Petirah Of Mrs. Devorah Chana Silver A’H; Young Mother Of 2

UPDATED: We regret to inform you of the Petirah of Mrs. Devorah Chana Silver A’H, a young mother of two who was Nifteres this afternoon following an illness. She was 25 years old.

The Levaya will be taking place at 11AM Wednesday at the Sol Levinson Funeral Home, 8900 Reistertown Road, Baltimore.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.


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  1. She was the daughter of Rabbi Shimon Krasner from Baltimore, author of the Nachalas Shimon seforim on novi. She lived on 6th St. She was a true tzanua and yarei shamayim, always with a smile. BDE.

  2. Hashem Yerachem. What can we do? Well the Bais Hamikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinam. We need to do Yeshiva for THAT more than anything. Enough with all these stupid heteirim and excuses that its ok to hate and talk Lashon harah for one reason or the other. Enough.

  3. what a tragedy to occur in the 9 days

    serves all of us right R”L WE Have had so much tzaros recently-in all different categories & sadness-but have still not changed our ways to return to Hashem so that tzaros can end & mashiach comes.
    WE CAUSED IT TO HAPPEN & COULDV’E PREVENTED IT had we faced reality & begged hashem to forgive us for our arrogance in ignoring his wake-up calls for teshuva

    may her neshma have an aliyah, may we all return to Hashem ASAP & may mashiach arrive before this tisha b’av

  4. Bde i knew her from baltimore i dont drive and when ever i needed a ride if she was available she would take me i have travelled with her to lakewood neuromis times who is going to raise those babies

  5. #15 – sorry not a way to talk. No question you are right that we need to do Teshuva but at the end of the day whatever happens we know there is a reason for everything. We just dont know reasons why things ultimately happen – we have to accept it.

  6. Although you message in meaningful that we all must look at ourselfes in how we can become better, i dont know if you are the Gdolei Hador to Pasken that “WE CAUSED IT TO HAPPEN & COULDV’E PREVENTED IT ”

    Please note your words before paskeining such words on the KLAL.

    We are always in need of bettering ourselves and being concerend for others even when they are not sick. But please dont pasken.

  7. #15 Afra B’Pumach!
    You are seriously messed up. You should meet a Psychologist and/or a Rav for guidance ASAP. Opening your mouth the way you do, puts you and all the people around you at risk. Al Tiftach Peh Lasatan!

  8. the chofetz chaim in his sefer shmiras haloshon quotes excatly what yehuda had written from the zohar hakodesh !
    you dont need more proof than that !

  9. you are a 100 percent right every time there is a tzara someone posts a comment like that….. which is wrong – and makes me so upset every time i read it – we need to teshuva… but stop being so negative….and focus on the good of klal yisroel – which there is alot of if you open your eyes- sayng bad like that causes a kitrug in shamayim…lets all TALK FOR OURSELVES and do teshuva so moshiach should come speedily in our days.

  10. #29
    thats the problem. when a person is looked at ONLY positive then it moves on to flattery & pride, honor & respect C”V forgetting all about Hashem that made him so great.

    & when a person only looks at himself great, then he’s actually in bad shape cause thats when he says to himself what do you want from me Hashem? i daven, learn & do mitvos every day etc… thats when he corrupts himself as being perfect & never improves or does teshuva

  11. For the past two and a half years, I have been sending out to an email group, daily, two halachos of shmiras halashon taken from Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s sefer GUARD YOUR TONGUE. The last chapter of the sefer has mussar selections, so we are currently up to that section. This is one of the selections that was sent out for today:

    LASHON HARA LOSES BATTLES – During the reign of King Achov, the people were victorious in battle despite their idolatry bec they did not speak lashon hara. Conversely, during the latter part of King Saul’s reign, the people did not worship idols and even young children were well-versed in Torah, yet they were defeated in battle bec there was lashon hara.
    Klal Yisrael has a lot of “battles” to win, so being careful not to say lashon hara would be a good thing to concentrate on. Studying the laws daily will help, so if anyone would like to be on my email group, feel free to send an email to the site with your email address saying you would like to be added on, and I will be glad to do so.

  12. I wish to pass along my deepest words of comfort-nechamah to both the Ner Israel Rabbinical College family in Baltimore – and the Young Israel of Greater Pittsburgh family . I was a talmid in Ner for about 7 – 8 years . RabbI Krasners classes and hospitality were always recognized as exceptional .Rabbi Silver’s family , in Pittsburgh , are also known as an exceptional mishpachah . The loss of any child , is always difficult to cope with . May the Almighty have all of us know only mitzvos – Torah , and- blessings of good news – M.M. Milch – Pgh

  13. i said positive about others… reason to be negative on others-isnt that loshon horah…. and yes when there is a trgedy its everyones responsibility to refelect and work on themselves 100 percent

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