Person Shot at New Years Party

PHOTOS & VIDEO: [UPDATED 3:10 AM] A person was injured after being shot at a party, Police confirm to TLS. The incident occurred at the Best Western motel on Route 70 at about 1 AM, following a large New Years party at the motel, police say.

The victim, a young black male, reportedly suffered one gunshot wound to his leg.

EMS transported  Jersey Shore Medical Center in stable condition.

CIU and the County’s K-9 Units were searching for bullet casings in the nearby woods, where they believe the shooting may have occurred.

Lakewood’s Detective Bureau is assisting the investigation as well. TLS-CAC/TLS-CCP.

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  1. Where are you that you heard the “explosions” in that area?? unless you live in Leisure Village or in the woods on Route 70 would you hear the “explosions” in that area

  2. #5 – it happened at a motel not hotel. It’s usually one or the other. Only the Capitol on Madison Ave has the zecus of being called both hotel and motel.

  3. 1. Tent City
    2. Slum Lords
    3. Over-Development
    4. Corruption
    5. No more trees
    6. Too little cops
    7. Too much cops
    8. Wasteful spending
    9. BOE not caring
    10. Too much crime
    11. Driving complaints
    12. Ticket complaints
    13. Water bill complaints
    14. Electric bill complaints
    15. Not enough traffic lights
    16. Not enough street lights
    17. Street light replacement complaints
    18. Not enough sidewalks
    19. Too much guns
    20. Too little guns

    Did I miss anything?

  4. Hey Berel: Dont you have a holiday where you complain that your children walk around drunk and it is required for adults to drink in excess? Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. There are crazy people everywhere. You lump me in to a shooting that I was not near, I was home with my children so, stop lumping non jews into one group!!!

  5. You are right on target. I wish we had a township committee that would takle each issue one by one.
    As for the trees maybe on arbor tree the township should give out saplings and all the students would plant them. At least one thing would get solved.
    Boy I wish the township committee would read Tls. Especially the comments. They would learn a lot.

  6. If you heard explosions, they were probably fire works. For some strange reason that’s how some people celebrate their New Years.

  7. Hey #13:
    Lakewood was designated “tree city” because we had lots of trees. The trees were taken down for the new building. You can’t have both, and in this town the trees are in the way of the builders making money.

  8. What a loaded statement about how we celebrate our holidays, when i see someone of the Jewish faith i wish them a Happy Chanukah, not once was i ever wished a Merry Christmas, i always get a Happy Holidays, and thats ok, i get it, but to compare how others celebrate new years is a crock, i was home with my family, we prayed for a good new year, and you come off with a statement like that, i hope one day i can be as perfect as you….

  9. to number 8 why bash the way non jews celebrate the new year.
    we all celebrate holidays differently
    also on shabbas you have no problem asking your non jewish neighbors to do things for you. don’t be a hater…

  10. Berel has a lot of nerve, next time during one of your special holidays, please keep your drunk children off my property…u should be ashamed letting children get drunk

  11. Number 8 look how you bring in Purim drunk as a skunk. Unless you never pick up a drink n get drunk please don’t make such a comment. I spent the night in my home with my husband and three young children. If my children weren’t so young I would have been in church for the midnight service. Although, there aren’t as many churches as there are synagogues in lkwd, I’m sure if you would have spent a few moments driving around town you would have seen plenty of people coming out of church after bringing the new year in praying and celebrating with the Savior and G*D we serve. Please save your judgemental comments to yourself.

  12. I too find #8’s remark offensive, now if we “non jews” say anything offensive about the jewish in lakewood we are labeled anti- semitics. And #17 is right you have no problem with “us” when you need something, so try nd be a little bit nicer to people whoever they are, it’ll go a long way.

  13. Just got my check from the government I want to thank all you hard working tax payers for allowing us to get paid and live tax free. Happy New Years from my iphone 5!!! Your truly tent city res #32

  14. #9 very cute but all those issues are sadly true

    hey i am not Jewish and celebrate new years too but that doesn’t give me the right to get drunk and start gun fights etc..
    on purim when the Jewish people drink alot i don’t see them doing this
    so we must all act responsibly at all time
    happy new year !

  15. Berel, don’t assume that everyone is partying on New Years Eve, many spend a quiet evening with family and friends, not all go and get drunk
    Those comments are what makes people angry about religious groups. I know that not everyone who is Jewish follows that train of thought, just as I know that on your holiday of celebration, every male teenage gets drunk!

  16. too many leaves, too many branches, my snow is not picked up, the color of the recycling cans, the smoke from tent city, someone broke into my car because I left it open, someone broke into my house because I left the window open, too many dash cams to catch me, I got a ticket for texting, I got a ticket for not stopping at the red stop sign.

  17. First I woulk like to say; My heart goes to the shot victom, may he get better as soon as possible.
    The goyim have new years like what ever they do.
    We have new years (rosh hashna) like we do. PERIOD.
    Arguing on who’s is better doesn’t get you anywhere. Wiat… All it does is; Creates fights. THERE IS NO NEED TO ARGUE. we know the truth. They know the truth. Simple.

    Happy English New years

    (Rosh Hashana is coming up soon LOL!)

  18. I think we all ought to relax. One offensive comment is not indicative of the views of all Jewish readers of TL. To the commenter who wrote that he/she never gets wished “Merry Christmas”, you obviously don’t talk to me because I, an Orthodox Jew, wish my fellow non-Jews a Merry Christmas. Yes, I am sure many won’t say that but again……let’s stop lumping everyone together. May the new year be a happy and prosperous one!

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