PHOTOS: Police Conduct Final Pedestrian Safety Initiative; Enforcement to Begin in Coming Weeks

PHOTOS: In the coming weeks, if you fail to stop for a pedestrian attempting to cross the road, you will be issued an actual summons, and not just a warning.

Similar to the ones conducted on Clifton Avenue, Monmouth Avenue, and Forest Avenue, police this morning on Princeton Avenue stopped dozens of drivers who violated the Pedestrian Crossing law and issued verbal warnings, while handing them a pamphlet explaining the violation they’ve committed.

Police Chief Rob Lawson tells TLS that this morning’s educational initative, will be the last.

“By the end of today, we will have issued about 1,000 to 1,200 warnings (in total) and educational material,” says the Chief.

Police also note that an intersection does not need to be painted with stripes to require drivers to be required to stop for crossing pedestrians.

Summonses for the above violation, carry a fine and points. [TLS]

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  1. Can someone please explain why this law isn’t dangerous, imagine the following scenario which I’ve seen numerous times. A driver sees a pedestrian when he’s pretty close to the intersection breaks without giving a proper warning to the cars in back of him and forcing the car in back to make a short stop, if he stops on time great, if not your putting the occupants of each car in danger and the pedestrian crossing the street.
    I would love to hear a response from our police chief (whose doing a great job!)


  2. If you are alert, as you should be, you should see the pedestrian just as you would a Stop Sign or Red Light. There’s no reason to make a short stop for a pedestrian any more than for a Stop Sign.
    Hang-up and drive.

  3. Pedestrians also have to use their brain, don’t walk into Clifton ave. when cars are coming at 40 MPH and wait for the driver to hit you.


  4. But the fact is people aren’t alert and it just makes more sense for people to take responsibility for themselves and don’t walk into the street when a car is coming! That’s what my mother taught me whats changed?

  5. i cant see how this law will protect pedestrians who will put their lives on the line hoping drivers will obey the law all you need is 1 driver to disobey and the pedestrians life is in danger

  6. This law is a boon for insurance companies. They get to raise rates for a moving violation that is almost impossible to avoid getting.

  7. #2 it’s a terrible comparison. We all know where the stop signs are and both the car driving in front and the cars behind it know to slow down to stop. When a pedestrian is walking on the sidewalk and then decides to cross, there is no advance warning. Out of fear of a ticket/points this driver might make a short stop and cause an accident.
    Terrible law in my opinion. We need to go back to the “look both ways and then cross” method for pedestrians.

  8. why is everyone complaing about what is acommon sense law ,pedestrians have ALWAYS had the right of way ,by the way if a car stops short and there are drivers behind him they should have left enough space to stop in the first place ,I see way to many drivers tailgating !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Does this apply to Rt 9 as well? My personal experience is that I have a hard enough time watching out for the cars that DON’T move completely into the left turn lane even though they are the only car in it, other drivers who can’t stay in their lanes, and cars that stick out too far from side streets (blocking my view of any pedestrians wanting to cross anyway) on top of worrying about those crossing against traffic signals. TLS, have you previously posted what the law states? I’d like to know because this confuses me. If I see someone standing on the corner where an intersection is, am I supposed to stop then, or only when their feet are placed on the actual roadway?


  11. First of all the speed limit on most of CLifton ave is 25 and not 50 so if you see them last minute its your own fault..and the Pedestrians still have to obey traffic laws when crossing major highways. Crossing against traffic lights will still be a fine for them if they are caught

  12. Christine,
    The law clearly states that you only need to stop if the pedestrian is IN the crosswalk. A pedestrian standing on the curb is not reason to stop. I can see this confusing to lakewood drivers, and pedestrians. The law also states that a pedestrian walking into traffic can be issued a summons. I would like to see the LPD do a undercover operation targeting pedestrians. The law needs to be enforced for both cars and pedestrians.

  13. what about all the people who just walk right in front of my car
    am i expected to start making short stops all day because of them ????

  14. to #13 its your own fault if you see them last minute? What if they only put their feet down onto roadway last minute, are u supposed to slam on your brakes?
    And to all the pedestrians out there just realize the ramifications you may be causing by putting your foot in the street and causing your fellow yid to be getting a ticket

  15. I stopped the other day for a person to cross the street( already in the crosswalk). A car went around me and almost hit the person as she crossed.

    I think this law is really crazy

  16. I understand the law very well. I also realize the risk of cars from behind going around me when I DO stop. The one thing I really think is wrong is that I see teenagers getting out of a hitch in middle of Rt 9(a terrible thing in and of itself) and just expecting the cars going at 40-45 mph(and probably more) to immediately stop for them. This MUST stop!! The Police must crack down on pedestrians as much as on the drivers.

  17. So now instead of trying to watch out for the car that jumps out in front of me, I’ll be looking for little feet in the far right and left sides of the road. Briliant!

  18. i think its a foolish law. this will increase the number of accidents. think of the scenario that you see yid at night at the last second.

  19. Can we please have some officers educating the public not to block an intersection? This happens WAY too often at Rt 9 and Rt 88, and County Line & Forest, County Line & Clifton.

    Don’t people know that if you can’t clear the intersection, you should not enter it? ? Or did they forget to pass that law in NJ? (Even if so, it is just common courtesy!)

  20. I agree with all the comments opposing this crazy law! With all due respect to or chief of police you can’t let this law happen!! Read all the comments to see why it shouldn’t go in affect !! For the public saftey its best not to do it & rather get traffic lights & stop signs!!!

  21. Who can we contact to stop this law? Is this why they are in trenon? they have nothing to do? Call (moderated)!! Thank him for this brilliance!

  22. Rediculous law! Completely against all logic. Not everything that sounds good and kindly from one angle is a good idea. In this case – yatza secharo behefsedo.

  23. Are you all serious….. common sense if someone wants to cross slow down…. Why do we need laws to remind people to have common sense.
    Forest Ave and route 9 are the worst for people running across the road…. people should stand at crosswalks and wait and have patience. not run all over the between cars….

  24. as a driver i dont appreciate this. Pedestrians became rolling stop signs. every street corner i have to stop. and it gets worse when school gets out, im stopping every half a block for a bus then a pedestrian who entered the crosswalk, does this make sense??? why cant a pedestrian wait till a few cars pass till its safe to cross LIKE THEYVE BEEN DOIN SINCE THE FIRST AUTOMOBILE????

  25. Stupid law. Period. Try to drive now anywhere at 2 pm. U will be making shortstops all over the place. I guess the cops are not catching enough people while playing cat and mouse at Central and 9.

  26. another problem is that you only have to stop if there is a crosswalk. how is anybody supposed to keep track which corners have crosswalks and which don’t.
    it is so hard to keep track of all the heavy traffic and turnes happening all around, i can’t look to the side for pedestrians.

  27. We need everyone together to not let this law go in affect! Its like let’s ban cars from shopping from downtown shopping district on Clifton so Merchants will loose more money!! & what about the accidents its gonna cause & g-d forbid a casualty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t let this happen…were asking everyone to pls contact your township or who do we contact pls !?

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