Parents Of Bais Hatorah Students Gather Outside Home Of Mashgiach

bais_hatorah_parents_mashgiachs_housePHOTO of a group of approximately 50 parents of Bais Hatorah students standing in front of the home of Mashgiach Reb Matisyahu Solomon Shlita this afternoon, seeking solutions, a day after the school was to open. As first reported here on TLS, the Mashgiach Shlita was a driving force behind the 400 student school, which closed due to severe financial difficulties.

The Mashgiach’s grandchildren attended Yeshivah Bais Hatorah.

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  1. Been there…Done that…same situation, hopefully different outcome!

    Hatzlacha to all you parents, and in the end, I hope the children aren’t the ones suffering. Except 400 is a lot more to absorb than 70 and only 2/3 of those are in schools!

  2. Morris,
    I dont know what world you’re living in, but there is a high percentage of families that have no income or food on their table for that matter.
    Your aloof comment of “let everyone pay up their tuition” is very “let them eat cake-esque”.

  3. Not sure why, but the picture of a mob of people descending on the mashgiachs home scares me. Maybe pay the tuition and stop the mob tactics.

  4. A community school should not be allowed to fail, there are enough multi millionaires in Lakewood who can bail them out without noticing the expense, and the fact they aren’t is a travesty. it has nothing to do with you have no idea how much these people give already! it has to do with not letting a school fail period.

  5. i am a grandparent of a talmid of yeshiva bais hatorah, i pledge bli neder to give $1200.00 if 24 other grandparents will agree to do the same, by showing our support for our eineklachs yeshiva we are showing them how important their chinuch is to us. if anyone from the hanhala would like to discuss this option with me or if any grandparent cares to join me please contact me through this web site.

  6. Ari
    Who says this is a community school? Where I grew up the Community school was exactly that. A Community School which was open to ALL in the community. This school, while providing a much needed service, is nothing more than a private business. It is not open to everybody and therefore does not qualify as a Community School. As a private business, why should anyone feel any responsibility for a private business closing? If it were a local supermarket would you scream that the multi millionaires should keep it afloat?

  7. Who are YOU to tell the “multi-millionares” how and where to give their money?!? Are they mechuyav to give up ALL their hard earned money for every failing mosad?? They’d go broke before you know it. And yes-do you even have an inkling of what these people give?!? I have just a bit of knowledge and it’s mind boggling.

  8. To all those that keep on saying “pay up your tuition…” The cost of running a boys elementary school in lakewood is around $6,800 on average at most schools. I highly doubt any parents are paying that much (as non of the schools even ask that for so called “full tuition”. What the town really needs is a communal scholarship fund!

  9. tshuva,tfila,tzedaka!!!! Leave the rest to hashem. Hishtadlus should be made but think of it this way. Maybe its a midda kineged midah 4 all the kids who don’t get into school to begin with??

  10. I think we should realize how much we owe to the Mashgiach! After everything said and done, when things fail, everyones knocking on HIS door!

  11. There are many places where everyone has to pay the full tuition, no exceptions. If you can’t afford it, it is your responsibility to ask parents/grandparents or anyone for help. The school doesn’t have to fund-raise for you.

  12. As a grandparent of a Baid Hatorah student, I would love to help out. THe problem is that I have a moratorium on any extra spending in my own household, because I’m behind in tuition for my own youngest child, who is still in school! I’m afraid there are grandparents like myself who are also very strapped for cash.

  13. #9 Ari; if you can share with me the names of these multi millionaires who can give with out even noticing I’d love to know. Wake up and smell the coffee! there are no more of them! Do you know what’s going on in the world these days?!?!

  14. Rabbosai, we are in deep trouble here. One huge moisad had to close. Many (perhaps all) others are going through similar rough times. Our families are paying $10,000 a year in real estate taxes most of which goes for public schools. If this doesn’t change we are going to collapse, and we already started. This besides the tens (hundreds?) of children who don’t get into schools each year. On top of that we have all the kids at risk caused in a large part due to lack of resources to proffecianally deal with challenging educational and behavioral situations. Rabosai! Wake up to that severity of the situation, and its time to stop rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic… We must change the way we run our mosdos!

  15. Someone mentioned that this school is mostly kollel families struggling with their own financial problems…. Interesting that when a child (girl or boy) from a working class frum family tries to apply to one of these elitist yeshivish schools they are not accepted. This is really a problem in Lakewood with the girls schools. I have heard parents tell school principals that ‘if you accept so and so I will pull my kids out.’ Hashem is so proud of you when you do that. If school would have a better mix then they would have a better ability to support themselves.

  16. I don’t have any children in any school, but as a grandparent, how can anyone say – let the grandparents pay up? Not all grandparents have money either. I try to help all my children when we are able to, but, that doesn’t add up to all that much.

  17. we must find a solution. I think these T nokos shel bais raban will shed more light on the world than lights for the blue claw stadium perhaps we can use the uez money the sakana here is a real one ….

  18. this can’t be… How can a man, who does everything for the klal, in particular, getting hundreds of kids into school every single year, be punished through his own yeshiva’s talmidim being left out in the street??
    No…this story is not over yet. It’s not possible that this sad affair is the end…

  19. I think that in spirit of the season, people should a little careful of what they say. Certainly everything on your mind is not appropriate for the web.

    I recall when my children went to the the Cheder, thrity plus years ago. Then really “nobody” had money. It was each parents responsibility to either pay themselves or raise the “tuition”.

    While there certainly is a place for a communal fund for elementary school level mosdos as is clearly stated in Shulchan Oruch, it is not practical that a central fund would be able to raise those amounts of money. The end result is that it is every father’s chiyuv to teach his son Torah as is clearly spelled out in the mishna in Kiddushin. It is therefore his responsibility to make sure that the rebbi is paid when the rebbi doing the father’s job of teaching the child.

    That, Raboisai is the bottom line. We have to learn to accept the achrayus and stop looking for “bail outs”.

    Kesiva Va’chasima Tova

  20. Great idea let parents who can’t afford tuition raise the money them self or at least volunteer at the school with your time. Help the school raise money for the dinner. And by the raffle. Give the school the name and address of rich family members. Not paying tuition on time should bother you as much as when JCP&L threatens to cut your electric bill.

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