PD Called To Move Day Laborors Away From Bank

Hershkowitz-ICE-sign_wm-150x150Just in: Seems like the new ICE idea may be working. Police received a call a few moments ago from the Bank at First and Clifton requesting the ‘Day Laborors’ to be removed from the front of their facility. An Officer arrived and told the dispatcher ” the crowd has moved from there-approximately 100 feet away”. “They joined the crowd at 2nd and Clifton” he said.

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  1. Looks like one simple chassidishe toy store owner has done more to rescue our town than all of our elected officials put together. Maybe he can lower taxes too.

  2. they are like a ballon. when you squeeze the bottom, the air moves to the top. You send them away from 1st street they go to 2nd st. where do you think they will go when sent away from 2nd st? back to 1st st.

  3. They are like a ballon. When you squeeze the bottom, the air moves to the top & when you squeeze the top the air goes back to the bottom. You send them away from 1st street they go to 2nd st. And where do you think they will go when they will be sent away from 2nd st? back to 1st st.

  4. The only way to get rid of them is to stop hiring them- Giving them no reason to sit and wait there- Isn’t that simple, How about a campaign to stop hiring these people!!!

  5. I goota say everyone is for what hershkowitZ is doing. I can’t find any negative vibes here. I wonder why OUR elected officials who are supposed to represent us and who want our votes cant do anything……. I am not voting incumbents I dont’ care who they are …

    Hey editor how about opening an election file so we can all post our views on the elections it should be fun.

  6. wow says:
    October 22, 2009 at 11:42 am
    Looks like one simple chassidishe toy store owner has done more to rescue our town than all of our elected officials put together. Maybe he can lower taxes too.
    herschel is anything but chassidish. you apparently dont know him so stop saying something that isnt true!

  7. What exactly do you want the elected officia;s to do ? Pass an ordinance that Spanish people cant open stores on Clifton ? Or pass an ordinance that you cant have a Mexican cleaning lady or landscaper ?

  8. Geshmakerr there is nothing they can do. As long as the day laborers are not leaning against a building or doing anything wrong they have the constitutional right to stand wherever they would like to. What exactly do you want them to do? If you had any ideas I’m sure you would have voiced them. One can therefore deduce that all you want to do is complain.

  9. Tjis just a bunch of people looking to make noise . There is nothing legally to be done . The Twp cant tell people not to walk the streets or not to open stores . The saME Complainers are the ones who employ these people . Stop being hypocrits . When I see everybody hiring only American laborers and cleaning ladies at twice the rate that the Mexicans work for ,then the problem will go away by itself . Even if it is true that these stores are fronts for money laundering ,trhey would not open up here if there were no Mexican community to blewnd in with . WE are the ones employting and housing them so we got nobody to blame but ourselves .

  10. wow says:
    October 22, 2009 at 1:39 pm
    well if hes not chassidish he sure dresses like one.he doesnt look like a YU guy
    ——————————————————————————————— what part of his dress makes him look chassidish? and is there nothing in between yu and chassidish ? go pick on your mexican/chassidisher neighbors instead

  11. This has turned into a teemendous potential chilul hashem . Everybody is talking how the mishelonu do not fargin an am acheir to live in their midst . Nobody is buying the story that Hershels problem is only with a couple of stores that he thinks might be a front for something . It doesnt pass the small test and looks like racism and we will all be the worse off for this type of behavior .
    So dont make Hershel ou to be this big Chochom when he is potentially doing a lot of hezek to our reputation as an am shel yeshorim and hagunim .

  12. Our grandparents came here legally. Many immigrants who came in th early 1900’s lived in tenements on the east side in deplorable condition and moved up in life. These people are not here legally. Slight difference. The shame is the government doesn’t care anymore.(At least that is what it seems)

  13. Indeed all countries have rules and regulations about who comes and who goes into that country. The issue here is, should we grandchildren of imigrants who have faced discrimination with signs of the like, ” NO DOGS , NO JEWS ETC. ” be on the forefront of tormenting people who just want to make a better life for themselves.
    (and what about the boats that were turned back during WW II because they were illegal)

  14. There are plenty of mexicans who come here and work hard- very hard to support themselves doing jobs no one else will do.

    Do you want to kick out the young mothers who are here working demeaning jobs evrey day just to feed their babys?

    The people who come here to work scrubbing your toilets in order to send back some money to mexico in order to pay for their ailing parents medical bills?

    Maybe speak to some of them, here some of their stories and view them as fellow human beings for a change.

    When the Americans turned back boats full of jews during world war two because they were illegal we criticized them for being so heartless.

    Let us not get so comftorable in our golus that we start demanding that the country expell certain people that live here.

  15. amigo parfavor no close de ristorante they bery bery nice mans they give for me 2 drink then sonbody take it my money i get from hole day travaho. so i have no mass dinero they give me mass drink for free, then call for me estas limo taxi with de lights on de top to my hotel at 231 3rd st. gracias amigos america de best life.

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