Petirah Of Hagaon Rav Chaim Stein Zatzal

r stein lakewoodBARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: [UPDATED 9:35 PM] The Torah World has once again been plunged into darkness this afternoon with the Petirah of the Telzer Rosh Hayeshivah, Hagaon Rav Chaim Stein Zatzal, who was Niftar just a short time ago. The Rosh Hayeshivah, who has children and hundreds of Talmidim in Lakewood, was approximately 100 years old and served as the Telz, Cleveland, Rosh Hayeshivah for many years.

Rav Stein’s Petira comes just days after two other Torah Giants left this world.

See photos here of Rav Stein’s visit to Lakewood in 2009.

The Levaya will be taking place at 9:00 AM Thursday morning at the Telzer Yeshiva, and at 1:30 PM at the BMG.

The Kevurah will be taking place on Har Hamenuchos.

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  1. The gemara says that when more thantwo tzadikim are nistalek in close succession it’s due to the avoinos hador and to avert a terrible tragedy from occuring.. May Klal Yisroel have a kappara!

  2. The gemara says that when more than more than two tzadikim are nistalek in close succession it’s due to the avoinos hador and to avert a terrible tragedy from occuring.. May Klal Yisroel have a kappara!

  3. He knows what He is doing Its not our job to try to geuss. Its our job to become better jews Just like them & in that Zchus bring Mashiavh closer. Im sure they are pulling strings up on high too to be Mekarev the Geulah There is obviously a Great Plan here and we must not despair!

  4. BDE,ZT”L, but before we all despair too much, this most likely has more to do with the Rosh Yeshiva being close to 100 years old then a message to us.

  5. I think what #4 is saying is that a 100 year old man moving on to the World-of-Truth is a natural occurrence in our world. Therefore, there may not even be a message in this.

    What do I know.

  6. Every tzadik that is niftar is a big loss for the world,but we have to appreciate the extended years that hashem granted to these 3 tzadikim who were niftar !

  7. The Levaya will be tonight at 9 in cleveland. Tommorrow at the Telz minyan in Boro Park at Noon. 7:00 flight to EY for Kevura on Har Hazesim

  8. Bezchus Reb Chaim I was able to have a child. My wife and I were childless for 5 years. I then went to Reb Chaim while in Telz for a shabbos and he told me and to bring my wife to come see him on Mozai Shabbos. My wife and I then went to see him and he sat us both down and poured us grape juice and announced a lechayim! – “You will both see a simcha bekarov”. Exactly 9 months later we had a child. May he continue to be a mailitz yosher for all of us.

  9. To Bachor in isreal, doesnt sound like it cuz they are taking a 7pm flight from NY so they will be in a rush and will go straight to Har Hazeisim!

  10. in Levaya plans… NO levaya tonight… Tomorrow morning at 9:45 in Wickliffe, OH, after that to Brooklyn (time to be posted) then to Israel on a 7pm flight.

  11. I had really thought that they would be Mekabel Pnei Mashiach – They were such z’kainim, still sharp, still doing whatever they could for klal yisroel with supernatural kochos, Oy Oy Oy we have lost our beautiful leaders and we must do teshuva, for the loss of such tzadikim leaves us with way less righteousness in the world.

  12. I had the opportinity to have a close kesher with the Rosh Yeshiva Z”l during my years at Telz. I was at his home with his tiera rebitzen A”H on many occassions. All they talked about was the coming of Moshiach. I am heartbroken that they were not zocheh to greet Moshiach. I’m sure it is our fault – He was certainly raoi, we ruined it.
    Rebbe – please go before the kisei HaKovod and be mispallel for us – we are a dor yosom, and we cannot endure any more galus. BDE

  13. Three great Gedolim in such a short span!
    How frightful!
    The oilam should look at the Chasam Sofer al HaTorah, right after Parshas Chukas, a section called Hespeidim.
    How frightful! How “coincidental”?!
    Dah Geziras Oiraisah!

  14. with 3 tzaddikim niftar in one weeks time R”L. will we start to appreciate every word of the tzaddikim that we still have & keep the world going? by listening to them? or will klal yisroel need more sad wake-up calls C”V


  15. rabossai its an ais tozroh now
    lets all be mekabel to have sholom with each other
    lets bring in some ahavas chinom instead of
    rachmana letzlon sinas chinom
    may we all be zoceh to go with moshiach to yerushalayim bimhera biyomeinu omen

  16. To #2 this is the second time that 3 gedolim are nistalek. R Elya svay, R’ Shmuel Birnbaum and R’ Shaul Brus. This time on 3 cotinents we should all get the Message

  17. There will bezras hashem be a live video hook up to the Levaya in Cleveland of Rav Chaim Stein Zt”l Rosh Yeshiva of Telz Cleveland tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the beis faiga chuppa room.

  18. to #30. R’ Shmuel B. in Teves, R’ Elya on Rosh Codesh Nissan and R’ Shaul Brus on Shavuos and in different years. What shaychus to the 3 just niftar within 10 days of each other?

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