvited she will protect her family.Just as you would protect yours. So please keep in mind it’s not the breed. Don’t judge.

    • I live in this neighborhood as well and the boy that got bitten is my neighbor. The house that these dogs came from is a neglected home that some investor purchased and rents it out without checking who the tenants are and if they maintain the property.
      I live next to different rental property similar to where these dogs came from.
      The owner never saw the house or the block its on they have an agent that works for them to collect rent and thats ALL he does! The house is disgusting and neglected . There is garbage all over which blows onto my property as well. Not only that, but they have a Pitbull that spends more time in the yard then it does in their house. Every time i go outside i hear crazy barking. The dog also stands on a pile of junk in the yard near the fence and is able to then stand on the fence and barks at anyone or everyone that is nearby. This completely disrupts my quality of life. I spent money and bought a nice house on a quiet block so I can enjoy my yard and be able to sit outside but no I cant because of this landlord who is just trying to make a buck and doesnt care about anyone else.
      ThIS is What the Father is talking about when he writes about being careful who you rent to.

  12. I’m very sorry for the little boy that was bitten by the dogs here we go about this breed being dangerous and targeted it’s how you raise them there loyal dogs and family dogs as well any dog with rabies could attack

  13. What are the laws about having pit bulls? Are there any? My neighbor has 3 that come charging at the gate anytime we go out to the yard. I am always nervous that they will jump the very short gate between my yard and theirs. My little kids are scared to go out in the yard. None of the dogs have collars on them. Is there anything we can do? And don’t tell me to call animal control because when I did the person I spoke to was quite rude and anti Semitic telling me “your people’ from “your community” are all scared of dogs.

  14. It’s not the breed, it’s the breeder,owner. Do your research. At one point these did were called nanny dogs because of their dispositions. Stop blaming the breed…get educated. It’s because of the lack of knowledge that leads to BSL’s and so much negativty.

  15. This is to all you idiots that don’t understand and know the breed talking and posting comments without knowing anything first of all get a life. Second the breed is a great breed for a lot of reasons its not the breed you should worry about it is how you raise them and how you treat them. I have had and still pitbulls they are even better than humans sometimes don’t rate the dog breed because someone is not fit enough to raise the dog properly just how some people are not fit enough to have kids but they do anyway!!!!!

  16. I cant tell you how many times kids tease my dog. She is 120 lbs of pure muscle and will protect the family she loves. Just the other day walking in my neighborhood a kid comes running down the side walk growling at her. Seriously. If you dont own dogs teach your kids what not to do. Then again as parents you might not have a clue either. Its a shame this happened but understand any dog can be aggressive not just pits. Plus these dogs might not even be from this town. They could be a pack that has been roaming from miles away. Regardless a child was injured and I hope for a speedy recovery. Unfortunately a good life for those dogs is now also over. But please do not assume every dog is like that otherwise folks will start poisoning their neighbors dogs out of fear. It has happened recently and this could fuel that fire. Be responsible owners and neighbors and never tease a dog you dont know.

  17. Very sad for what happened to your son pray for a speedy recovery and that this doesn’t instill a fear of any dog because the love of a dog is like no other. the owners should be found and dealt with to the full extent of the law. as a defender of the breed known as The Nanny breed because of how they take care of their pack/family particularly the children I believe for the most part there are no bad dogs just bad dog owners

  18. If there are known “drug houses” in the neighborhood, why haven’t the police done anything about it. Thank goodness your son was not hurt worse than this, although having to be vaccinated due to the unknown risk of rabies is no pic nic. Incidents like this are truly tragic. A young boy was hurt & likely traumatized by the incident & those dogs will likely pay with their lives because some human set them up to fail allowing them to free roam the neighborhood. I would think if they belong to someone in the neighborhood, Maybe someone will recognize them & identify their owner. Just realize that the dogs may have reacted out of fear or confusion due to finding themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, not aggression necessarily. I am a groomer with more than 2 decades of experience working with & handling dogs. I have groomed many pit bulls in that time & find them to be no different or aggressive than any other dog. They all have the potential to bite & I have been bitten by only 1 pit in all my years. I’ve actually been bitten by many shitzu’s & little dogs, some bad enough to require a trip to the ER. Please do not think pit bulls are all bad -they really are very sweet dogs on the whole.

  19. Hope ur son has a speedy recovery. I hope he didn’t tease/abuse the dogs too. As I walked the lake last week, I saw 2 groups of boys throwing rocks and harassing the geese.
    I don’t know why u would assume they came from a “drug house”. Smh

  20. Pit bulls attack more than other breeds. Very sad for innocent people. I hope the boy heals quickly, both physically and emotionally.

  21. Animal control laws almost everywhere were established when the thought of someone’s pet dog killing or maiming people, livestock, and other pets was outside of everyone’s experience. Animal control laws desperately need to be updated. With the Internet, it is now difficult to underplay, disguise, or hide well documented pit bull incidents and hazards. The communication landscape has vastly changed since Vick’s pit bulls. Even the US Military banned pit bulls from all housing worldwide. Service personnel are trusted with the most powerful armaments but not pit bulls (and several other bully breeds) unless they find an off base rental where pit bulls are accepted. Google “pit bull attack”. Also “pit bull history” – undeniable genetic inheritance. Do YouTube “pit bull attack” for gruesome cell phone videos. Based on frequently reported sad events like this one, it was not abnormal. Please check for yourself.

  22. Hey homeowner, please get rid of the tenants on our block that have two pitbulls, they terrorize the block each time they come loose, and visously howl all day, you know who you are, hut rachmonis, before someone gets hurt

  23. Pit bulls are dangerous dogs:

    Pit bull attacks are one of the biggest public safety issues in America today. In the last 3 months of 2015, pit bulls killed more people than Dobermans killed in 60 years.

    There are more than 25 media reports of pit bull attacks on people per week, and one death every 17 days.

    More than 1 in 40 pit bulls killed or seriously injured another animal in 2013-2014. By comparison, only 1 dog in 50,000 of all other breed types combined killed or seriously injured another animal.

    Pit bulls are zero-error dogs. There is zero room for mistakes like gates, doors or windows left open or unlocked; for leashes, chains and muzzles breaking or coming loose; or for people not strong enough or experienced enough to prevent attacks.

    Pit bull attacks have increased 830% in seven years in the US and Canada.(From National Pit Bull Victim Awareness dot org, and Dogsbite dot org).

  24. It’s the owner…the person not the dog.

    I’ve had a dog my whole life.
    My favotire was “Rolex”….a Pit Black Lab Mix.
    He was 90lbs of love with a One Ton Locking Jaw.
    He used to love to put his massive head on my infant daughter as she napped in my bed.
    I also had a American Staffordshire Terrier which people always think is a Pit Bull
    “Rosie” was a gentle giant.

  25. To all dog owners your correct your dog if treated correctly will generally not attack but if mistreated if some one growls at him he will attack that means he is a liability and therefore your responsibility to be vigilant with him not ours to make sure our children don’t growl (although it may be prudent as parents to do so) just like we don’t leave our keys in the car even though it only runs over children with a neglectful owner so to don’t leave your dog off a leash btw I grew up with a dog

  26. Yup, we spent thousands of dollars to fence in our yard for this reason. We had a neighbor whose pitbull was constantly loose and coming into our yard. It was terrifying (and no, they were not “good owners”). I literally felt like i had to run with my child to/from the car everytime I’d have to come and go 🙁 Hope this boy feels better real quick!!

  27. More people are killed and injured by humans than by dogs. Does that mean that all humans are killers? No, it is the way they are raised. Same goes for dogs.

  28. In the US a pit bull kills a person every 17 days.

    And the term ‘nanny dog’ was coined by a pit bull breeder in 1987. There is no such record in any book, magazine, newspaper etc prior to that year.

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