PHOTO: Rav puts stop to ‘Minyan Factory’ at Chestnut Shul

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  1. Why? Because this Minyan factory turned the neighborhood into the Bronx zoo. Going to daven does not mean you have a license to kill, park like nobody’s watching. Also, this neighborhood was having trouble dealing with the influx of traffic. Another thing to consider is “if you are one of the people that benefit from this Minyan factory and are not part of this community, did you ever chip in financialy to help run this factory? Or did you think that money grows in the trees of chestnut?. This was built as a community shul.

  2. From my years of experience there I never saw anybody block other people’s driveways they may park close to driveways but not block that would be a chillul Hashem.

    Closing these minyanim will cause thousands to daven at home beyichidus due to satmar being too far and driving through rt.9 traffic. there are no other 930 or 1000. Minyanim on the south side

    Chestnut shul is a great benefit for the south side of town

  3. Don’t blame them, the traffic in southeast Lakewood is already unbearable, and this is before the ‘oak street corridor’ storm arrives….

  4. when you stop to daven in a shul you don’t have to pay. We are Jewish and we let people daven in our shules. If you are a steady member for the Shule and that is your Makom then yes please pay your membership. Why is it so expensive to have another Minyan?

  5. Here’s a great idea, let’s keep building more and more houses and stuffing them with subletted rooms so we can keep bringing more and more and more people here, without any adjustment to the current situation

  6. I would like to clarify why the Minyan was stopped. Chestnut was started about 13-14 years ago by a small group of people. As it grew we were a very unique neighborhood. We actually had a neighborhood where we all took care of each other and built a small community shul. We were not a lot of people and we all reached deeply in to our pockets. When we finally grew out of the small shul we then again had to figure out how to build a new and bigger shul that could accommodate the 100+ families. B”h we were able to pull it off. Everyone in the neighborhood was excited about our new shul and at first was very happy to see people from all over Lakewood and toms river coming to our shul. What could be better then helping out our fellow yidden. Shortly it got out of hand. Firstly we needed the old shul for a Simcha Hall. Our members were unable to utilize the shul for a bris as there was no where to make a seuda. Secondly as someone has mentioned in another quote, this has made the quality of life of the people who live closest to the shul very poor. People were disobeying parking signs, blocking driveways, parking very close to the corners which caused a very dangerous situation for pedestrian as well as drivers trying to make turns. People were parking in the handicap spots, fire lanes, Hatzolah parking only spots and really anywhere they could fit their car without any regard for others. On a few occasions people have parked in the handicap spot and caused people who really needed the spot to be unable to park there. When I asked them why they think they could park there the answer I got was I needed to make the Minyan. Believe me when I tell you we appreciate that people want to daven there and enjoyed it. But unfortunately it was causing a lot of pain for people who have lived here for a long time and has supported the shul financially. It’s my personal hope that no one thinks this was a personal agenda to have people not from the neighborhood not davening there. It simply was a matter of what was best for our community. I do want to say to one of the people that posted here that many people did give money to the shul and did appreciate that they had a place where they enjoyed davening. We did not stop minyanim all together. We simply stopped the minyanim that started on the half hour mark. We hope everyone understands why this was done.

  7. I daven there every morning and love the Shul. I don’t live right in that neighborhood but it’s the closest minyan for me. Yes I do give a donation every Rosh Chodesh. I don’t really think it’s that much of a minyan factor except for bein hazzmanin but I’m not in charge. When I would drive down chestnut on the way to yeshiva at 930 I would see so called “regular” ppl davening every day at 9 and 930 so personally for me I’m very happy that there’s no 930 and 10 minyan cuz it makes me sick to see ppl davening this late every day. When we grew up our fathers didn’t daven past 730

  8. As of tomorrow and as per Rabbi Greenfeld, Rov of chestnut community, there will not be an 8:30 minyan upstairs. The only minyanim will be 7:00 8:00 9:00. Aron kodesh will be locked after 9:00am minyan. This change has nothing to do with renovations. This is a permanent change.

  9. Its closed due to people who believe that davening is more important than someones life or quality of life. On numerous occasions ( meaning every day) people were asked not to park in certain places. Curbs were painted yellow, police were ticketing, and signs went up only to be disobeyed. The shul is an incredible place who has served the masses graciously for the past few years. They have opened the doors to tefillah, torah, shiurim, and many chesed projects in which every community can learn from. With all the burden they have taken on as the shul has become a popular place, they are still offering 7,8,9 minyanim. Every comment here should be a thank you. I for one thank the entire community for leading by example and showing all what it means to be welcoming. Thank you Chestnut!

  10. I used to give about $18 monthly (close to $200 yearly).
    Ever since I got sticker on my car the 1st day the signs were put up – which is still not coming off – I have not given a donation, and now daven elsewhere).
    PS: It is illegal to damage a car even if parked at a spot with a sign.

  11. Thank you to all the residents of chestnut for allowing us to use their shil for the last few years for minyanim.

    Thank you for standing up to what you feel is right for your community.

  12. Why not thank the Chestnut community for allowing thousands of people daven in the beautiful shul for the past 2 years.

    The host is simply asking the guest to leave.

    Anyone else find the question below to prove you\’re human * difficult?

    @Really!!: You bring valid points, but no need to hate on the Bronx Zoo, they run a beautiful operation.

  13. If the reason is only due to the traffic trouble, parking close to driveways ect. how do you explain the last “move to rid non chenutites” by not allowing “NON MEMBERS” to park in the spots closest to the shul !! only cars with chesnut shul decals are allowed to park there .
    I understand that its annoying to pay a lot of money and than have to look for parking with those that don’t pay however its a shul and we don’t give preference to 1 person over the other a shul is a place where everyone should be treated the same!!!!!
    the whole agenda is to rid outsiders (and they blame the rov??) there was never a shul in lakewood that reserved spots for members !! its a shul not a club were supposed to treat everyone the same !
    I daven there everyday and always gave $ on rosh chodesh but this is no “renovation ” its an excavation of outsiders .

  14. Gadlus,
    Finally someone who is willing to forgoe his own Kovod and $$ for his Shul and stop disturbing individuals.
    To the guy who is kvetching about his sticker: park like a Mentch, you are not the only person living on this earth. You can learn something from this Rov.

  15. so where are we going to make the new 730, 830 & 930 minyanim? which shul on the south side will start getting all the money that has been going to the chestnut shul to help support them & its upkeeping?

    any suggestions?

    for 730 or 830 there are still many places on the south side im sure where you can daven, but 930 or 1000 there is no other shul on the south side that has a minyan at that time & we need to replace it to a different shul so no one misses davening with a minyan.

    any suggestions?

  16. DoGo if you park illegally I believe people have full right to put stickers on your car people like you ruin our “City” your only mad at yourself if it says no parking and there are plenty of signs so “DO NOT PARK THERE” this includes everyone a law is a law there’s a reason why there’s a no parking zone that’s another thing we all have to work on parking illegally is a big problem of this “City” (I hope I didn’t bash you and Lakewood so much)

  17. As someone who does not live in Chesnut, but has davened in the Chesnut shul since the ” Minyan Factory ” started. I wanted to say Thank you!
    Thank you- for having a beautiful Makom Torah and Tefillah for the south side of Lakewood Community
    Thank you- For allowing us to daven and learn in your beautiful shul.
    Thank you- For trying your best to accommodate the multitude of misapallim which are not members of your shul
    Thank you- to the Gabbaim for the all hard work you do day in and out
    Thank you- for listening to your Rav and doing whats right for your community
    Please ignore all the negativity that is being posted. Having spoken to many people that are `Guests` and daven in your shul , while it is a bit upsetting to lose these minyanim we (the vast majority) understand why you are doing this.
    Thank you!

  18. Gorgeous shul and very nice for doing it. It is out of hand and the Rov, a very special devoted person has made a decision to stop the madness. Why are we asking questions on a decision of the Rov? What do we teach our children?

  19. Imagine you were involved in some kind of legal dispute and you hired an attorney. Do you think that the lawyer will simply & quickly read an article like this one & maybe a few comments and bingo he will shoot out his response. A smart lawyer will do lots of research & make several telephone calls prior to making a decision on this important matter.

  20. I never had the privilege of davening there but it sounds like a very nice place from all the comments. Where exactly is it located?

  21. DoGo.

    You have the chutzpah to park where you shouldn’t and then complain about a sticker. People like you make me want to vomit.


    Before the shul was renovated they only had minyanim on the hour. After renovation, they added the 730 830 930. They did not have to do this and now we see that it was “biting off too much”.

    It is unfortunate that there is no 900 or later minyan on the South side but can’t blame them.

    Thank you again.

  23. Great shul! non official member…(Give donation….) daven there shabbos some times….stickers I believe went a little bit to far….besides for the day a big member parked in the hatzala spot….Ohhhh was he mad at his sticker….but hey the Rav decided something and who am I?

  24. I remember years back when they were raising money for the shul they advertised in the local papers saying that it was everyone’s responsibility to contribute to their shul! I guess everyone has a responsibility to them doesn’t make theme responsible to anyone who’s not from Chestnut.
    I don’t think there’s a precedence for this.

  25. Dovid

    I’m in for the 9:30 minyan moving to the presidential shul. we really need it. i don’t finish dropping off my kids until 9:25 & cant drive all the way to Satmar to daven

    who else is in?

  26. How about tha Rosh Chodesh gelt they collected every Rosh Chodesh from everyone not just members. And a lot of people give between five and $20 a month which add up to plenty of money for someone just dovening there mincha daily or just shochris on Sundays.
    And how about the 100,000 campaign they made when they were building the New building which was targeting nonmembers.
    FYI this is the first frum shule in history to stick stickers on to peoples cars that were parked in member only spots. And the member only spots are also the first in history.

  27. No one person has mentioned the HALACHAH involved. What happened to Zman Tefilah? I live near the shul and have had cars park so close to the driveway that when pulling I the traffic flow is blocked from sight and almost got into a fender bender 3 times. The word COURTESY doesn’t exist in LAKEWOOD throughout but especially near the shul. I can go on and on but to no avail. The Rov made a decision based on HALACHAH not Stam en velt. The Rov has a major responsibility to his members and the community and I am all for him and his decision.
    Think before you coment and remember HAKORAS HATOV before BASHING !!!

    Thank you Rav Greenfeld and Gabbaim of the Chestnut Shul.

  28. as someone who has davened there from the beginning i hold they had full right to do what they did and to say they had no right to put members first.ARE YOU RETARTED????????????????????? SOMEONE WHO DAVENS THERE DAY TO DAY SHABBOS TO SHABBOS AND PAYS MEMBERSHIP SHOULD HAVE TO GO AROUND AND PARK THREE BLOCKS AWAY BECAUSE JO SHMOE FROM WHO KNOWS WHERE WANTS TO PARK THERE

    and to the guy with the sticker you deserve it the sign is clearly posted and you decided not to listen

  29. Moshe

    The 930 minyan always makes zman tefillos only if you saved 1000 or later do you miss it

    This is not about1000 it’s about 730 830 and 930 minyanim which if closed will many to daven at home without a minyan and no krias Hatorah cause they don’t have time to travel 20+ minutes each way to Satmar

  30. To that individual that doesn’t care about zman tefila and zman krias shema, if you can miss the zman then you can also miss minyan, is there really a point in putting on teffilin with a minyan ??? That’s all it is, putting on teffilin and not davening.

  31. What’s with these people
    By us the gabba stops the minyan when the rebbe tells him to stop. Who cares if the rov of the shul said to stop
    Find another place if you will daven so very late.

  32. To those that will daven at home because they don’t want to travel 20 minutes to a different shul, apparently the chiyuv and chashivus of davening with a minyan doesn’t apply to you so why are you making a big deal here??!!?? This isn’t a town shul it’s a community shul!!! The Rov clearly paskened which minyanim to keep whether it’s for safety reasons or because of the chillul Hashem people caused doesn’t matter. He paskened and if you have an issue go and approach him yourself instead of leaving a stupid comment here.

  33. I would like to thank the Chestnut Shul for having the minyanim till now .Its there loss that they decided not to have the zechus harabim and the zechus of all the tefolios of hundreds of people a day .I believe. these zechusim out way all the inconveniences involved.

  34. I actually believe that the chestnut community is worried about the foreseeable future. As we all know those in charge of this town think that it’s a great idea to keep on building development upon development. However we the residents know how much congestion it causes in this town. I believe that the chestnut community sees more and more developments popping up in the rt. 9 south area and they are extremely nervous that their shul will turn into a hectic shul similar to satmar on forest avenue.And for someone who davens in chestnut on a regular basis (although I generally daven in the hlf hr minyanim) I appreciate the fact that they are not willing to turn their shul into satmar south.

  35. I’m confused is this shul not considered hekdash if you collect tzedkah money it’s hekdash pretty scary for anyone to decide how hekdash can be used.

  36. To jayustuck comment at 10:09 pm.
    Please please remove the insensible word “restarted” from your post. Shame shame on you

    SCHI parent

  37. All the ppl who r complaining about this change remind me of my little kid that cries about a toy that HE broke if u would’ve been a little considerate then u would still b able to Daven shachris in the afternoon with the conveniences that the buetiful chestnut shul has to offer (shoutout to the gabai who works so hard to keep things in order over there!)………..I pity the next place u plan trashing..!!!

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