PD Ticketing And Towing At New BMG Building

Kleinman buildingNOTICE: We would like to remind our readers learning at BMG, that police are strictly enforcing the parking situation at the new BMG Kleinman building at 11th and Forest Avenue. Many cars have already been ticketed and cars parked too close to the corner, can get towed as well. We understand that it’s important to be on time to Seder, but please take the above notice-and neighbors concerns-into consideration.

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  1. No parking within 50 feet of a stop sign. No parking within 15 feet of a crosswalk EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT MARKED. No parking within 15 feet of a fire Hydrant. No blocking driveways. You must park within 6 inches of the curb. You must park on the side of street in the direction of traffic flow.

  2. just in says:
    November 1, 2009 at 3:53 pm
    my shver offered to pay all my tickets as long as im shtyging away!
    wow thats great!! is he also gonna burn for the chille hashem? what is wrong with us! even if that was a joke what the heck??. respect all ppl jewish or not, and any rabbi that says u can cause a chille hashem is !@##$. come in. by the way i think you should get a devorce asap, i see bad medos in that family..

  3. the second bmg opens a new bais medrash the pd is there to ticket even before any student gets there they love ticketing yesihiva lite

  4. It’s about time PD is doing somthing, its not a hefker velt. you can’t just do what you want.

    It’s about time the elected offical’s are doing somthing about this.

  5. I think it is wonderful to have the Yeshiva there instead of the previous tenants, but, I think the yungerleit should try to either walk, ride bikes, or go on scooters or the Yeshiva should provide busses so there won’t be a parking problem. I’m afraid that they’ll soon be parking on my block and I live off 14th st.

  6. The Yeshiva lite today drive brand new cars unlike in my days when we all drove battered old jalopys so the PD think that yeshiva lite can afford the tickets. Who else do you want them to ticket? the illegals? the mexicans on clifton ave?

  7. wat would u do if they block the driveway wen u have 2 get out and someones blocking it? wait 4 three hours until seder is over? of course the cops should write tickets or tow the cars

  8. Why is 7th street closed between clifton and lex. during school hours when they are IN school?? When they have recess, can’t a crossing guard or teacher close it for those twenty or so min. of the day. It’s a PUBLIC street and yet we can’t use it for much of the day??!!

  9. This is just another example of the kind of expansion going on for years in our town. Expansion without any planning for how it will affect surrounding areas. I have no training in urban planning, but a few weeks before the Kleinman building opened and I had to drive down 11th st., I saw a major problem brewing as there was no room for two-way traffic when both sides of the street had parked cars. If little ole’ me foresaw this problem, where were the “powers that be?”
    This kind of lack of foresight has ocurred many times and will keep occurring as long as some people have influence of zoning board decisions, while leaving out the mere mortals of Lakewood.

  10. best of both worlds says:
    November 1, 2009 at 8:33 pm
    my shver has no choivce ,but to pay all my parking tickets, because the car is under his name

    so ur not !@#$. son in law!!! tell your wife your an idoit and she should devorce you!!

  11. Where are all these comments coming from…It must be trouble makers that don’t live in Lakewood and just want to make trouble. The Lakewood oilem “ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE INTERNET”. If you must have it it is for business only. Unless You all are a bunch of frauds.

  12. Ok I have an idea we will stop the police from giving out tickets. You may park where ever you want. The only question I have is how will a firetruck get down the street if everyone is parks where they want?

  13. They should only allow buses, which the Yeshiva should provide, to drop off the talmidim, There should be very limited parking for Yungerleit who learn there, and not take parking away from the residents of the neighborhood. Whenever I have to be in the vicinty of the main Yeshiva buildings, I can’t park anywhere from 9th st. and onward. I find that very frustrating. It shouldn’t be happening all over Lakewood. I am definitely not anti yeshiva expansion, but I am against all the traffic. It should be buses only allowed.

  14. I live in the area and u should all be ashemed of ur self u have managed to get about 1000 jews hating u, if u park in front of my drive way u will get towed in about 20 min.

  15. If you commit the crime, you do the time. If you obey the laws you don’t have to worry about being ticketed. Why don’t the complainers obey the laws so they don’t get ticketed? I do and I don’t get tickets. Try it sometime and you won’t need to complain so much

  16. A Big Thank You to lakewood Police Department for doing their job and keeping the streets semi sane. Last but not least A BIG Thank You to TLS for covering all the news which certain people would prefer not being out there!!!!!!!!

  17. anonymous says:
    November 1, 2009 at 8:17 pm
    Why is 7th street closed between clifton and lex. during school hours when they are IN school?? When they have recess, can’t a crossing guard or teacher close it for those twenty or so min. of the day. It’s a PUBLIC street and yet we can’t use it for much of the day??!!

    almost all the streets in Lakewood are “PUBLIC STREETS” and i can’t drive down them MOST of the day because of the traffic and the JERKS that park where ever and however they feel like parking….and anyway based on how people drive when there are young children on the streets its probably a good idea to close that 7th street so someone doesn’t run them over cause they’re in a rush to get NO WHERE!

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