PHOTO: Police stopping vehicles using shoulder to cut traffic


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  1. Maybe instead of pulling over people that are just trying to get to work on time instead of pulling over those people use the resources the government has to resolve the constant growing traffic issues around instead of people attacking innocent people!!

  2. About time! this happens all day everyday besides the chillul hashem and cause of accidents people should be considerate and realize that everyone else is also in a rush!

  3. Good for you, LPD. It shows a complete lack of manners and regards for others to cut ahead of all those in front of you (besides for being against the law). Why are YOU more important than everyone waiting in front of you?

  4. @AK what are you saying???????? One who goes on the shoulder to cut thru traffic on the right side of the road is not an Innocent Person!! They’re irresponsible people. Thank you LPD for protecting us normal drivers and keep ticketing those who do such reckless moves on the road.

  5. LPD please keep this up. I always felt that this is one of the dangerous things about driving in lakewood.

    Driving on shoulders.
    Driving on the median before it becomes a turning lane.
    Yielding instead of stopping by a stop sign.

    BTW that stick on the left side of the steering wheel is supposed to be used to let people know if you plan on turning and which way…

    So yes. Please do what needs to be done to make our roads safe.

    P.S. Bus drivers, these rules apply to you also. I understand your under alot of pressure to get to your next route. But safety first. PLEASE. There are lives at risk.

  6. TLS – plz research more before u publish: u have to understand this part of the street to realize why ppl cut! the left lane backs up bc of turning north onto rt. 9 and it causes Central avenue a MAJOR backup of traffic, on a regular day, forget the extra traffic situation now. the lane going straight towards Hurley or turning right to go onto rt. 9 south is usually EMPTY and Central wouldnt be as bad if people could just get around the left turners….so….they use the shoulder as a right lane, for a little bit! SoMeThInG needs to be done with the intersection!!

  7. So if everyone in front is going straight or left then the poor guy who wants to make a right turn has to wait on the same line as everyone making a left???

  8. Maybe people should follow the laws. I see it all day. Yes there are traffic issues it doesn’t mean u can break the law. The shoulder of the road isn’t for driving its for bikers and walking people. Stop signs r for stopping not yielding, and red lights r for stopping not driving though. And turning lanes r for turing not going straight. Lets make a Kiddush hashem

  9. If there’s room for police to pull over on the shoulder then just make it into a traffic lane. I think it’s wrong for the LPD to pull over vehicles that use the shoulder in this town to get ahead of the traffic. The gridlock in this town is insane, and i don’t blame people for doing things like that to get ahead of traffic. The LPD shoud understand the traffic problems in this town and give people a break. Especially when the the politicians in this town allow for more and more housing construction and don’t do anything to improve the roads and ease traffic.

  10. The LPD does what they can as much as they can ..the traffic prevents them from responding to calls in emergent situations because no one moves, No one cares, if that was your family member wouldn’t you want us there? LPD needs your help as well. They need you to yield when they are responding, just like those Fire Trucks & Ambulances, and Hatzolah also. We are here to help you, help us help you. Give us the space.

  11. Yes…ya.. technically it is now against the law. Change it!! That shoulder has no reason being there at that point and the room is desperately needed as a traffic lane. Wake up LPD and traffic and Safety. Please start doing some things to HELP the flow of traffic.

  12. Please take a step back and review the way the roads are set up:
    There are shoulders on larger roads that serve as arteries that feed into neighborhoods. These shoulders are essential in allowing civilian vehicles a place to move to when emergency vehicles need to pass through. Said emergency vehicles could very well be on the way to save YOUR loved ones.
    Shoulders are on highways to allow for disabled vehicles and those experiencing sudden issues a safe are to pull over and not become a sitting target for other vehicles.
    Oh and “Don’t block the box” at intersections does not mean the gap in the road was left for you. It allows for emergency vehicles that need to pass through and cars in the actual lane areas of movement where double parking has become second nature.
    Step back, consider others needs as you sit in traffic honking your horn and remember–the life you save may very well be your own!…It’s really NOT just a PSA!

  13. We need LONGER left turning lanes. I repeat, We need LONGER left turning lanes.
    Also, turn First Street between Madison and Clifton back into a 1 way toward Madison & extend the Left turn lane for Rt 88 all the way back to between 1st & Second Streets. It will lessen the back up southbound on Madison.

  14. For those advocating for a longer turning light on Central by Rt. 9, FYI if you make the light longer you are taking a green light away from Rt. 9 which all can agree is the worst traffic nightmare in Lakewood. A few years ago askanim already extended the turning light on Central to the delight of many, but all failped to think where that green light time is being taken from – Route 9 traffic, which is hands down tenfold a bigger problem then Central. Maybe we should go back & extend the light on Route 9 instead!

  15. I agree that people should generally not be driving on the shoulder to avoid traffic but there is one thing that is being forgotten about this particular location/situation: Some years ago, these ‘shoulders’ were actually parking lanes. When the signs went up that parking was no longer allowed, the reason given was in order to make more lanes for driving. I.E. we were told that the ‘shoulder’ was to become a driving lane (I believe the plan was to make a third, center lane for turning down the entire length of central). If that had been done, as promised, then this situation would not exist.

  16. They should do what they do in other cities: – During peek travel periods, the shoulders should become legal driving lanes. The hrs should be clearly posted su during those times it IS legal to use them, other times NOT legal to use them. End of the story.

  17. just the other day we were on prospect and making a left to get onto the 9 north all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see a car basiclly almost hitting us tryinying to make his own lane on my right> I couldnt believce it besides being totally nuts he almost hit us: I find in this town people have absolutely no patience whatsoever and will do ANYTHINg to get ahead no matter what.

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