PHOTO: Group Allegedly Compares President Obama to Hitler; Free Speech?

Obama hitlerPHOTO: Some are wondering if a group of protestors calling for the President’s impeachment may have overstepped their limits.

The group, which set up shop at the WaWa at the Lakewood/Brick border, included a photo of the President with an apparent Hitler mustache.

What’s your take?


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  1. Do you see where it says Glass Steagall on their sign? It’s not a candidate for office. The term Glass–Steagall usually refers to four provisions of the U.S. Banking Act of 1933 that limited commercial bank securities activities and affiliations within commercial banks and securities firms. Congressional efforts to “repeal the Glass–Steagall Act” referred to those four provisions (and then usually to only the two provisions that restricted affiliations between commercial banks and securities firms). Those efforts culminated in the 1999 Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), which repealed the two provisions restricting affiliations between banks and securities firms.

    The term Glass–Steagall Act is also often used to refer to the entire Banking Act of 1933, after its Congressional sponsors, Senator Carter Glass (D) of Virginia, and Representative Henry B. Steagall (D) of Alabama.This article deals with only the four provisions separating commercial and investment banking. The article 1933 Banking Act describes the entire law, including the legislative history of the Glass-Steagall provisions separating commercial and investment banking. A separate 1932 law also known as the Glass–Steagall Act is described in the article Glass–Steagall Act of 1932.

    Starting in the early 1960s federal banking regulators interpreted provisions of the Glass–Steagall Act to permit commercial banks and especially commercial bank affiliates to engage in an expanding list and volume of securities activities. By the time the affiliation restrictions in the Glass–Steagall Act were repealed through the GLBA, many commentators argued Glass–Steagall was already “dead.” Most notably, Citibank’s 1998 affiliation with Salomon Smith Barney, one of the largest US securities firms, was permitted under the Federal Reserve Board’s then existing interpretation of the Glass–Steagall Act. President Bill Clinton publicly declared “the Glass–Steagall law is no longer appropriate.”

    Many commentators have stated that the GLBA’s repeal of the affiliation restrictions of the Glass–Steagall Act was an important cause of the late-2000s financial crisis. Some critics of that repeal argue it permitted Wall Street investment banking firms to gamble with their depositors’ money that was held in affiliated commercial banks. Others have argued that the activities linked to the financial crisis were not prohibited (or, in most cases, even regulated) by the Glass–Steagall Act. Commentators, including former President Clinton in 2008 and the American Bankers Association in January 2010, have also argued that the ability of commercial banking firms to acquire securities firms (and of securities firms to convert into bank holding companies) helped mitigate the financial crisis. So based on this, we can see why this group is looking to impeach Obama, and why they depict him as a dictator. They are not trying to infer that he will kill Jews, though setting up shop in Lakewood would evoke such feelings, but it’s probably unintended in this case.

  2. Just the other day, comedian Rob Scneider, uber-liberal, pretty much called Obama a fascist.

    Google it.

    I don’t think anyone thinks Obama is about to start killing Jews. But everyone agrees that Obama disregards the US Constitution. He picks and chooses which laws he enforces. He clearly uses the IRS to persecute his political enemies.

    We know the federal government is tracking every person’s activities online, and that because of this, people are scared to say anything that goes against Obama.

    The USA is ready for the next Hitler. No, Obama is not Hitler. But he has set the country up for a situation whereby a Hitler can rise to power and nobody will stop him anymore.

    There is just one more thing that needs to be done……. take away the people’s guns. The first thing Hitler did when he came to power was confiscate the guns of all German citizens. And the US citizenry has now been programmed to allow the confiscation of guns here as well.

    So maybe it will happen in 2016. Maybe in 2020 or 2024 or a later date. But it will happen. The majority of the US population no longer cares about the Constitution and will not fight to defend it from a dictator.

  3. M.R.

    I can’t find any direct connection in your summary of legislative history surrounding the Glass-Steagal Act to Obama. Your usage of the word clearly is being used to gloss over actually stating a connection. Can you please explain (for us un-informed floks) what relevance this has to Obama?

  4. It was initiated by Democrats, and is maintained by Obama. In fact there are those who speculate that Obama may use this to confiscate money from personal bank accounts, as has been done in Greece. That is tyranny, and living under a dictatorship.

  5. To Yid, going by the lowest estimate of legal gun owners (85 million) and multiply that by 3% (number of colonists who actively took up arms against the reign of George III) you are looking at over 255 divisions of American patriots standing for Liberty. Don’t throw in the towel just yet my friend.

  6. This group is justified in exaggerating a point to make a point that Obama is in the same arena, thankfully, at an amateur level. Every constituency in America, even that of those here illegally, are given respect and rule-bending/breaking thoughtfulness, except the Jewish State of Israel. When one occupies the office of the leader of the free world and shows such disrespect and contempt for America’s greatest ally, it unleashes antisemitism that would otherwise be kept at bay. What we are seeing now has been unprecedented in modern American history. So much so, that the one area where both parties in Congress were united was in speaking out about Obama’s disdain for the leader of, and for the State of Israel. Again, Obama has bent over backwards for every group known in America, even if they are here against the law, but he has made the terrorism concerns of Israel a “Jewish Problem” not worthy of respect. When this is added to the unprecedented increase in surveillance of Americans via the NSA, IRS, and other such agencies, while refusing to profile members of Israeli and American sworn enemies, the association to fascism is too close for comfort, and as far as I can tell, American’s have a duty to speak out about their elected officials, while we still can.

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