Pedestrian Fatally Struck On Route 9, Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police Car, Suspect Attempts To Escape Through Bathroom Ceiling

PHOTOS & VIDEO: LPD’s Traffic & Safety Division are investigating after a woman was fatally struck on Route 9. At about 12:40 a.m. Hatzolah

and Police responded to Route 9 North in front of Shoprite Plaza, after receiving reports of someone lying in middle of the road.

Upon arrival, Hatzolah units discovered that the woman was in Traumatic Arrest after being struck by a vehicle driven by an elderly couple, and immediately called for Medics to respond.

Hatzolah BLS and ALS units performed CPR on the patient, and transported the victim to Kimball Medical Center.

The woman was pronounced dead at the Hospital.

While police were investigating the scene and had Route 9 shut down from Kennedy Boulevard into Howell, a car witnesses say traveling at a high rate of speed, crashed into a police patrol car.

Multiple officers ran over to that scene and pulled the uninjured driver and passenger from the vehicle, and discovered open bottles of alcohol in the front seat. The driver was immediately taken into custody for DUI.

The passenger was picked up by family members.

While in police headquarters, the DUI suspect reportedly broke the ceiling in the bathroom attempting to escape. He was stopped by an officer.

Also on scene, was Mayor Menashe Miller and Moshe Dovid Ehrman, both of OEM, assisting police with light towers. Misaskim was not needed. TLS-CCP/TLS-00/TLS-52/TLS-89.

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  1. What a sad story all around! Thank you Hazola for your efforts and thank you LPD for your apprehension. May this perp sit in jail he could have killed someone as well.

  2. It was amazing to see our very own mayor on scene assisting the personell . Thanx to Lpd, hatzalah, 270, moshe duvid, mayor miller and all the other wonderful people that help us all out and keep this town running smoothly.

  3. People cross rt 9 from the liquor store to the plaza all the time instead of crossing by the traffic light at the intersection. The intersection also has better lighting and, therefore, better visibility. This tragedy, and others like it, may have been prevented if the victim had used caution and crossed the highway in the crosswalk at the intersection.
    Also, what’s with all the drunk drivers lately? This is the third DUI accident we’ve heard about in the last few weeks.

  4. wow this is mamish outrageous bh this guy was caught in time on a side note the end of the video is quite humorous

  5. Very, very sad 🙁 My prayers to the poor woman and her family. Too many pedestrians getting hit in Lakewood..
    Good work by the Scoop, as always, for being right there on the scene and getting footage of the accident with the cruiser. My favorite part is when the guy swears he’s not drunk and the the officer points out the opened six pack in his car. Keep up the good work!

  6. wow, did’nt the driver see the cop car was not moving, and that there were more then one cop car stopped, what a stupid drunken man, thank goddness they got this person off the road, would like to be a fly on the wall when he has to appear in court and tell the judge what happend. the end of the video is very funny, i wonder did his mommy pick him up, and i wonder what happend when he got home, did she ground him thank you LPD job well done

  7. Just another example of how dangerous it is for all emergency responders working at a call on the roads. How come the officers weren’t wearing there reflective vests on a major highway. Slow down people.

  8. There is a major problem with many intersections ,especially side streets going into busier streets have not sufficient lighting.

    For example Monmouth going into county line. It’s a place that must have rumble strips as the road is a through way through town with no stop signs until county. The lighting on the corner is not sufficient . Almost everyday driving down county I see cars hitting the brake because they half way blow the stop sign and stick out into county line. Rumble strips would help. Monmouth is a much wider road coming down to county which appears like the
    side roads. Monmouth has the rite of way up until county.This is what confuses the driver.

  9. To number 11…rumble strips? What is so confusing about a big, red, octagon thats says “STOP” on it. If that is too confusing for some people, then they shouldn’t be operating a motor vehicle. Be aware of you surroundings. Get off the phone and slow down. If Lakewood residents could just do those few things , I’m sure accidents would fall way down

  10. this driver should be punished via caning. when he looks into the mirror for the next 10+yrs and see’s the marks, he will start everyday with a reminder of one thing to never do again.

  11. Please: Ever so slowly, crawl out of your shell, look around – you may yawn – and realize that there is no difference if she was from Lakewood or Timbuktu. Unless you are a member of a tyrannical regime we value the loss of life of any human being.
    Our thoughts are with the family…

  12. It is dangerous to cross rte. 9 at night because it would be hard for a driver to see someone crossing. People should only cross at a green light at the intersection. People should learn what that big red octagonal sign that says STOP means too. It means stop before the white line painted on the street and then slowly proceed with caution before you go into the intersection. It does NOT mean zoom past the sign, making drivers passing by, think you are going straight into them.

  13. WHY is every comment here about the drunk driver, who’s only offense was hitting a cop car and not connected to the pedestrian that was struck. lets be more concerned about a family who has lost a love one today and the elderly couple who might be responsible for her death.

  14. 13 and 14. I just read this story in the Press, the womans name is listed there. I am sorry I do not remember what it said, but it did say she had no family listed and she resided in the lexington resthome.

  15. The woman is a 51-year-old who resided at the Lexington Rest Home on Seventh Street , with no recorded or known next of kin.

    It seems like she decided to cross the street with total disregard to motorists.

    i think the time has come for lakewood to move out the “rest homes”. unfortunatly many of the Rest Homes residents do not have the mental capibility of making the decision of when they should or should not be crossing a major intersection.

    while in general the harmless they should not be in such a populated fast pace moving area.

    Dont blame the priver.If i was the driver of that car i would get a lawyer and sue the Rest Home.

  16. Why was this poor woman out at 12:30 in the morning? The residents at the rest home obviously have diminished mental capacity. Just drive by there. It’s time somebody comes in and investigates what goes on there. I see residents walking in & out of there all times of day sometimes with their clothes falling off of them! I doubt that some of them are even aware of their surroundings. There’s an elementary school right across the street and bus stops for the Orthodox children right there! Either clean it up or close it down.

  17. Crossing Rt#9 at 12:40 in the morning?? Not a very good idea. Don’t blame the driver..I doubt any of you would have seen someone crossing a busy road at that time either. Secondly..I don’t know how nursing homes work..but isn’t that rather late to be wandering around town?? Just a question..I don’t need any nasty comments. RIP <3

  18. To #22 – I’m so glad that the end of the clip made your day and you LOL; However, I’m sure there is someone that’s feeling pretty sad losing a family member – friend/mother/sister/daughter/aunt, etc.. Enjoy your weekend! Have a lot of laughs!

  19. the only way to stop drunk drivers and make our streets safe is the police start stopping cars and check drivers for alcohol. That worked very well in Brazil. The rate went down to zero!!

  20. come on # 28, the end o fthe video was funny. the idiot asking for his mommy, it doesnt in anyway take away from the tragedy of the womans death and I doubt thats how #22 meant it either. You were a little rude in your comment towards that person. Also, the rest home on Lexington is not a nursing home, they are not under lock and key. they have free roam, they have no curfew. It is like the facility on Rt 9 by the stop and shop. The fact that this woman died is the tragedy, the drivers of the car more then likely will not face criminal charges being that they did nothing illegal. The woman was actually in the wrong, I know I am evil to say that about the dead person, but its true. Thankfully also that there was nobody hurt when the DWI guy hit the cop car. Everyoe on here is so mean to each other sometimes, you all act like your above the other. Get over your selves and be nicer.

  21. #30 Wake up..Don’t say that ‘everyone on here is so mean to each other’. There was nothing mean about the comment that I made. Get over yourself and have a great day.

  22. please people that wear all black with white shirt , wear a bright color so the cars can see you on the side roads, almost hit you many of times and was not drinking

  23. we should have a sting operation for DUI- even a little bit! and we should keep tabs on the parties that go on late at night. a life is a life!

  24. to 31, yes you were rude and obnoxious also. Ok, and I am sorry…let me rephrase my words. Alot of people on this posting site are mean to each other. You really need to get over yourself, Im just fine thanks. You have a beautiful weekend also. 🙂

  25. To #30: I DON”T CARE if you thought I was rude. To find humor in a tragic death doesn’t make me laugh. So if you think I was rude: TOO BAD. Get over it!!!

  26. do u people understand that other people go on this site and check out what u write so when u write something dumb u make a massive chilal hashem

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